Shahbaz Claims Better Government through E-Governance

Shahbaz-Sharif3Chief Minister Punjab Mian Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif has claimed of implementing better government through E-governance in the province, which has benefited the masses.

Talking to a four-member delegation led by Zong Chief Executive Officer in Pakistan Mr. Fan Yunjun, CM said Punjab government is working on a comprehensive program to boost Information Technology (IT) industry in the province.

He further outlined that a world class IT university is being established in Lahore where the students would be given world class education in various departments of Information Technology (IT) which would fulfill the required demand for IT professionals in the country.

Shahbaz Sharif said there is a lot of room for development and expansion for IT industry in Punjab and investment in this department is appealing as well as safe.

Zong Chief Executive officer in Pakistan Mr. Fan Yunjun appreciated the Punjab government steps to boost IT industry in the province and said his company would continue co-operation in this regard.

Mr. Fan Yunjun outlined that his company is setting up branch less banking in the province and an endowment fund for the students as well.

    • In that case every country is stealing ideas of other countries for development ? This is the first idea in universe that Imran Khan came with ?LOL..
      President of PTI Punjab failed to give an answer in FAST University when he was questioned about roadmap PTI has for the country. No roadmap PTI has but slogans.

      • Ahmed you are right. Shahbaz sharif is the first person who start working on IT.

        PTI has just slogans nothing else… :)

        • O bhai Power mein aney se pehly slogans or ideas e dey sakty hien.
          Imran nay youth aur E-Governance ki baat ki to in ko yaad laptop deney ka aur ye kaam karny ka 4 saal to in ko pata nae tha.

        • i think ppl like u deserve zardarii ,yar jo banda deserve krta hai uskaa aisa treat kartay hoo janab iswaqt thora kaam horaha hai hai to wo punjab government hai ,and we should appreciate shahbaz ,

          kids like u ,i can bet u even didn’t open any news channel in ur WHOLE life aur aajatay hi imran khan imran khan ,kabhi fb se peecha choothay to plz kabhi politics dekh lena ,fb per totally one source k videos se fud huay ho ,jis din ek aam si video us k khilaaf dekh li ,i can bet uskoo tum log jhoota,uturner to kya kaafir bhi kahoo ge .

          • Sarah first of all i’m against this political post. This blog is not political its technology blog. Secondly as a blogger admin panel of this blog you have no any rights to protect any Political leader except this blog. You are not spoke person of Punjab government. I clarify you working is going on in Lahore not is whole Punjab. what you know , if you know then tell me which type of improvements doing by Mian Shehbaz Sharif in other cites of Punjab. what you think Laptop Scheme, Tandour Scheme, Taxi Scheme and Danish Public Schools are good Projects of Punjab government or Waste of Money to get just vote game.what this poor Nation need laptops in this situation where rate of every thing is rising day by day.?? i don’t know which person fed you that Punjab government is doing well job. Main thing is plm-n is tax theft party they not pay completes tax. I not want to make this comment more long by telling their Kartoot. Polices of Imran khan is better than all others first compare them but with neutral mind.

            • Hilarious stuff Razi, you’re asking Sarah if she is a spoke person of PML-N but your comment clearly makes you a spoke person of all parties (specially PTI) but PLM-N.

          • Sara Khan..!
            Hold your horses for a moment. Bringing e-govt. needs good governance which is direly missing with present Punjab Govt. They have been always governing Punjab, more than any party in the country but their vision did not broaden. They could not see farther than peeli taxi scheme which damaged banking system in the past.
            As regards e-govt. we have seen their performance in preparation of computerization of exams & results in recent Matric & F.Sc. results. Do you know how many students suffered out of this experiment? You surely don’t.
            So to bring about change or e-govt. there has to be some one willing & competent with good governance record, & not the stooges. Self proclaimed khadim e ala does not have the fabrics to implement any of the changes. He only talks and acts to befool masses.

      • Hmmm Ahmad can you share road map of PMLN.

        When Imran engage youth and uninterested political class in politics these CopyCats suddenly moved to Distribute laptops to students to get sympathy. and trying to do things like this.

  • Phuddu Govt…….
    Awam Ko Phuddu Banana Ho to Punjab Govt Sy Consult karen………
    Laptop Scam…… Biggest Scam,
    Biggest Nalaiqs in Examination Computerization….
    PML (Nalaiq) ……….
    Land Record Computerization……. Another Phuddo..

      • Yes, it was official website of District Government Lodhran. Earlier, it had been hacked by some Tunisian hacker and district government still does not know about this incident. :P

  • Punjab Govt is only based on reactive policies and now Govt realize after 4 years, and although there are some good projectes as well but it is nothing for this nation. if we see sindh, KPK and Baloch Govt, they are still sleeping and enjoying.

  • Wasn’t this PTI’s initiative first? These guys are the best copycats in Pakistan, but of course these are just empty words, and nothing will actually happen.

    • Wake up, PTI isn’t the first in this world that came with this idea. If you can’t see what Punjab Government is doing then you really need to open your eyes, PTI fears from Punjab Governemtn the most. Imran failed to give a roadmap in every speech and gathering.

      • Yes, Imran Khan must give roadmap about his policy.

        I am totally fed up with his speeches :(

        Every time same things like tusanami, nawaz-zardari corruption, PIA, railway etc etc.

        He should act as serious politician & focus on make PTI better.

        Every speech on same topic is detracting his voters, while everyone knows that we have corrupt people in Islamabad :(

      • You need to open your eyes. This Losser-aalah was sleeping for the last 4 years, and is now getting active just to prepare his party for elections.

      • Initiatives taken by PTI.
        1. Phone based invitation to masses for political gathering……..
        2. SMS based participation of masses for consensus building.
        3. First ever political webinar (Web-based Seminar) introduced by Imran Khan.
        4. First University (NAMAL) directly interacting with University of Bradford……. any example in the past?
        5. First time ideology of independent judicial system given by PTI.
        6. Fist time, and independent accountability system emphasized by PTI.
        7. First time idea of an independent election commission given by PTI.
        8. First time, the Idea of uniform Education System throughout country given by PTI.
        9. First time, a solid voice against Status Quo System (Shooder System/Mughal Empires).
        10. First time, a voice against Badmaashi of USA (like drone attacks).
        11. First ever International level hospital for cancer patients…..
        12. First time, a record winning campaign for flood affected and earthquake affected people.
        And many more that i may have missed…….
        13. First time, ever giving the idea of a KNOWLEDGE CITY.
        And Many More which i may have missed…….

        • Only like to say if we need PTI in govt. PTI must concentrate in Rural areas. Politics in rural areas is totally different. PTI should start campaign on large scale in rural areas.

  • World is going to e-commerce and thats a best time to indroduce e-commerce in Pakistan.Punjab Govt take this initiative

  • Why this world class IT University in Lahore? There are 27 districts and 126 other towns/Tehsils in Punjab.

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