Most Nokia Users Still Prefer QWERTY Keyboards

Keyboard Poll

In a poll conducted by Nokia Conversations recently, it was revealed that around half of Nokia’s users prefer to use QWERTY keyboards for typing or for any other input purposes.

It not only came out ahead of the others (touchscreens, number keypad and voice input), but almost half of Nokia’s users chose this option (48.64% to be precise).

Touchscreen came out at second with 34.69%, numeric keypad got the third spot with 8.91% share while voice input was chosen by only 7.75% of the people in that poll.

The most prominent reason why so many people preferred QWERTY keyboards is clear: for messaging of course. And since Nokia phones mainly target developing countries or the regions like South Asia where people mainly use messages for communicating purposes, its not shocking to see such results in this poll.

QWERTY keyboards were voted by the people of UK, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Philippines as their top choice for inputting data unlike USA where 47.2% people preferred to use touchscreen and only 33.33% people chose QWERTY keyboards.


    keyboard is better becuase on the small touch screen its difficult for people to press the buttons in the touch keyboard unless you use a stick for it

  • Shahid Saleem

    I prefer the keypad but not qwerty. The qwerty keys are too small.

  • I prefer qwerty becz I used cell fones for SMS and touchfones aren’t easy for this..

  • FeZy

    I LikE QWERTY… Thums up if u like too…