Cellular Subscribers Top 116.2 Million in Feb 2012

Mobile phone subscriptions in Pakistan have reached 116.2 million in February 2012 by adding 1.6 million subscribers in January 2012, revealed latest stats published by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Total number of cellular subscribers stood at 116,209,749 with teledensity hitting 67.2 percent mark.

Mobilink remains the top company with 35.2 million subscribers. Mobilink became first cellular company in the country to cross 35 million mark by adding 593,096 subscribers in January 2012.

Telenor stood second with 28,844,869 subscribers followed by Ufone at 22,423,269 subscribers. Both Telenor and Ufone added 374,615 and 403,811 subscribers respectively in January 2012.

In January 2012 Zong officially surpassed Warid by adding 528,143 subscribers to reach a total base of 14,951,789 subscribers; while Warid lost another 296,574 subscribers to settle with 14,693,616 subscribers at the end of January 2012.

More details in below graphs:










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  • Muhammad Anas

    Zong! You are the best. keep going higher and higher.

    • hassan00107

      yes zong is best I have used all networks but zong is my favourite

      • Jon

        Yar Zong is best

        • asd

          wrong stats telenor itna opper ho hi nahi sakta.

          • Arslan

            hahhah laikin waqai main itna opper he ha :D

            • Waseem

              i think zong is best company….

  • osama

    Telenor will be number one this year

    • hassan00107

      also in crap services

      • khan

        They are already there… :-D

  • irfan

    telenor say log jalty q hain use b kerty hain….

    • fly

      Telenor hi hai jo sab se zyda cahrges barha rahi hai ,3g k license k paisey awaaam ki jaib se pooray jo karney hongay ,is ko kehtay hain zardari wali sooch.

      • waqas

        TALenor is installing cheapest equipment which is ZTE, how we expect quality from TALenor

        • farhan

          nice comment abt zte, i work in zte…. well if its cheap, we should make our own equipment… no need for the cheeper companies … isnt it????


          but we guys vote for zardari , how can we make such sophisticated equipment :P

          • farhan

            and yes – we were sold by our great leaders to USA at 1Billion USD , whereas ZTE won just one project 800M USD worth , and its not a huge project by zte standards

  • Telecom Kaka

    Dudes, more customers dont mean more revenue pre user, you know as per revenue its Telenor at top then Warid and then Mobilink and then Ufone and then Zong.

    Akal lagaooooo mera watan ke no jawanooo.

    • khan

      If Operator A have 10 users with revenue per user of PKR 5K, its total revenue would be PKR 50K. If Operator B has 100 users with revenue per user of PKR 4K, its total revenue would be PKR 400K. So although revenue per user of Operator 1 is 20% higher than Operator 2, Total revenues of Operator 2 are 88% higher than operator 1.

      Conclusion: Revenue per user is a meaningless figure without complete picture. i.e. Number of subscribers, OPEX, CAPEX, Net Profit etc.

  • Waqas

    Telenor lost its biggest three corporate accounts and two won by Warid and one by Zong.
    Quality does matter.
    Price (value for money).
    Also Warid is still biggest post paid subscriber base and it active customer criteria is 90days activity.
    All others having 365 days activity. Jagoo logo.

    • khan

      Active customer Criteria for quoting figures to PTA is same across all operators (i.e. Subscribers who performed any activity during last 90 days). I am not arguing that all operators quotes 100% correct figures. Its just that the criteria is same.

      And if we accept that industry is quoting inflated figures, Warid is on top of that list. :)

      • t4t

        TELENOR waley tu hain hi jhootey india main bhi fraud kia tha inka lisnce cancel hoa tha yahan bhi jhoot boltey hain.aur ads main awaam ko lectures detey hain ta k in ka asal chehra samney nahi ai.aur ab tu mobilink bhi in ka paas aa raha hai ye us ka bhi yahi haal karey gay.

  • Muhammad Anas

    Well, I did some research.

    According to Wikipedia the current (2011estd.) population of Pakistan is just above 187 million.(let it be 187.5 million)


    And; if you have a look at age structure that indicates that 59.1 % of total pop is 15-64 years (Let`s take these 59.1 % as Cellular subscribers)

    So, 59.1 % of 187.5 Million is = 111 Million approx.

    And the Cellular Subscribers according to the this post are 116.2 Million.

    The Difference is 5.2 Million

    So, we can conclude that every 5th person is using more than a single Network to meet its communications need.

  • sarmad

    i don;t care anyway how zong has more customers than warid……..because zong is giving free sims every where .From last two months i see a van standing and distributing sims but remember quality quality matters and no one can pass warid in terms of quality (i have used all the networks)

    • asd

      yes u r right sarmad, mobilink aur telenor sirf aur sirf apnay marketing ki waja se agay hain.itnay paisey advertising main phektay hain tu customer tu baney gay.

  • Aqsa Shahid

    companies jo ikathay mil ker charges laganay ka faisla karti hain agar is say PTA inko hata lay to hamain mazid muqablay ke faza dekhnay ko milay ge.

  • Shariq

    @Admin is it possible for you to segregate pre-paid / postpaid subscriber per cellular network?

    Also, is it possible to post revenue reports of subscribers to know who is getting highest revenue per user?

    • adil

      yeah, post this admin! especially revenue reports of subscribers

      • waqas

        In post paid Warid and Mobilink are equal .5million (may be a difference 500)
        Than Ufone
        4. Telenor
        5. Zong

        • tayyab

          yes ur right

  • Saeed

    I have Zong and since last 2 months having very serious issues always “Network Busy” OR my no. is OFF.

    I multiple times talk with complain department but my issue is still here.

    I am now thinking to MNP and this is the only solution.

    • waqas

      Well come to Warid family, and feel the difference

      • Sleepless

        half of that postpaid base of [email protected] is blocked

        • Waqas

          yes before it was above million

  • hassan

    One of organization in Lahore using Telenor with calling trend
    1. Warid
    2. Mobilink
    3. Ufone
    4. Telenor
    5. PTCL
    6. Zong

    So what about market share PTA stats are all fake as Mobilink is best in quality all crap data of PTA

    • khan

      Dear every operator has its strengths. Lahore is strength of Warid like rural areas are strength of Telenor. So you cant generalize this calling trend to whole Pakistan.

      • waqas

        Also karachi have warid at second number.

  • jis tarah har bnday k paas 3 3 cell fones han yahan par uss hisaab sy hmari abaadi sy ziada hojay ge ye tadaad!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anjum Jamil

    Fake data as Warid subscribers are increasing rapidly day by day.

  • Morning Glory

    Does not matter if telenor is at top or mobilink, telenor holds 18% rights in mobilink and hence shares the revenue as well. Hence telenor is at the top and the best. The most professional operator that keeps the needs of its customers in mind. Long love Telenor !!

  • mir hassan

    mobilink is the best

  • farhan

    nice comment abt zte, i work in zte…. well if its cheap, we should make our own equipment… no need for the cheeper companies … isnt it????


    but we guys vote for zardari , how can we make such sophisticated equipment :P

  • tufail

    sab sa ziada paise tu advrtixng pe ufn dete hai or logo ko bewaquf bnaya hai, jst mobilink ix the best

  • tayyab

    UFONE is Great and best…!!! Best Mobile Company of Pakistan… love u UFONE. now Ufone is ON 2nd Number… TELENOR data is Fake.

  • tayyab

    Koi b telenor ka User nahi hai kisi b Village me, hr taraf UFONE he UFONE hai , UFONE is best and nice packages offers u…telenor ka data fake hai, nahi han telenor k itny customers.

  • tayyab

    UFONE is Great…. ub to har taraf UFONE hai… 1st Company UFONE ,offering u Call packages at PTCL,VFONE,V-WIRELESS…..!!! UFONE IS BEST…