Anti Islam Film and Dual Standards of the Western World

Dual FaceDual Standards of western nations is nothing new or unknown to the world. We have discussed this before that how differently and strictly they deal with situations that harm their own beliefs but they will show utter disrespect for situations that hamper Muslim beliefs.

Under the umbrella of “Freedom of Speech and Press”, the west will allow any kind of content regardless of how disrespectful it is for Muslims or how much hatred and unrest that content could cause in Muslim world. But the content (can be video, drawing or images) will not be removed because doing so will curb their “Freedom of Speech”, for which west is so proud of.

But, same “West” will get so seriously involved and provoked if topless pictures of their princess are published somewhere because such acts are considered shocking, disrespectful, crossing the line, absolutely shameless and particularly indecent to the Royal Family. Same west will in fact take such a publisher to court in the respect of their monarchy to get the publisher fined and possibly the imprisonment too for the disgrace that he/she has caused for their Royal Family. And by the way, all this will never come under “Freedom of Speech and Press”.

Just to clarify, before I move forward, I am not advocating the the publication of pictures. But rather I wanted to make a point that publication of such pictures is being challenged legally, despite all the slogans of “Freedom of Speech and Press” that are chanted by the west.

Talking specifically about the movie, which mocks Islam and Holy Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H). YouTube said that this video in question doesn’t violate its community guidelines and will not be removed from the website, despite the fact that White House had itself to request the Google, the parent company of YouTube, to reconsider whether the video had violated YouTube’s terms of service or not.

Just to add, YouTube’s Terms of Services or community guidelines, under which the website operates, are available here.

I will pull a section from these guidelines for your review here:

We don’t permit hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity).

YouTube community guidelines further explain the term “Hate Speech” as following:

“Hate speech” refers to content that promotes hatred against members of a protected group. For instance, racist or sexist content may be considered hate speech. Sometimes there is a fine line between what is and what is not considered hate speech. For instance, it is generally okay to criticize a nation, but not okay to make insulting generalizations about people of a particular nationality.

So apparently, as it seems, over two dozen deaths and millions of Muslims protesting over the video clip is not considered as a “Hate Speech” and YouTube (or Google) isn’t really convinced that video is spreading hatred amongst the humanity.

However, the same company, i.e. YouTube, removed a series of 10 animated movies just earlier this year which it thought came under “Hate Speech” and guess what, these animated videos were about Holocaust Denial.

Here is the complete report about the removal of these Holocaust Denial Clips.

There are countless other examples available when YouTube removed video clips because it were hurting their own beliefs, despite they allow “Freedom of Speech”, meaning that anyone could say, draw or paint anything.

Just to add here, there are laws for Holocaust Denial in at least 20 countries (including Israel) where you could be charged for denying Holocaust. Even in United States, local state laws can be used to prosecute blasphemy and Holocaust Denial.

So anything against Holocaust will come under “Hate Speech”, or anything against the Royal Family will be rated as indecent but anything against Muslims will come under “Freedom of Speech and Press”.

What kind of a world we are living in, I leave it to you to decide.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • Muslims should not get emotional to the extant of violance, please agitate under the boundries defined in Islam, our Govt. should have reacted in such a passion that Western World would get a message loud and clear.

      Dr. Amir Liaquat has addressed with the rally Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah

      • Truly written. Muslims must not cross ethical and social limits. Isn’t it amazing that we uses their developed technology and social medias…and speaks against them in such worst manner. Are there no black sheep in our own people? We must not forget that double standards are very common in us than them. If we are really serious to get respected then we must excel in science and technology. Build good repute in the world and then show our attitude… showing attitude having nothing in hand is simply madness.

  • very good article.
    Thats the different standards they are using against us.
    i feel as a muslim world or community we have no guts, (i am talking about the governments here).
    Where is OIC ??? We are not even gathered at any platform. Where as the janta of the muslim world is protesting. and the governments are jst sleeping by jst blocking the youtube.
    the governments should hold oic meeting. declare this act as an evil act and demand strict action.

  • Aamir Atta bahi chaa gay hain aap. MashAllah bhot hi achi aur bhot khoobsurat content likha hai apne. mazaa aa gya hai perh ker.

    dil bag bag ho utha hai. I will email you a video regarding this a women was taken and arrested by police in live assembly in U.S Parliment because she was speaking about innocent people being killed through drone attacks.

    She was dragged by police and wo kalu bandari she was like puting her han over her mouth… will email you soon. inshAllah

    ok ok I got the address here it is

    all are same videos but replicated so that if they delete one link it available on other.

  • good today every one say that world is now global village which simply means no civilization no culture no religion just a secular global village thats why they created a ;freedom of speech; when ever they create a cartoons or films instead observing silence from muslim world they observe strong condemns
    simple is that we are muslims we have a faith we cant allow them in this kind of global village to insult them our Holy Prophet PBUH if they do so solution is Jihad in ki gardan ura do fitna khtam ho jae or deen sab allah hi ka ho jae

  • Well said Amir Bhai and nice Research.

    Actually all the media including big net companies are controlled by Jews and their black underground communities and organizations and I think google is one of them. They collected millions of dollars from the jewish donors for this movie.

    So obviously they wont remove this movie from youtube.

  • Same was the case when Qaddafi (Libyan Ruler) was killed by the people Obama said that it public reaction.

    Now when his Ambassador killed in Libya, I said that these are Muslim fundamentalists/terrorists.

    Infact a very nice article. Keep up the good work Aamir

  • Yaar article tu theek hey but why you are expecting this from youtube? Yeh bhi Musalmano ki hi shaan hey key insaaf ka mamla hey tu saggey baitey ko bhi 70 lashes laga diye. Bhai yeh jews hein, its their property. Why would they go against their nation or nation’s interest? Why we are expecting from them to do justice? WHY?

    Why we just can’t hit them back where it hurts? I am not talking about violence? Why we have to use youtube all the time? There are many alternatives even in the same domain? Just a few days ago another article here mentioned about Google seeing Pakistan as a 52billion something market for them. Imagine what kind of market the whole Muslim Nation would be. A boycott on that level would sure take them on their knees. no?

  • Very well written Aamir bhai.

    We need to such responses to these injustice. But unlike you, other Pakistani “English writer/bloggers” will not protest but will only criticize “some” violents events happened during the protest.

    About this issue,its fact that if we did a very good protest against Facebook earlier, this step was not going to happen.

    But against facebook we used “if and buts”, and now some people are using same logics for youtube.

  • In Nutshell..Muslim world should unite again.. but its not possible.. hum log ab different FIQA mein divide ho gai hain. So, The Jewcwill continue to dominate us.. Next Year there will be another new film.. thats for sure..

  • Biased stupid and lame article

    I really wish amir would make this site the tech site its supposed to be instead of a political and religious one
    Btw just for the record the person who made the movie is currently under investagition and all those who died were killed by there own not the film maker if muslims wanted to make a stand towards the video they could have easily taken the man incharge to a world court or used political pressures to stop this non sense but sadly muslims these days just want to vandilize and destroy public property

    And if we look at the rules and guides provided by islam we would find that any action that endangers another human is illegal, so all those who protested are indirectly and directly responsible for the troubles caused for the millions who use the roads dailly they have blocked. So kindly rewrite the article and discuss who the real culprits are

    • Thanks Anas for the feedback, however you missed the point – I am not asking someone to take the responsibility of deaths.

      My question, if you feel appropriate to respond, is that how will you justify Holocaust denial as “Hate Speech”, or topless pictures of Royal Family as indecent and why both the cases shouldn’t come under “Freedom of Speech and Press”?

      • Because we tend to destroy public property instead of looking into the law and punish the culprits

        I know the islamic law states that such a person should be executed but thats not possible considering that hes in a country where there are different laws but if im not wrong if a petition is filed under the harasment/discrimination law then youtube will have to take the video down
        But we are busy destroying our own property

        Btw ITCN 2012 has started i thought you would be covering the event

        • I am not asking if the video will be taken down or not or the damages these protests are causing, or the punishments or the laws?

          Sawal Channam, Jawab Gandum… Sorry for relating this phrase here. But again if you could look at comment above and question that was raised.

          For your reference, here’s the question again: “How will you justify Holocaust denial as “Hate Speech”, or topless pictures of Royal Family as indecent and why both the cases shouldn’t come under “Freedom of Speech and Press”?

          • Simplr because what happened with the dutchess of cambridge is gonna give the journalists the right too shoot anyone anyway they like so they had to be punished
            While the holocast well if u want to progress then u have to remember your past and considering how few jews are they have to keep themselves as the victims of the so called event to gain sympathy from the world

            now if u study both the cases they used the legal approach so why cant muslims take the route they took, instead of destruction

            • If your justification is to be believed then:

              – Allowing anti-Islam films will pave way for other film producers to mock your God and my God (i am assuming you are not atheist) and they will make movies to mock holocaust. So, according to your stance, allowing one freedom will ignite further hatred.

              – We can approach legally, but as mentioned in the post above – their decision makers consider things against Muslims as “Freedom of Speech” and not as offensive.

              Just to give you an example, Azhar Ahmed, 19, is charged when he updated his Facebook status as “all soldiers should die and go to hell”, when six British solders had died in Afghanistan. The court said that his communication was “derogatory” and “inflammatory”.

              Complete story is available here:

              I am wondering, how in this world this blasphemous movie isn’t derogatory and inflammatory?

              And if you are wondering, legal way was adopted by many but here’s what happens: German court OKs use of Prophet Muhammad pics at upcoming far-right rally

              Story is available here:

              I am amazed that you still don’t agree that west demos double standards and you will still call this article biased.

              • I have been trying to find an authetic hadith or quranic verse that has a punishment for people who commit such crimes but i failed to do so

                to answer your first question well my friend its simple u dont fight with a madman instead you show them what the reality is, there was a lady who converted to islam after the taliban kidnapped and then released her

                The second part well the laws are different everywhere and i havent seen the movie so i cant really say what grounds have youtube used to host it even thou the us government asked it to reconsider the matter

                And even if the laws say that youtube can host it legal actions can be taken to take it down, if every muslim in the world wants it taken down then even the laws cant help it

                On azhars case well my friend pakistan too has the same law, because you wont support them who would lol the soilders are there fighting for you not for themselves thou its a vast debate n im sure they arnt actually for us

                Regarding the german ruling well its a very different kind of state its some what communist so obvsly they allow such things, china banned fasting in ramadan n to make sure that people didnt fasted a lunch was introduced in schools where every kid was supposed to eat and officials were told to make sure that there subordinates didnt fasted by offering food in the day to those who are muslims

                Well to end thid argument i would just say its better for muslims to grow out of this frenzy of hyping up and crying over dual laws and shit, if the laws arent perfect change them and if the law makers are biased then bring someone else. If we would have studied islam and learned from our past we wouldnt have been the ones who are ridiculed, islam tells us to gather and then strike its a religion which doesnt discriminates, so instead of showing the world how stupid we are why dont we show the world what Prophet (pbuh) truly was and how by insulting him the people are actually destroying themselves

                Im not an optimistic person but i do one thing if half of muslims in the world started following the true islam the world would be forced to bow down to us

                • I have been following this conversation between Anis akram and the admin.Well u quoted the right phrase chana gandum wali..Well this article above potrays the true image of West..their dual standards And Mr.Anis is constantly trying to steer away from the main point.How Muslims should protest and how they should lead their lives is entirely a new debate and on that very issue we can go on and on..We r talking about west here who claims to be the most cultured civilication and talking about their government who is still reconsidering the matter…huh!! They are trying to pretend as if they r so helpless.What else is it if not their double standards when it comes to issues related to Muslims.

  • in my opinion 3rd world war ke liye mulims ki pulsese ko chek kia ja rha hy. is qism ki videos ko jari kr ky response check krty hein jews. kitni amani gharit baqi hy. kai jews ne to makka aur madina me attomic bomb use krny ki bat b ki.

    mery khiyal se yahodi apny world order ko fully implemnt krny ky liye muslims world ko apny liye threat samjhty hein. aur anqreeb world wide war b ho gi. lekin abe us ke liye munasib waqt ni samjhty kyu k abe b Allah ke Rasol ki mohabat dilon me mojad hy.

    • You wrote “abe b Allah ke Rasol ki mohabat dilon me mojad hy”

      Jin ki aap baat kar rahe hain unhon ne Rasool (P.B.U.H.) ki taalimaat ka zara bhi khayal nahe kia, sirf naam le kar apne he logon ko naqsan de raha hain. Kya yehi hay mohabbat k apne mehboob ki baat na mano aur us ka naam le le kar violence karte raho?
      Islam aqal ka deen hay, jehalat k andheron ko khatam karta hay, but practically we are not following Islam and doing what is expected from Jahil…

  • They are arrogant due to their materialistic development. They think. What they do that is right.

    Internally they do not like Muslims and Muslims are dying to following their culture which shows their complex.

    Kindly stop following them. Lets get back to our holy values. ALLAH عزوجل will return the respect we have lost.

  • Dear Admin it’s a great artical.
    Meri English achi nai so urdu ma type kr rha hoon.
    Ye sab Allah dekh rha ha k us k piyaray Prophet (P.B.U.H) k baray ma kia kiya ja rha ha …
    Or hum muslims us ka kiya response de rhay hain. mera khyal se all world main Protest ho rha ha (against this thing) or kuch logon ko is ki is ki parwah b nai ha..
    I think that’s an offer of Jihad by Allah.
    and we must say labaik ..

    يا رب! دل مسلم کو وہ زندہ تمنا دے
    جو قلب کو گرما دے ، جو روح کو تڑپا دے

  • The argument that topless pictures be less decent that the movie being talked about is just ridiculous. To even compare them is stupid I guess.

    Though I do agree with the dual standards of media and governments regarding the holucast and all. BUT, its just stupid, and degrading your self at the same time, to the standards the guy displayed in the movie, if one is reacting to that movie. If a mad man abuses you, you don’t start a fight with him, you ignore and move on.

    Its just because of the ‘Muslim’ reaction the movie gained traction, I am 100% sure if you, I, and others will just stop talking about it, it will go into the dustbin in a few days.

    So many people being killed over a pathetic movie like that, just goes to tell how illiterate most of us are. Again, if a mad man abuses you, you don’t start a fight with him, you ignore and move on.

    • Do they ignore the holocaust denier? and move on?

      Did they ignore the paparazzi and publisher for the publication of pictures and moved on?

      • >Do they ignore the holocaust denier? and move on?
        Aamir bhai, I said, I agree to this point and the dual standards of the west on this. They are just shams. But if a mad man jumps into a pit, we don’t follow him. If I were to get upset about what each and every person on earth had to say about my religion and my Prophet (PBUH) I would have a heart attack and die, hence my statement about moving on.

        >Did they ignore the paparazzi and publisher for the publication of pictures and moved on?
        Its only fair to charge him with defaming, I am sure it was the right thing to do, don’t you? If not there will be a trend of people shooting pictures nude pictures of someone and everyone and start posting online and in magazines. Its illegal in any society.

  • whenever western world do something wrong its nothing in western eyes and they don’t follow the rules which they made for whole of the world specifically talking about youtube they make rules to follow i guess just for Muslims not for Christians Jews and Hindus and the criteria of youtube and Facebook spam is not upto mark.

  • I m not a scholar but i guess everyone knows of the women who used to throw garbage on the Holy Prophet (pbuh) but when she got sick the Prophet (pbuh) went to her house and when she found out that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) has came she thought He (pbuh) is there to kill her but instead He(pbuh) was there to inquire about her well being……. Its an old story but it has a message in it, instead of protesting we should have showed that person what the Prophet (pbuh) truly preached and taught which might have resulted in that film makers conversion to islam or saved a lot of innocent lives that are now lost due to foolish decisions taken by the so called leaders of islam i.e the jahil mullahs and aalims

    • This is exactly what I am talking about, why give something that stupid, our time and our energy let the dumb guy be happy at what he does and die and then face the consequences.

  • I agree with the article about dual standards. Specially in case of holocaust. However the example of princess is not comparable. That trail was successful on the grounds that it was breach of privacy and not because publishing those pictures was disrespectful.

  • I have a simple question. Why don’t you make a youtube alternate only for muslims and similarly a search engine targeted for muslims. when their intelligence agencies can make a social media why can’t our intelligencies do the same thing???? Make them all for muslims and declare them halal, i bet they will not repeat this kind of childish behaviour. get all your servers hosted in China or Russia or somewhere else so they don’t even touch your websites. then see how well they will really behave. it does not take a rocket scientist to build these kinds of website any more. and by the way there is a muslim social media netweork in malaysia or indonesia in the process of launch only meant for muslims. so things are going to change inshallah. :) .

  • “Freedom of Speech and Press” advocates must also know about the “empathy”

    —- “Empathy is the capacity to recognize feelings that are being experienced by another sentient ”

    Wicked Youtube management must read

    Double standards examples

    ہٹلر کیفے، اسرائیلی سفیر ناراض

    India’s ‘Hitler’ stores spark outrage

  • Government of Pakistan announced to celebrate Friday, 21 September, 2012 as ” Youm E Ishaq RASOOL (S.A.W.S). I appeal to every Pakistani that make your best (peaceful and legal) contribution to mark this day successful and memorable in history and to get maximum out of this day. Our Aamir Attaa bhai and all other webmasters should also make their contribution.

  • Can anybody provide me logical reason(s) for killing a person who has committed blasphemous acts against our Prophet (PBUH)? Don’t take me wrong I need this for some debate.

    • Tumhari girl-friend say koi zara si baat bhi karlay to tum uski jaan kay peechay par jaatay ho,,,yeh to phir hamaray Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) hain.

      • So, thats the logic.
        I won’t kill anybody if someone abuses my girlfriend or whomsoever. Of course, I would be offended and I may take the person to court but neither any court nor me would have the right to hang this person.
        Please, read the question carefully.

          • So, that means this is one part of religion for which we have no logical explanation for death penalty.
            This means if any non-Muslim asks for clarification in this area (and his acceptance of Islam rightfully depends upon this question) and all we have to say is answer doesn’t exist.

            So, this means anybody can refute Islam. This means Islam is not a perfect religion since answer for this crucial question doesn’t exist.
            This means we cannot defend punishment of a person who has committed blasphemy under our Islamic laws.

  • You are talking about apples and oranges, a photo of someone is a privacy matter while an opinion of someone is a freedom of speech. All photos of me are my property unless i give permission, if you take a photo of me and publish it somewhere, regardless of its content, i can sue you for it.

    This film is an opinion of a retarded person who is enjoying watching Muslims kill each other. Its not even a film man, there are hundreds videos like that out there and they are all insignificant unless we Muslims make it a big deal about it. Just like we cant blame the entire Muslim world for the actions of few extremist terrorist, we can’t blame the entire west for the actions of literally ONE guy. Now many more retards are going to join him to mock Muslims for their irrational self destructive behavior.

  • All good but (and in this case a huge one) this is exactly the reaction that they wanted to achieve.

    They have double standards…. everyone knows that. Clear example is of veto power in UN from a single permanent member and all these permanent members want democracy and freedom for rest of the world.

    Question is if you do exactly what they plan to achieve from such silly attempts (that we are doing actually) we achieve nothing. The better option in my personal opinion would have been what is proposed by Waqas above. Had some top Ulemas knocked the door of the movie maker with gifts and books about the prophet it would have created a better perception of Islam. They’re really worried about the fast spread of Islam in their countries and what better way to tarnish the perception of Islam than this kind of reaction from us?

    On a side note, I think a law is only applicable on someone who is within the jurisdiction of it, so that would be on a Muslim be he/she anywhere in the world or anyone living in a muslim country. This may be debatable by knowledgeable persons but just stating my understanding of the situation.

    Ending with these ash’ars of Iqbal;
    Yaqeen mahkam, amal paiham,Mohabbat fateh-e-alam;
    Jehad-e-zindgani men Hain yeh mardon ke shamsheeren

  • Like Kamran said, the comparison between the royal photos and the anti-Islam movie is false – the ban was based on privacy violations and not on freedom of speech laws.

    The comparison between the removal of the anti-Holocaust videos from YouTube and the failure to remove the anti-Islam movie appears to have some validity. However, YouTube is a company and not a government organization, and therefore they have the right to refuse service to anyone they wish – regardless of “freedom of speech” rights granted by law. They chose to refuse service to the folks who posted the anti-Holocaust videos but have not yet refused service to the person who posted the anti-Islamic video. Does it mean they are showing bias and a double-standard…quite possibly. You are welcome to complain about their failure to enforce policy in an equitable manner, and could probably even take them to court over it and just might win. The anti-holocaust videos were removed because of “requests” from a reputable organization – the Islamic world might want to try copying such behaviors and see if it makes YouTube (and the western world in general) more inclined to want to help in the future. Bias on the part of YouTube does not mean, however, that the western world at large, and the United States government specifically, enforces the freedom of speech laws (LAWS, not corporate policy) unequally. I doubt the US government could have forced YouTube to remove the anti-Holocaust videos – YouTube chose to do so because someone asked nicely. There’s a difference between corporate policy and law. If you want to convince YouTube to help you out, you might try sweet-talking them instead of threatening the lives of people who might be their friends and family.

    Children often practice insulting each other, and a common response is to mockingly sing “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” The lesson is that the best response to insults is to mock the person trying to insult you by reminding them that words can’t hurt you. Large portions of the Islamic world apparently never learned that lesson. Until that lesson is learned, the Islamic world is going to be easy prey for those who want to use Islamic violence as an excuse to come in and take over for their own purposes. There are far better, far more effective ways to protest garbage like that video, ones that won’t make the Islamic world look like the bad guys.

    • >YouTube is a company and not a government organization, and therefore they have the right to refuse service to anyone they wish

      And they use (and will always use) this right to insult Muslims.

      >You are welcome to complain about their (YouTube) failure to enforce policy in an equitable manner, and could probably even take them to court over it and just might win.

      This is what your Courts do:

      >The anti-holocaust videos were removed because of “requests” from a reputable organization

      How shameful that one organization is considered reputable while 1 billion Muslims are nothing compared to it.

      >I doubt the US government could have forced YouTube to remove the anti-Holocaust videos – YouTube chose to do so because someone asked nicely.

      US Government doesn’t control YouTube, how interesting – especially when they control other corner of the World but not an organization with-in their border. You probably need to read this: and countless other pieces to establish a connection.

      > you want to convince YouTube to help you out, you might try sweet-talking them instead of threatening the lives of people who might be their friends and family.

      No one is threatened, everyone was rather reporting the video. That’s the nicest possible way of Asking Youtube – I believe.

      • The Executive branch of the US government (President, etc) DO NOT CONTROL COMPANIES in the US. Give me an example of a president forcing a company to do anything. Link to a press item.

    • Keep in mind that if you post Anti-Holocoust videos, it will likely be taken down. But if an Islamic scholar posts an anti-Jewish video *based on teachings of Quran and Sunnah* it will be accepted.

  • Dear all , I have an idea. Why we should fight the whole western world? Instead, first of all we should boycott Google and all its sister comapnies like youtube and others. Also, most importantly their Android. All the muslim world should stop purchasing android handsets which is their most profitable thing. Think about it.

  • Very nice article. I believe we will continue to see such incidents unless something is done at OIC (and then UNO) level to stop such stuff.

    There are many things that can be presented as per west’s double standards but I think what you presented should be enough for those believes in equality.

  • I 100% agree with this post. We should do work really hard and in a proper way to come up economically, socially and morally. Then we will be able to defeat them.

    • If your goal is to defeat them, you have already lost. Your goal should be to help ourselves. Whether they are defeated or not is just a side effect.

      And in a world with just over 1 billion Muslims and a total population over 6 billion people, you’re not going to defeat them.

  • ‘And in a world with just over 1 billion Muslims and a total population over 6 billion people, you’re not going to defeat them.’

    Totally agree

  • You have answered your own question. As you say’ ” We have discussed this before that how differently and strictly they deal with situations that harm their own beliefs but they will show utter disrespect for situations that hamper Muslim beliefs.”
    Isn’t it logical? Because in Muslim countries, Muslims control the situations that harm Muslims own beliefs and show utter disrespect for situations that hamper others beliefs. (I can’t know for the life of me how the words ‘harm’ and ‘hamper’ fit here, by the way)
    For example, you have this blasphemy law that puts people to death for ‘blaspheming’ against your faith and prophet, but you haven’t got any such death sentence for those who may ‘blaspheme’ against Hinduism, Christianity or any other religion. So you are protecting your own interests here in Muslims countries, and then you expect from non-Muslim countries to keep your interests above theirs/ If anything, this is double standard. Try to analyze issues with an open mind and unbiased position.

  • Hi there,

    I am English, and not a muslim. I’m not particularly politically affiliated – I’m not a fan of the “system”, I’m a man of peace, love and the easy life : )

    I can’t talk for the double standards of press or anything like that, but what I can give you is the straight views of I guess the people that make up England/the UK. Lots are like me, not so passionate about religion or politics (each to their own) but the train of thought is put simply:

    Lots of very innocent people died because of a YouTube video.

    Thats how we see it. People lost their lives, people fought. Because of a YouTube video. We don’t even know who posted it.

    Because we aren’t politically or religiously motivated, we don’t understand it. And while I personally DO understand the reasons, the whole situation doesn’t compute with me. The poor people who were killed in a blind retaliation. Thats all we’re hearing this side.

    I wish you all the best, and hope this calms down.


    Loving Englishman

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