3G Auction to be Timely and Fair: Pervaiz Ashraf

raja-pervaiz-ashraf-app-670Federal Minister for Information Technology Raja Pervez Ashraf held an interactive session in Ministry of Information Technology with its officials on Tuesday.

Minister IT and Telecom, on the occasion, said that the would try his level best to ensure the timely and fair auction of 3G licenses. Though he didn’t give any deadline, something he is largely known for.

He said it was big challenge for him to under-take this challenging task of uplift of the IT Ministry. He said his first and foremost effort would be to spread the network of IT in each and every corner of Pakistan including far off areas of Gilgit–Baltistan.

E-governance is the governance of tomorrow and the government would try its utmost to introduce e-governance in almost all sectors of Pakistan and CDA would be made first model.

He said his main focus would be on timely completion of various best policies of the IT.
He said the government is fully committed to launch various pilot projects of e-governance in country and computerization of whole of revenue system including Patwar-khanas would be encouraged by federal government.

  • hassan

    bas smaj jao fair deal like rental power. Raja corruption Ashraf

  • Nauman

    we can read these news on other sources as well. But i think propakistani should focus on breaking news of IT industry. I am amazed you guys are still not aware neither have written any article on the Ufone’s gmail chat to SMS service.

    • Pakistani

      WOW in one line you are saying they should focus on IT news, and on the very next you are asking them to cover UFone’s gmail chat service. That’s pathetic
      Also, this post is very much related to the IT industry. Do you know how much we need 3G/4G networks right now?

  • telco

    ab pata chala na ________ telenor waley samjh rahay thay India ki tarah yahan bhi fraud se kaam chala ley ga

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  • janii

    Raja – Naam hee kaafi hai!

  • ameerhamza

    Latest update and 100% confirmed date of 3G launch..

    Launch date : 31 Dec 2012 11:59 pm

    • Waqas Ahmad Khan

      I see what you did there….lol

  • Haziq

    Joke of the Year…!!!

    • Ali


  • maqsood

    loo bhai gai bheeens pani main ………….

  • Kamal Asif

    Yeh baat woh bhainsain paalnay wala kar raha hai

    jo 4 saal mai load-shedding na khatam kar saka aur jis per arboan rupay corruption kay charges hain

  • Anonymous

    haha , Raja pervaiz keh raha hai k ” 3G Auction to be Timely and Fair “

  • Majid

    Now you will see 3G network on rental basis.

  • Waqas Ahmad Khan

    *Double Facepalm*
    Now after the involvement of Raja Corruption I am very much skeptical about transparency of auctions for 3G/4G licenses! May Allah save our country and this growing IT industry from vultures.

  • Mudassar Ahmed


    Power sector ki azeeem khadmat karne k baad ab telecom ki behtari ka bairaaa uthaaa liya hy. Raja sahib itneee mehnaat na kariaaan.


    Auction transparent hon ya na hon lekin ab hongay zarur after all ek zardari sab par bhari

  • Buy and Sell In Pakistan

    Why we cant have technical People running the ministries as ministers. People who dont have reputation can make things worst.

  • iRfaN

    toba mere toba pakistanio kasi kam say khush ne hoty…..tankeed kerna tumhara kam hy…..nawaz shiref hota to theek tha na….

  • Shahzad Pk

    still waiting for 3G ajeeb lagta hai abb sun kar yaar … lagta hai koi mazaq ho raha ho

  • Salman Abbas

    Muahahaha dont beleive this fag guys, isne to December 2009 tak load shedding 0 karney ka promise bhi kia tha.

  • Faridul Haq

    Raja sahib’s concept of ‘fair’ is when he pockets a fat commission regardless of what happens to 3G after that.. God save the IT of Pakistan!

  • Mani

    Govt. Ko koi minister nhi mil rha tha jo itnay achay moqat say fiada utha saky es liya Raja sahab ko wazeer e IT bna diya bcoz Raja sahab ka kafi xperiece hai currption main……just forget 3G

  • Mani

    Govt. Ko koi minister nhi mil rha tha jo itnay achay moqat say fiada utha saky es liya Raja sahab ko wazeer e IT bna diya bcoz Raja sahab ka kafi xperiece hai currption main……just forget 3G..
    Go Zardari go for election..

  • F

    “3G Auction will be Fair”
    Yar mazaq na karoo …LOL

  • Baaghi

    3G in 2012????????
    What a Non-Sense??????????
    Ministers = Army of Idiots….

  • Mansoor

    Just some questions I wanted to ask: What will most of the people in pakistan do with 3G access? How will it increase everyone’s productivity? What benefit will it bring to the casual users who form the majority of mobile services subscribers?

  • Mushtaque

    December 2012 will be the end of 3G just like electricity.

  • S Zaidi

    Excellent Raja Sahib, But please don’t award this contract to cheaters like Etisalat.
    Please make it clear that Etisalat/PTCL can only participate in tender if they return the public money they looted in sale deal of PTCL and there after in its operations

  • bilal

    hahahahaha…keh kon raha hai…
    Corrupt Rental Power….

  • zubair

    Pervaiz Ashraf shehb ap ke hote howe fair?? haha joke of the century