Indian Hacker Claims to Have Compromised KSE and Pak Army Websites

website-hacked[1]An Indian Hacker has claimed to have penetrated into Karachi Stock Exchange and front end of official website of Pakistan Army, though we were not able to verify these claims from independent sources.

Hacker, who wants to be called as Godzilla a.k.a. G.O.D, has published the database information of both the websites, which he claims to have dumped (made a copy of databases and downloaded them with him on local machine).

It is feared that company details and private email addresses of handlers at KSE is compromised. It is still unclear how many records were leaked during this penetration.

Currently KSE website is opening fine while Pak Army Website greets users with an application error message.

It merits mentioning here that Pakistan Army website penetration is unlikely to reveal any critical information, while on other hands Karachi Stock Exchange is believed to have stored critical user and company information which is now exposed to a hacker.

More information about the penetrations can be accessed by clicking following links.

  • KSE DB Dump info
  • Pakistan Army DB Dump Info

Thanks Hamza Tariq for tipping

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