Bring a Friend to wi-tribe to Win Rs. 500

wi-tribe-logowi-tribe has introduced “circle of friends”, a unique opportunity for customers to invite friends to use wi-tribe and get discount on your monthly line rent.

wi-tribe says that there’s no limit on referring friends and getting the discount.

One referral can win you Rs. 500 off on your monthly line rent.

Existing wi-tribers can benefit from this service in three simple steps:

  • invite friends to join the wi-tribe family through
  • A wi-tribe representative then contacts the friends to confirm their coverage area and provide them with the broadband device.
  • Once the friends start using wi-tribe services, the wi-triber inviting them enjoys Rs. 500 off on theirmonthly line rent.

With no limit to the number of friends a customer can invite, every new friend invited to the tribe will give the existing wi-triber a discount on their monthly line rent.

So as circle of friends enjoying wi-tribe’s reliable, high speed internet grows, so do the discounts.

  • What does that mean? Discount for just one month or forever? It can’t be.. but this is what can be inferred from the article. :S

    • For one month only. You can avail multiple discounts in one or multiple months (such as Rs. 1500 for bringing three friends).

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