Google Blocks Anti-Islam Film in Malaysia, Indonesia, Libya, Egypt and India

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youtube-blockedGoogle has announced that it has begun blocking a recently announced anti-Islam film, which mocks Islam and Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) on YouTube in selected countries after it received official complaints from respective states.

Google said that recent most complaint came from Malaysian government through Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) asking the company to restrict the access of controversial film.

Malaysian government through complaint communicated Google that film was against Islam and is hence illegal in nature to be broadcasted in the country.

A spokesman for video-sharing site YouTube, which is owned by Google, has told AFP that it has begun restricting access to clips of the privately-produced film Sunday, in line with its community guidelines.

Google had previously denied access to the film in question in Indonesia, Libya, Egypt and India.

YouTube is making efforts to block all replications of the controversial film in these selected countries.

Apparently Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has taken a different route in Pakistan for barring the same movie by asking local ISPs to block the access. However, efforts are not considered enough since the film is being replicated on YouTube servers and hundreds of copies are being produced on daily basis.

Reportedly, PTA is yet to reach out to YouTube to file an official complaint against the film.

ISPs in Pakistan are calling PTA to officially record a complaint with YouTube for the blockade of the film and to make sure that YouTube keeps a consistent watch on its content that is aired in Pakistan.


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  • I think as was said by Rehman malik previously, that google and youtube do not listed to pakistani authorities – so pta can only ask the isps to block the pages – cause google and youtube do not listed much to pakistan.

    Maybe, Pakistan is not that big a market for google and youtube to listen to them

    • Nah Pakistan has much more internet users than Libya and Malaysia.

      Anyway, whats the purpose of blocking a video for yourself? I find it quiet funny. Isliay ke log wo dekh ke mushtael ho ke terrorist na ban jain or what? You have bigger problems to deal with if a government is feeling this insecure about their citizens LOL

    • Look at what PTA wants Google to remove:

      Now, I don’t know about you, but if someone puts up a comedy movie about our politicians or army officers or judges or WHATEVER, I do not expect Google to remove it. In the 1980s, we used to see EXACTLY THE SAME SORT OF THING on 50/50 on PTV and we laughed at it.

      If the PTA and Rehman Malik are not SERIOUS about asking Google to remove it, especially when other countries are asking (even non-Muslim ones like India), then it shows that THEY WANT THE PEOPLE TO BE OUTRAGED. Of course, outraged people are distracted from high petrol prices, poor police performance, poor court performance, etc etc. All the things that REALLY MATTER near elections.

    • And you raise the most important issue. What I fear most from all these idiotic protests is not a block of Youtube

      I fear the most the threats Badar must be facing on his life.

      And the articles and comments on this site make me very fearful of his & his family’s safety.

      • Shahid sb, you are alleging me and my website for endangering Badar’s life? Can you be more specific in explaining how exactly I would want such a thing?

        • I’m not accusing you of anything in particular but the fact remains that the more this is in the news and the more it is associated with Google, the more it will affect his life.

        • Seriously, when people are protesting and dying outside the US Embassy all because the movie came from America, don’t you think people will be upset at Google at all for hosting it? And who represents Google in Pakistan?

          Seriously, you didn’t make the connection?

          And you know as well as I do that for months if not years Badar has protested US actions and America in his personal twitter and facebook. But the angry crowd doesn’t care about that.

  • Definitely, blocking the vids locally is not the solution of problem. Authorities should contact youtube to block videos for effective blocking as well as this may make them think of blocking the content worldwide.

    Blocking is also not solution in another way that now Pakistanis cannot report these videos as inappropriate.

  • You’re living in the age of the Internet. Your religion will be mocked, and the mockery will find its way to you. Get over it.

    If you don’t, what’s happening this week will happen again and again. A couple of idiots with a video camera and an Internet connection will trigger riots across the globe. They’ll bait you into killing one another.

    Stop it. Stop following their script!

    Read the complete article here:

  • Muslims respect all prophets either Mohammad, Jesus or Moses because they are very very great.
    Muslims also dont like if anyone engage bad stuff with any prophet.
    So think as a human when muslims respect other religions and prophets then why anyone voilate their prophet respect?

    • — So think as a human when muslims respect other religions and prophets then why anyone voilate their prophet respect?

      But Muslims don’t respect other religions. How much does the average Muslim respect Hinduism? How much does the average Muslim respect Judaism?

      • yes You are right shahid saleem,as many visitors of propakistani dont respect you and your comment because you are nothing but a piece of crap.

      • I think you have to read my comment with open eyes, i said we respect jesus, moses and their followers and never quote Hinduism and Judaism.

        As for as you ask how much does average muslim respect hinduism and judaism then i will say how much does hindus, judaism, jesus and moses followers respect muslims?

        I said think as a human not as a muslim.

        • We as Muslims have our own values and we must not forget those at any cost. Quran says (not exact translation) “Kissi kay jhootay Khuda ko bhe bura na kaho, aisa na hoo kay woh tumharay sachay Khuda ko bura kahay”

          They want to provoke us by doing such acts and we get provoked, so we help them get their objective.

      • @shahid saleem
        as mojority of visitors of propakistani dont respect you and your comments because you are nothing but a piece of crap.

        • I don’t think you understand. It doesn’t matter whether people here respect me or not. I post whatever I think is my opinion.

          Feel free to keep calling me names.

          • @Shahid Saleem – Keep the great work going. I am really pleased to see that we still have people with moral courage who are trying to discuss this issue with a rational approach.

  • Wah ji wah kia mulk hai hamara. Google ne official complain par video block kardi achi baat hai. Hamare rehman malik saib ne interpoll se request ki hai k video band karo hahah interpoll jis ka is masle se koi taaluq hi nahi hai jin mumalik ne complain ki un mai vodeo band hogai simple. Or ye video banane wala jews ya christian nahi hai. Ye kaafir hai coz ek real jews ya christian ye ghatiya harkat kar hi nahi sakta Q K wo janta hai k Muhammad P.B.U.H sirf hamare hi nahi un k bh nabi or dunia ka ki mazhab ho har mazhab main ALLAH 1 hai or Muhammad P.B.U.H ALLAH k nabi hain or har mazhab k admi ko un par imaan lana chaye chahe wo sikh jews budhist ye koi bh ho har mazhab ki kiyaab mai yahi likha hai. Aam admi ko pata ho ya na ho.

  • well thats a good move from the internet giant google. We all hate racism.
    @funny pictures and Pk: guys take it easy. no one should disrespect others religion.
    PS: if u still want to access blocked stuff then you should use TOR.

    [Comment Edited]

  • instead of removing the movies and its clips , google is blocking its access to some countries and let reast of the world see it ,
    while they remove videos of specified types but not this type of video???

  • ye to hota rahay ga jub tak hamari govt waqai koi deserving aur educated nhn aati . china pay aik baar pabandi lagai thi google ne , china ne apna search engine tyaar kur daal ! isya kahtay hain QOM . hum log to soi hui qom hain aur milli naghmo ki had tak hum zinda qom hain !
    zinda qomen namoos e risalat pay action k waqt t20 matches nhn dekha karti hain !
    wassalaam .

  • Bh0ht Afs0s Ki Bat Lanat He Un Kamen0n 1 Lakh bar jin Ny Ye Film Bnai He , Nice Bat K U Tube Blocked H0gYA jb Tk Ye Film Delet Na Ki Jae Youtube Sy Tb Tk Open Na Krein Wrna Hm Hak0mat Ka Nuksan Krengy Bh0ht Dfa aise Gutya harkten Hwe ,

  • americans:jinhon na humaray islam k baray main aise movie banaye ha allah ais movie ko banay walay aur internet per upload karnay walon ka barah gark karay aur unhain ais dunia main ibrat nak moot dain takay dunia ka sub logon k lie ibrat ban jye unhain pata chal jye k allah k payaray habib Hazrat Muhammad (saw)k baray main aise bahuda movie bananay walon k injam kia hota ha allah pak main aun logon k lie budwa karta hon k aisay insano ko nist-o-naboot karain takay ayinda ka bad aisa kabi koi nahe kar sakay ameen sumameen. Pakistan (Wah Cantt)

  • “However, efforts are not considered enough since the film is being
    replicated on YouTube servers and hundreds of copies are being produced
    on daily basis.”

    The thing is, when you request YouTube to block 1 video, they have a automatic system, that will block all the videos similar to that video you have requested.

    So even if copies are being produced on daily basis, they will get blocked automatically.

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