Broadband Subscribers in Pakistan Reach 1.79 Million

According to latest stats issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, number of broadband subscribers in Pakistan reached 1.79 million till December 2011, adding some 65,000 subscribers in the month.

The number of DSL subscribers rose to 792,397, while the number of WiMAX internet users grew to 495,285. EV-DO customers were 459,790 till December while another 37,491 people used HFC to access the internet. 7,215 users were recorded as FTTH subscribers in December.

Check below graphs for more insight on broadband subscribers:





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  • dear bhai aamir can you please tell me that how did you converted your blog in urdu im trying so hard but cant find urdu translation button or widget anywhere please i’ll be gratful

  • The Rapid Growth of IT in Pakistan will lead Pakistan in next 5 year on top.Technology adopt phenomena has been emerged in Pakistan market which is good sign and i hope that will create more technical jobs in the future ,we need to connect remote areas of Pakistan as well because without their contribution we don’t make progress.

    • i doubt that. the “rapid growth” will slow down and it will be “incomplete” all thanks upcoming centralized censorship of internet just like saudi arabia.

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    Can someone please let me know which is the best broadband connection to get?? I already have a wi-tribe connection but its the most horrible connection ever! please help!


  • Linkdotnet by Mobilink is better option than that of others it charges Rs. 735/month on 1Mb student package(I have deployed my own wifi modem otherwise they charge 150 more for the modem).im surfing it a year or more.mich better than Ptcl broad band in price and quality as well…there are a bunch of charges like connection charges 1000 plus expensive than that However link is providing its services in limited cities…

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