Ramazan Packages: Not all are That Attractive!

Ramadan-KareemWith the advent of the holy month of Ramazan each year the cellular companies in Pakistan come up with various calling offers to attract customers to their networks.

This year too almost all the major players have come up with one package or the other.

For the average customer it becomes quite a task to really see what is being offered and which company is allowing the customers to benefit more. A brief synopsis of the packages on offer tries to deconstruct these packages for the benefit of customers.

With Ufone Ramzan offer, consumers are allowed to make free on-net calls from 3 AM to 7 PM throughout the month. Ufone’s Ramzan offer comes at a daily rental of Rs. 4+tax per day and customers can make calls to all Ufone numbers as well as millions of PTCL and Vfone numbers.

The package thus puts an offer for their customer that allows them to use the network on prime time hours. From 3 am to 7pm i.e., 16 hours of voice communication at just Rs 4 only for all prepaid customers. Extending this offer to PTCL and Vfone networks is certainly a plus – something no other cellular company could ever match.

Zong has also offered its package in this special month in which, it claims, consumers will be able to enjoy unlimited on-net calls for PKR 8.5+tax but only in LBC (Location Based) Cities. LBC factor makes the entire package somewhat selective as a large number of customers of the network have been left out of the package.

The package announced by Telenor TalkShawk deducts a Rs 14.99 plus tax or around Rs. 18 per day including taxes. With this package, TalkShawk 24 Hrs and TalkShawk Economy package subscribers can make unlimited calls all day long except 7 PM to 11 PM.

Mobilink offered Ramadan package for its Jazz customers, which allows 100 On-net Minutes, 500 All network SMS and 100 MB mobile internet from 11pm-7pm at a fixed daily rental of Rs. 14.99 plus tax. Mobilink said offer is valid till August 16th only.

‘Call your loved ones and light up their life’ seems to be the mantra of cellular operators this time again but clearly not everyone is passing on the juice to the customers. Compared to Rs. 4 of Ufone per day charges with Rs. 8.5 and Rs. 14.99 per day charges of Zong and Telenor seems notably high. While Mobilink is charging Rs. 14.99 for 100 on-net minutes, 500 SMS and 100 MB of Mobile internet.

Industry insiders claim that riding on these packages during Ramzan, telecom traffic usually remains much higher as compared to the rest of the months. The increase in volumes offsets any possible loss in revenues so other companies should also have come up with packages that can actually benefit the customers in real.

With these offers the cellular companies might be able to fetch higher traffic, but some of the offers, it seems, are focused more on creating marketing buzz alone instead of focusing on the needs of the end customers.

  • SeaShore

    Everyone lotting the consumers by the way where is Warid?

    • Rabia

      By the way as far as i know warid did’nt offer any ramzan package

    • Arsh

      warid is always late is coming up with offers… it recently launched ghanta package, power pack and sms bundles so now its again gone to a deep sleep

      • I agree, Warid is always late. Late in launching Facebook and Twitter SMS services too. Itni dair main banda port out bhi ho jata hay :D

      • aaliya jamal


        • B

          ghanta really sounds inappropriate word :D

  • ali

    Bigest fraud of the year ptcl 4mb ramadan package at price of 2mb its been 20 days since i asked ptcl to give me 4mb more then 20 days know still geting 2mb made more then 8 complains get TAT of [email protected] and nothing happens same speed of 2mb

    • Sk

      I am now enjoying PTCL Ramdan Package. Dear you must be given up with your order number. Email your complain with order number to [email protected]

  • FrndsZone.com

    Instead ‘Mobilink said offer is valid till July 16th only.’ i think its August, a typing mistake?

  • Ali

    good job UFone, i liked the ramazan package…..i think its better than any other network.

  • Rabia

    I am using this offer and its a very economical, atleast we can stay connected to our loved one’s in Ramzan without worrying about the pocket :)

  • UK

    isi liyay to kehta hoon k mera ufone… tum hi to ho!!!!!

  • A Mehmood

    Ufone rakhta hai aap ka khayal….. :) Great ad by ufoniiiiiii

  • Shehzad

    16 hours in just Rs 4 its awesome …. :)

  • Gulnaz Khan

    Ufone ke waja se i am happy ke main sirf 4 rupay main apni ami se rooz nai iftari banana sekh lete hun …

  • Tariq

    they are just fooling the customers ans moreover their customer service is so pathetic, they are claiming every where (dekho.com.pk) that they provide this and this package but then no as such package is workable and if it is workable then the service is simply makes you mad at them

  • Zahid

    Mobilink said offer is valid till July 16th or August 16th?

  • Pakistan Classified Ads

    Was there any need for such Ramadan Packages? This is just to make revenue from a particular event or time frame.

  • asif

    ufone package is good.

    but i m wounder wher is warid?

    look at jazz they are offering great gprs packages
    but warid has no big gprs packge like 200 mb in rs 10 or 12

    warid should take initiatve now
    to bring large amount of data gprs packge in cheap rates.

    already package are costly
    and future is now mobile internet.

    • Arsh

      join warid face book official page and give ur feedback there. I already did. I hope they may consider it soon as wariud is always late in coming up with good offers.


  • @mani..

    For all those who are looking after for warids package, i wanna let them know that warid will launch Ramzan package in Muharam and the offer will be valid for Ramzan Only,

    between all likers of Ufone, its great to see that, i like this package but after reading the complete post.. for Ufone i can say
    “GARIBO ka Network” tum hee to ho.