Your Phone Camera has Probably Got More Pixels than NASA’s Curiosity Rover

curiosity rover cameraIf your phone has got a camera of more than 2 megapixels, then your phone camera is better than the cameras of the $2.5 billion Curiosity rover of NASA which recently landed on planet Mars days ago. Why? During a recent interview, the camera project manager of Curiosity, Mike Ravine said:

“These designs were proposed in 2004, and you don’t get to propose one specification and then go off and develop something else. 2MP with 8GB of flash [memory] didn’t sound too bad in 2004. But it doesn’t compare well to what you get in an iPhone today.”

And Mike is right. Cameras in phones weren’t very good then and took blurry images so a 2mp camera with 8Gb flash memory would’ve sounded great then. Furthermore, it was kept 2 megapixel (and not more) to make efficient use of bandwidth required to transmit images. Budget also played its role for the NASA to keep this camera at 2 MP.

Just in case if you are wondering, Curiosity Rover uses UHF transmitter for sending data to two spacecraft orbiting Mars, which relay the data back to earth at not more than 10 MB per hour. Understandably, this 10 MB per hour data is shared by various instruments including the 2 MP camera.

Compare that to today and even dumb-phones come with at least 3 megapixel cameras.

Smartphones with 8 megapixel cameras are considered flagships and anything less than 5 megapixels is unacceptable. We’ve even got a 41 megapixel smartphone, the 808 Pureview from Nokia. But really, those were the days.

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        • it is never purposeless…
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      • — I know I am going out of topic but there is nothing for thx

        You left out:

        I know I am going out of topic __on a US-developed internet, posting on a site hosted in the US, using a browser developed in the US, written with technology developed in the US__ but there is nothing for thx

        • Shahid Bhai, Visa chahiye kya apko US ka jo itni support kar rahay ho? I was not talking about giving funds to Pakistan, there are much much more poor nations than in Pakistan. Alhumdulilah we have people here in Pakistan who can help Pakistanis when ever they need. I was talking about rest of the world. I will post one Youtube video link here than you can see that the people in US and others in Europe are talking about all these issues which I tried to post in the comment.

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  • lol if the images weren’t blurry then people will know that they r not on Mars , it was done intentionally !!

  • Nice Comparison USA have Curiosity Rover with 2 MP Camera, we have 41 MP Cell Phones. Sir jee Dunya Mars pa punch gee ha, ap abi ider he ha

  • Meri jaan, 8mp cameras (DSLRs) were available back in 2004 as well.

    There are a multitude of reasons why they don’t have a better camera.

    1. Costs. NASA likes to use stuff that’s tried and true and has been tested extensively. If they went for the newest camera everytime, they never would have been able to send Curiosity to Mars due to the extensive testing. Sometimes you just have to pick a spec and move on.

    2. The requirements of the camera were stringent. The camera had to be able to withstand high-gs, varying temps, radiation, etc which also ties into costs because they had to come up with the proper enclosure and testing for this.

    3. Power requirements. The camera has to share a finite power source with multiple components.

  • why are they comparing these with camera phones only?

    7MP digital cameras were easily available in 2004 and were very small in size. The Sony T1 was available in 2003 with 5.0MP

    sounds like poor planning by NASA…

    • — sounds like poor planning by NASA…

      Yes, I am sure you could do better planning than a company that routinely launches probes and satellites into space. I’m certain you could do a better job, with all your experience with outer space exploration.

  • Pointless article!

    So what if it is 2MP? The images started coming right after it landed on ANOTHER PLANET!

    What good is a 8MP Camera on my mobile compared to a 2MP Camera which is sending images of MARS!

  • OMG, it’s a joke for the people living in 2012 but as far as I can think in 2004 I was reading in class 4th so I’ve not a slightest idea what kinda technology there was in those days p: btw, the thing which is tickling my mind is, can’t they bring back there satellite & fix a brandnew 45mP camera in it? Or can’t send their astronauts there with a new camera in their costumes? Don’t crack a joke please if even my questions sound stupid ’cause my Instinct says, the questions I’ve asked above are the world’s most stupidest questions ever ._.

  • But I wonder how could you compare a cell phone camera with a camera that will work in various differences like temperature, light condition and other such conditions. :0

  • I hope that no one would object to having an informed discussion on this topic. Let’s start with the number of cameras on the Curiosity rover. There are a total of 17 cameras. Yes, all of the cameras have the same spec of CCD which is 1600 x 1200. As rightly pointed out Muhammad Zubair Chohan number of pixels alone cannot determine the quality of video. The 17 cameras on the Curiosity rover have different functions and their focal length varies depending on the purpose. BTW I did not find any mention of the MastCam in this article which takes hi-definition video at 720p. One of the considerations was bandwidth needed for transmitting images. For further details, visit

    @ Adnan: And the earth is flat. Right?

    • Agreed.

      I was also about to reply to this thread, as there are number of points that should need to be mentioned before such a “research”-less article, copied from some international publisher. Actually, Camera that is being used on Rover also comprises a suite of remote sensing instruments, including the LIBS system to be used for planetary science and a remote micro-imager. The LIBS instrument can target a rock or soil sample from up to 7 meters away, VAPORIZING A SMALL AMOUNT OF IT with about 50 to 75 nanosecond pulses from a 1067 nm infrared laser and then collecting a spectrum of the light emitted by the vaporized rock under UV. That is one of the basic and important functionality of that camera.

      I assume everyone praising their camera phones can do this with their cells. huh?

  • Pointless article…it should have been a Facebook Status only….on top of it series of clueless comments ….
    they landed a damn 1 ton robot on far away planet and people are focussing NASA should have spent money wisely ….common people… and Btw people thinking USA’s economy is like our …seriously? their 1 company is worth so much that you will get tired counting its figures…

    face the reality istead of making useless comments …

  • camera is not bad man .. they are sending picture in lowest resulation becoz they are sending those pics from 67 million km

  • Everyone cursing NASA for not having better camera than 2Mpx in 2004.

    Go search for HiRISE.

    its a camera in Mars orbit since 2006 and sending 2520 Mpx ( Yes 2 Giga px ) images of Mars surface back to earth. Each image of size 1.2 Gigabits.

  • @faisal raza: shabaash habibi.. Lagy raho. En ki aqal thikany laga do. Apna sara knowledge edhar he jhaar do. Akhir kaar tum internationaly recognised economist + defence analyst + mere chely ho.. Lagy raho lagy raho.. Neesto nabood kr do jo bhi tumhari ankhen kholny ki koshesh kry. Baqi sub bewaqoof hyn sirf tum he mere jiger habibi faisal raza aqal rakhty ho.

  • We don’t need America’s money to help out brothers. We have our own (in swiss banks) :D

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