Glow Launches Super Dosti Package

Glow-Super-DostiGlow now brings a big one ‘Super Dosti Package’, which includes one Dosti Number free forever, best F&F call rates across all networks at only 45 Paisas for 30 seconds with exciting SMS and internet bundles.

Spreading the colors of friendship Glow ‘Super Dosti Package’ is the perfect blend that caters to the youth of Pakistan with best rates ever.

Base Tariff:

  • Calls to one Dosti Number: Free Forever (from 11pm till 6pm the next day)
  • Calls to one Dosti Number: Rs. 1 per 30 seconds (Between 6pm to 11 PM)
  • Warid to Warid: Rs. 1 per 30 seconds
  • Warid to Other Networks: Rs. 1 per 30 seconds
  • FnF – Warid to Warid: Rs. 0.45 per 30 seconds (between 11pm till 6pm the next day)
  • FnF – Other Networks: Rs. 0.45 per 30 seconds (between 11pm till 6pm the next day)
  • FnF Numbers: Rs. 1 per 30 Seconds (between 6pm to 11pm)


  • Up-mentioned call charges are exclusive of government taxes
  • Maximum of 10 FnF (8 on-net and 2 Off-net) numbers are allowed
  • Package Charges: Monthly subscription charges for Super Dosti Number are Rs. 10 per month
  • Users will be charged Rs. 1 on the first call made to their Super Dosti or FnF numbers everyday.
  • If no calls are made to FnF or Super Dosti Number no charges apply.

How to Activate Super Dosti Package:

  • To activate: SMS Super to 7777 or call 100 for details
  • From Glow1, GLOW 2 & GLOW dosti to GLOW Super Package, charges are Rs. 10
  • From Warid Prepaid to GLOW super Package, charges are Rs. 25

How to add FnF and Dosti Number:

  • Add a Dosti Number: SMS Fre<space><Warid number> to 2129 @ Rs. 10+tax
  • Add an F&F: SMS Add<space><Warid number> to 2129 @ Rs. 9+tax
  • Delete an F&F: SMS Del<space><Warid number> to2 129 @ Rs. 2+tax
  • See F&F list: SMS List to 2129 @ Rs. 2+tax
  • You can change your F&F numbers as many times as you like

SMS Bundles:

  • 150 SMS @ Rs. 1.50/Day: To Activate: SMS Glow 150 to 7777
  • 400 SMS @ Rs. 2.99/Day: To Activate: SMS Glow 400 to 7777
  • 700 SMS @ Rs. 6.99/Week: To Activate: SMS Glow 700 to 7777
  • 1000 [email protected] Rs. 7.99/Week: To Activate: SMS Glow 1000 to 7777

Mobile Internet Bundles:

  • 2MB Bucket – Daily Mobile Internet Bucket @ Rs. 2.99/day – To Activate: SMS 2MB to 7777 (Validity expires at 12am daily)
  • 15MB Bucket – Daily Mobile Internet Bucket @ Rs 10/day – To Activate: SMS 15MB to 7777 (Validity expires at 12am daily)
  • 10MB Bucket – Monthly Mobile Internet Bucket @ Rs 30/month – To Activate: SMS 10MB to 7777
  • 100MB Bucket – Monthly Mobile Internet Bucket @ Rs 99.99/month – To Activate: SMS 100MB to 7777


  • Base tariff Re.1 will be charged on all calls from 6pm till 11pm
  • All calls will be charged per 30 sec billing
  • Re.1 will charged to all SMS sent to 7777
  • Subscription charges of Rs.10/Month will be charged for Dosti number
  • Re.1/day will be deducted on First call made to F&F and Dosti number in a day
  • MMS will be charged for Sending and Receiving
  • MMS unit is a message size of 300KB on-net and 100KBfor off-net and International Numbers
  • Happy Hour, Raat Din and other packages will not be allowed on Super Dosti Package
  • All Glow SMS & Mobile Internet bundles can be activated on this package
  • This is limited time offer
  • All charges include government taxes and levies as well as a 19.5% federal excise duty.
  • Each recharge done through scratch cards and Warid Ezeeload includes 10% withholding tax.
  • Using SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA

  • ye to per month ka or daily charges ka chakkar hai ye khatam ho jaye to gud package hai…

    • Monthly 10 rupee main 19 hours rozana x 30 din 570 hours Rs. 10/- main mehngey hain kia? aur bhai 1 rupe call karney pe kateyga warna nahin. ProPakistani kisi bhi website se behtar describe and eloborate karti hai main package aaney k baad company website k bajaye propakistani ki report ko importance detay hon.

      • Dear, Warid is actually lying to to customers, i have activated supper dosti number and they are charging 2+tax per day for one number and 10+tax, so it would be 10+60=70+tax per month. in short Rs. 100 of recharge for one month for one number only..

  • yaar when will they reduce zem prepaid call charges. they have no good package for calling all networks

  • uff there are so many if and buts in need a calculator to analyze this package

  • Totally useless
    Adding fnf no. Charges r too much
    Otherwise Rs.2+tax/min r also too much costly
    Telenor rates r so gud Rs.1.5/min included taxs

  • LOL this one is a rip off :D oh by the way, I think the writer made a mistake by mentioning 10MB internet bundle as a monthly bundle…

  • Expensive yar simply ! 10monthly + 1daily =rs40 for one Dosti Number which they claimed “free forever” joke nai hai kia?

  • saw the commercial yesterday..destroying the social fabric and family values…theres a fine line between being cool and being responsible..this should be taken as a serious concern…

  • Nothing Speical in dosti pacakge
    just change the name of package. useless and costly if u subscribe. glow dosti sms and gprs rates are same. Warid should introduce a perfect large gprs package like 200 mbs in 24 hours is demand of time.and warid is still fail to bring such pakage in low cost. no mms included. so no big differ between glow 1 or 2 packages.

  • Wow this is better , far better really i am going to switch my U and Telenor both to Warid for this.

  • Yes Its Better than other network telenor charge 1.25 other network while warid glow charges are just 1.06 per 30 second it’s better than telenor !!!! portableshare

  • hmesha useless he dena..koi dhang ka pkg he day and my frnds are thinking about other networks coz less of data pkgs and its day by day reducing quality and ever increasing charges :P

  • WoW! Dosto aakir warid na damaka kar hi dia na zong 500 kaatt ta ha month ka ya 40 tu warid best ha na for info sms me 03218519051

  • WoW! Dosto aakir warid na damaka kar hi dia na zong 500 kaatt ta ha month ka ya 40 tu warid best ha na for info sms me 03218519051

  • Fazool Package ha, Rs. 1/30sec, Its too much. Daily Charges, Monthly Charges, Every Where Charges and Charges…. Warid Should think of It

  • i just switched off from telenor djuice package, telenor is now shit service..they are stealing money from our credit.. good bye telenor..

  • WoW! Dosto aakir warid na damaka kar hi dia na zong 500 kaatt ta ha month ka ya 40 tu warid best ha na for info sms me 03115012910

  • Either Warid or Propakistan website is misguiding us.. because Waird is charging Rs. 2+tax daily charges for only one free number and 10+tax per month, it would definitely recharge of Rs. 100 per month for only one free number… i personally verified this package..

  • ,,,Kiya Yar pkge hai ye,,, koi Nikalna Hai T0 m0nthly d0 pkge yar,,,, wrna ap k user bohat hon gay,,,, kuch na kuch karna h0 ga ap k0 ””

  • saale jhoot kehte hain main ne pkage own kia tha lakin korri ke bachon ne dosti num pe 20 rupay charges kiye the all body cooker mer to yeh kheyal hai

  • pla koi call packge bata dey koi jis mei kam cuting ho. itne koi stupid hain warid wale itne pese kat lete hn 1 hour packg mei bhi.mein ne 1 happy hour ka packg kiya mre koi 25RS cut kiye hn in manhooso ne :(

  • correction :
    Add a Dosti Number: SMS Free to 2129 @ Rs. 10+tax. Balance zaya kerwa diya,, lakh di lanat tuaday pagerank 4 tey.

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