Mobile Internet Speed is Dependent on Your Smartphone

propakistaniWhen you have tried to use mobile internet of your phone company but ended up frustrating for receiving extremely low speeds, the fault might be partially of your mobile handset.

An expensive fancy phone does not always guarantee the best E-GPRS (EDGE) results. This brought me a welcome surprise during EDGE optimization contracts with one of Pakistan’s biggest cellular networks. Their mobile internet advertisement campaign is too rigorous, and for obvious reasons their respective authorities have been pushing the vendor (for better internet speeds) to utmost limits.

As opposed to voice data, packet data is dependent on the handset to a certain extent. One may expect the latest smartphones to be equipped with the entire required arsenal to give users the best mobile internet experience, but reality is, thus far, surprising.

As much as it depends on the mobile phone company, the maximum speed which a user can experience while using mobile internet, also depends on the user’s mobile phone. If you check in your handset’s specifications, there is an indication to the maximum speed it can entertain. Phone which can provide maximum speeds on mobile internet are, technically, termed as GPRS Multislot Class 30 and above supportive phones.

The “designed for humans” Samsung Galaxy S III fails to match the maximum possible downlink a mobile can sustain (as laid out initially by ETSI and now maintained by 3GPP). Last I checked, even Apple’s iPhone 4 has the same limitation. Precisely noticing, these devices can peak up to a date rate of 236 kbp/s on downlink in conditions where there are very few number of users, and the coverage is excellent.

Most of the vendors seem to have adopted the strategy to cloud this information from customers. The old friend, Nokia – however, displays it vividly and also has the maximum number of phones which can run, technically termed, GPRS/EDGE Multislot Class 30 and above. Taiwanese vendor HTC also has majority of its phones Class 30 compatible.

Cursorily noted, a few of the compatible phones:

Nokia: Nokia Asha 302 and above; Nokia N series, Nokia E series

HTC: Desire models; Incredible S; Salsa

In good conditions (as mentioned above), with these phones, one can have data rates more than that reached on home internet connection of 256 kbp/s. Knowing the maximum limits of your phone helps in knowing why applications like Viber and Skype do not run smoothly over mobile internet, only if one is curious.

  • Saif

    Agreed, but that is not relevant to Pakistani network conditions.
    You will NEVER EVER get download speed of ~230kbps if your network is providing you only ~10kbps.
    So here, in Pakistan, you have to go with 2.5G network’s lowest capability, whether you are using Iphone 5 / Galaxy Note II or some chinese duplicate.
    Keep slow surfing :)

    • i get 25kb/s on my zong using nokia 3110c with pc kb
      /s not kbps

    • kbps is low term of net speed like 1 mbps = 128kbs

  • Baki Batain chorren! Ye pic men hath and Mobile Aamir Bhai ka hai? =/

    • aamir7

      Nahi, na hath mera hay aur na hi mobile mera hay :-)

  • Ehmed Bukhar

    AAMIR BHAI Aj subha subha Kafi purana sms alert agya tha? …whats happeneing?

    • aamir7

      Sorry there was a glitch in the system, it won’t happen again.

      • ummad

        not even one sms last night late hours many of us received 3 4 old sms i also add here from many days not receiving sms updates

        • ehmed

          mein to khush hogya tha ke itni zyada new stories agayi lol

      • it happened to me as well bohat purane msg aye kal mjhe

  • Fooks

    Grow up ! Spend some money . Stop hating !

  • i agree with u with some extend but 80% depends on your network speed if they have edge enable

  • Fooks

    Stop posting crap info by unknown authors with no sources or relevance !!! These phones are designed for 3 g 4 g LTE networks not for crapy edge services in pakistan . Yet they selling like hot cakes here , may be due to the trend of indulgences for nothing.

    You use them around a good wifi not the kind you are talking about you would wanna re write this useless post !!!

    Mobile Internet Speed is Dependent on Your SERVICE PROVIDER !!

    • Memon

      this unknown author is Aamir bhai himself

  • I have also notice that even though I’m using HTC Sensation on telenor but it also depends on the cellular towers because i some area the signal is excellent but there is data connect but it is just sending data and not receiving it. I have faced this issue on multiple areas. Sharing my experience.

  • Shariq

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  • Ufone, Zong ka EDGE to network dependent hay, kion kay sastay say sasta mobile bhi 12kb tak download speed day detay hay laiken Ufone ka EDGE 5KB say opar nahi jata aur Zong ka 8KB say opar nahi jata. Bay shak mehanga Android phone laga kay dekh lo. (ostan speed ke baat kar raha hon)

  • this guy is talking about stone age. It was in olden times. i was in high school when LG launched one of their mobile which had 2mb downloading speed. Our mobile internet providers are not providing the internet at very good speed. In sweden , you get 300Mb/s

  • Guest

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  • hussain bhai

    agreed pro pakistani 2.5g networks capability keep slow surfing

  • my gprs works perfectly fine with iphone 4 have no issue so far

  • fksysko

    O c’mon…i mean are u nuts. Get ur heads out of ur butts. How on earth can u benchmark network speeds/capabilities of handheld devices over the most pathetic mobile data networks in whole world operating in pakistan. This is insane to blame such outstanding devices like Samsung S3 etc. while connected to these networks.

  • Loveshakeh

    it depends on the area alone . I have ufone and blackberry 9780 i use internet on the go i have no blackberry services and i subcribe for 2gb internet . in my office edge speed is awesome when youtube was not blocked i used to see videos on it without any problem of buffering but this case is not the same in my house same edge same network but very slow speed even one of my co worker use ufone edge on his SE neo v ( andriod ) and it works perfect

  • what is the max speed for xperia s?

  • Kamran Khawaja

    I have checked telenor EDGE on both Samsung S III and Iphone 4S and the internet speed i am getting is 32kbs/sec and browsing is really really fast and good. I used mobilink sim on S III and Iphone 4S and the speed i am getting is 12kbs/sec. I here do not agree with this article.

    • Sana

      Yes you are right…gprs speed on mobilink is very slow on smartphones

  • M.Fahad

    It’s too soon to blame phones for not giving optimum speed .First all cellco’s should consider internet on the phone seriously improve their sevices . “naach na janay aagun tayra”

  • Yasir Latif

    yes, its depend on handset too. I was used htc then i owned Sony Xperia U.
    i can say Internet Browsing in Xperia is much better….

  • i agree, u r saying rite

  • No gsm network gave us really unlimited packages only some mb/day or some gb’s thats not enough data for any 3g device,
    in galaxy s3 or iphone5 gprs service look like a joke

  • abobobilly

    Actually its quite easy to check the complete specifications of a device.

    You see, MOST of the users who want to check a device’s specs, they will NEVER go to the Manufacturer’s official page.

    Wana see whats the FIRST result comes up with a google search when you search “Galaxy S3”? Its GSMArena’s …. interesting ‘eh? And its CLEARLY stated there the GPRS ratings for phones there.

    Now the reason not using higher ratings in their phones? Well … the FIRST and FOREMOST reason is … “They dont give a sh*t about 3rd world countries like Pakistan” … thats why.

    World is moving from 3G or 4G and THE LEAST they consider these days is HSPA+ (most developed countries that is) …

    So yeah, i dont really agree with this article.

  • umair

    NOKIA 5800
    GPRSClass 32EDGEClass 32SpeedHSDPA, 3.6 Mbps

  • Nadeem

    We had carried out sample drive test for data throughput for Mobilink and Telenor. Mobilink has major issues with the network quality and configuration. Although the same was presented to Mobilink management but unfortunately no one seems to have foresight to take it up and fix the issues identified, that too Free of Cost. Best data networks, based on my personal experience, are Warid and Telenor.

  • shahid khan

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  • shahid khan

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