Ufone Launches Nano SIMs in Pakistan

Nano Sim Launch

Ufone today announced to have made Nano SIMs available in Pakistan, in real, to cater the needs of iPhone 5 enthusiasts.

In a statement issued today, Ufone said that it has become the only operator to launch the Nano SIM yet. Unlike the micro SIM which was used for the iPhone 4 and 4s the iPhone 5 works on a special sized Nano SIM which cannot be adapted from a regular SIM.

Ufone Nano SIM’s will be available in selected customer service centers in Islamabad, Lahore & Karachi. Ufone said that Nano SIMs will be sold at the price of regular SIMs, i.e. Rs. 100 per Nano SIM.

The specification of the Nano SIM is quite different. Not only is it smaller, it’s 12 percent thinner from 0.76 mm to 0.67 mm. iPhone lovers in Pakistan are already anticipating the arrival of the new product from Apple and Ufone is determined to cater to every need of its valued customers.

Akbar Khan, Chief Marketing Officer said,”Ufone takes pride in introducing the latest and most unique value added services and the new SIM adaptation is the right move for the company’s growth strategy,” adding, “iPhone 5 will give a clear advantage to Ufone customers as they will be the privileged ones in Pakistan to enjoy iPhone way ahead of others.”

    • کیسے بھئی؟ موبلنک تو اس سے پہلے ہی نینو سم متعارف کرا چکا ہے۔

      • they have just announced but its not avaliabe on any one their CS Centers till now … SAEEN … THINK :)

  • why are companies introducing nano sim when iphone is not yet officially introduced here? this introduction by these companies only acknowledges the fact that phones are being imported through unauthorised channels.

    • @facebook-100002128662304:disqus i challenge u chk all the network internet speed Ufone will be the winner …

    • saray pagal already mobilik telenor or zong use kr rahay hain. Jo bachay hain unhay thori sens hai iss liay wo ufone use karay gay.

  • Guys, Mobilink has already introduced / Launched Nano SIMs couple of days back.
    Check with any Mobilink CS Centre or Helpline 111.

    • i have checked with Mobilink Customer Service Representative on Call and he dnt know what the hell Nano SIM is ….

    • yes we checked the Customer sales representative was unaware of the new product and we have shared our views on the last story of Propakistani as well

  • whatever? network is 2G.whats use of iphone 5. people who buy iphone 5 in pakistan are the most stupid ones

    • i thought that PTA was about to issue licenses for 3G and 4G LTE in Pakistan at one point. What happened to it? You guys still using 2G. Its gonna suck on iPhone5, man!!!

    • Really? Try playing a high-end game or using a resource-hogging app on that iPhone 2G of yours, and lemme know how that works out for you. :)

    • Galaxy s3, Nokia lumia, Note 2 all are also 4g, so it means if we are in pakistan we shouldn’t buy these phones? there are plenty of other features also for what people bought a smart phone.

  • Gathering of top management at launching ceremony of Nano SIM looks like inauguration ceremony of some hydro-electrical system OR launching of missile (Big Boss is going to press “launch” button) lols :D

    • hahhaahaha … i agree with not a big some atomic bomb launch but Nano SIM is the Future … and its called forward thinking ….

  • For those who already have iPhone5 they can cut their old full-size or microSIM cut out to make nano. I have did it with two of the SIMS and it works perfectly fine.

  • ooo ufone walon ye naye naye harkatein choro network ko sahi karo. awaz aaty nhi nano sim gand me lagao gay??

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