Nikon Makes S800c, a 16 MP Camera Running on Android 2.3

Nikon Coolpix S800c

Android running on cameras isn’t something new as we’ve already seen some companies churn out cameras with Android running, but this is possibly the first time that a big company has released such a camera.

Nikon, the 95 year-old Japanese camera maker has recently announced a new point-and-shoot compact camera, the Coolpix S800c which runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread which, although is an older version of Android, is still quite an impressive OS for a camera.

The camera marketed as ‘the social imaging device’ has got a 16mp 1/2.3 CMOS sensor with 10X Optical Zoom, image stabilization, GPS and 1080p Full HD video recording. The camera has a 3.5 inch OLED touchscreen display with a respectable resolution of 854 x 480.

Since the operating system running is Android 2.3, users will have access to Play Store and other Google services which means you’ll be able to use your favorite app right from your camera.

nikon s800cSince this isn’t a phone and won’t support 2G or 3G services, WiFi will be used for connectivity. Sharing photos and videos with your friends will be quicker and easier than ever if you are in any WiFi range.

Simple image editing and effects are there too. The camera will be able to take 140 photos of a single charge by its 1,050 mAh battery.

The camera can be used even when Android hasn’t loaded up. This is a trick which saves time as loading Android after turning the camera back on would’ve wasted sometime. The camera has 1.7Gb storage space for photos & videos and 680Mb for apps and is of course expandable.

The camera will be available in Black and White flavors in September 2012 for $349.95 or around PKR 40,000.

Currently, details such as processor speed aren’t disclosed but they would most certainly be announced sooner or later after all. Overall, its an exciting moment in smartphone industry and we hope to see more of such devices in the future.

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