Pakistan to Have 10 Million Facebook Users by 2013 [Infographic]

Pakistan will have 10 million Facebook users by 2013, said an inforgraphic published by B Solutions, a social media strategy company.

B solutions projected that estimated number of Facebook users in Pakistan will cross 10 million mark by 2013, which are currently reported to be around 6.4 million users.

Infographic said that 18-24 years of age group constitutes a total of 51 percent users on Facebook from Pakistan. Overall there are 69 percent male users as compared to 31 percent female Facebook users in Pakistan.

Check following infographic for further details:


  • I think there will be more user then estimated, as the IT industry is grooming and more and more cities are now linked with the internet facility, more over the mobile net has made it possible to reach far areas of Pakistan where broadband is still not available.

  • Pakistan Classified Ads: Agreed, but since these are official Facebook stats, I’d think them to be accurate.
    Handsome Bhai: we did a select group of countries just to show Pakistan’s relative size. Agreed however that Indonesia should be included! :)

  • @Sajid Iqbal : The Facebook population in Afghanistan is 0.3 million and not 3 million. The mistake has been corrected in the infographic. We regret the error.

  • I find these figures to be slightly flawed. And I do not see how the projection has been made. Plus will the 10 million figure be achieved at the end of the year 2013 or before that? In 8 months time Facebook users increased from 5.2 Million to 6.4 million almost an 81 % increase .. but considering the fact that the increase this time may be a lot more faster due to mobile device penetration, but none of the factors have been mentioned and the age and demographic projections seem incorrect as well.

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