PTI Denounces Its Abusive Social Media Supporters

logo1Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf has denounced its supporters who use explicit language on social media networks against critiques (of all levels) for defending their party.

An official statement issued by PTI said that PTI cannot take responsibility for acts of any individual or any content posted by them to which it has no administrative control.

“But as a party policy it does publicly denounce individuals who use abusive language or engage in illegal activities”, the statement said.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf further said that it does not support any form of hacking of website(s), Facebook pages or Twitter accounts regardless of how adverse the point of view might actually be.

PTI Social Media Team does take this opportunity to reinforce the message of “Social Media Responsibility” as presented by the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, urging supporters to show dignity and respect when discussing politics online.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf was alleged for covering supporters using abusive and explicit language against anti-PTI individuals. They were also alleged for hacking Facebook pages of anti-PTI TV anchors/shows.

PTI has specifically disowned “Insaaf Cyber Team”, a self proclaimed cyber team working for PTI, that was involved in hacking of various facebook pages that were against PTI.

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  • hopefully the will denounce their own leader Ilzam Khan’s abusive and mindless allegations to country leaders also.

  • Stop posting articles related to Political Parties. Purpose of your website is to provide technology updates not to make us aware whats going on in Politics!

  • Pro Pakistani is not a political forum. Don’t make it political; else the people will start unsubscribing it. Should avoid any sort of affiliations. People may ask why only PTI?

  • are you part of PTI? promoting on your blog a specific political party? because this is not your niche as you publishing on your blog, if answer is YES, then i will recommend your blog as political blog and give you sign of biased.

    • We covered this coz of nature of news, as it’s related to social media. We hold no affiliation with any political party.

    • Dear, it is to note that this is related to SOCIAL MEDIA, so in this context it is related to ProPakistani’s domain……i.e. the positive and legitimate use of Cyber Media…
      I am in the full support of PTI’s point of view, and i believe, the people who use abusive language are mostly from opposite parties, disguised as PTI workers and want to show themselves as the workers of PTI, and hence creating a bad name for PTI.

  • pti is just like any other party in this country. us myn kon sy dhood k dhulay bethty hain.

    sb corrupt bandy hain. jn ko ksi aur party ki seat ni mili wo idr agaiy hain.

  • PTI supporters are too narrow-minded… Not much supporting arguments are required for proof. Just read the second comment & then the follow-up comment by PTI supports….

    All I can say to PTI supporters is “Grow up & try be mature & sensible”

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