Website and a Facebook Page Against Chairman PTA Get Blocked is reportedly blocked on majority of ISPs operating in Pakistan, we have checked and confirmed ourselves.

Evidently, as the URL suggests, website was aiming to uncover Mr. Farooq Awan, newly appointed Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Similarly a Facebook page, apparently run by same individuals with same intentions, was also blocked for same reasons.

“The News” has said that both the website ( and Facebook page contained baseless information and that is why PTA has to order for a block of both the URLs.

Though the authenticity of allegations against Mr. Awan is questionable, but such blocking instances will curb the freedom of internet media (by giving more freedom to government bodies), leaving the masses with no option but to follow the wishes of top people in the government.

It maybe recalled that Video of Ayesha Sana’s press conference on YouTube were blocked, in which she had alleged an MD of a TV channel for misappropriations.

We are yet to ascertain the methodology required to get a website unblocked, or a process for the re-consideration of decision for blocking a website.

If such things are not stopped then we might see more such bans in coming days.