Introducing ProPakistani SMS Alerts [Subscribe Now for Free]

ProPakistaniI am happy to announce that ProPakistani is now offering News Alerts on mobile phones through SMS, a service which is free for now and will remain free for months, I can confirm.

With this service, you will be able to get news updates on your mobile phones via SMS, making sure that you will never miss a thing published here on ProPakistani.

Yes, we once tried similar alerts in the past, but had to take down the service due to massive response which we weren’t expecting then. We soon faced capacity issues and ultimately had to shut down the service. (Just to mention, we had over 10,000 subscribers in less than a week)

Now, however, the situation is different. We have made sure that this time the service remains live for ever, inshAllah. For the purpose, ProPakistani entered into a partnership with MAD (The Mobile Advantage Company) to bring every morning these SMS alerts to our valued readers.


  • ProPakistani SMS Alert service is free of cost
  • ProPakistani SMS Alert service is currently in beta.
  • SMS Alerts sent from ProPakistani will show “ProPK” as sender name.
  • You will get one SMS Alert per day – between 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
  • You may get occasional Breaking News SMS Alerts during the day – Not more than 5 per week
  • To Unsubscribe from SMS Alert Service click here
  • For questions and feedback contact us here

To Subscribe click on this link or fill following form:

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Very nice. but just let us know when your service asks for money! :D so we will deactivate it..


  • Numbers are getting registered without any verification. You should implement # verification system to make sure no one can miss use this service.

  • I have just subscribed to sms alert service. I think no other Pakistani blogger is offering this service. Nice start hope other bloggers will also take the foot steps. Can you please write an article on how to provide this service to clients. so other people in business can also start this service. Specially how much you have to pay for these sms messages

  • Strange..

    When you people use twitter, and tweet every of your updates than why Use “follow twitter profile” method for update?

    Through that your follower will get free sms about the updates. While with some amount(according to their mobile operator) they reply and Rt that on twitter.

    Any issue with that service? :O

  • I think It will Not for Telenor and Djuice Customers Because Telenor and Djuice Ddon’t Allow Any Brand Sms and Telenor & Djuice are not a Partner of mad.

  • Dear Admin,

    You r doing nice efforts regarding IT & educational news. Your efforts in this regards are appreciable.

    I want to ask just one thing, will this service remain free in future also or we have to pay for this in future.


  • Not missed a single article after subscribing to it.
    @ Souban Tahir: MAD is in partnership with all five operators including Telenor.

  • Good Job, Well done.

    But I have one concern

    Is there any guarantee that mobile numbers subscribed for SMS will not be used for Marketing purposes from Propakistani or MAD ?

  • Very nice Initiative. I just Say That this is Ammaizing Step Keep It Up.
    And Best of Luck!

  • Slow Service. Just single update / news alert received in last 48 Hours. Any way something is better than nothing.

  • @Aamir Attaa, It really good initiative by you. That’s how people will keep updated.

  • will any charges be levied in future for this service? as you mentioned in into
    “a service which is free [for now] and will remain free [for months]”

    i use [] to highlight.

    • I can’t comment or commit anything on this as of now. I am hoping the service will remain free.

  • sir plz mujay koi a see web site batai jis mai news free mai aati hu.. from S A Shah 03013913351

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