HTC Unveils 5-inches J Butterfly with 1080 P Display

HTC J Butterfly

The widely rumored and oddly named HTC J Butterfly phone with 5 inch full HD display has now been made official. This is the world’s first smart phone with 1080 pixel display boasting sharper and delicious screen quality.

HTC J Butterfly, weighing 140 grams will sport a 5.0-inch, super LCD3 with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a startling pixel density of 440 ppi. LCD2 in HTC One X was considered as best panel in market but this new LCD3 is going to be our next champion in displays. Despite its hefty screen, the device is relatively slim at 9.5mm.

HTC J butterfly is powered with quad-core Qualcomm APQ8064 Snapdragon S4 processor having 1.5GHz. It carries 2GB of RAM with 16GB internal memory along with a microSD card slot. It will run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with 4 sense on top. However, HTC is promising battery of 2,020 mAH which seems enough but not sufficient for such a large display.

It has an impressive rear camera of 8 Mega Pixel at back with 1080 p video recording and a 2 Mega Pixel camera on the front.

Connectivity options for this device include HDMI out, microUSB, Infrared, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and NFC.

The new phone will be available in white, black, or red and will hit Japan in December this year. HTC has not announced yet its plan for releasing this super phone worldwide.

  • I can not Understand the HTC , Despite of making really impressive hardware they are struggling with sales and going in loss.. why is that ??

    • Yes, I personaly used the HTc sets and build quality is real good, the bad thing abt the HTC is, first they didn’t have any cheap sets which really helps to boost sales figure unlike Samsung which has so many entry level which fits for budget users and secondly from their first handset Desire till X series the farm factor is more or less similar.
      They need to bring some thing special to hit hard in the upper end market.

  • Also there is a typo “8 Mega Pixel at back with 180 p video recording” i am sure it is 1080p video

  • Are you guys gone mad with a non-removable battery and just 11 gb of user available storage is a super phone and calling it a beast what have gone wrong with you guys a game of gameloft takes atleast 11 gb of space and the battery of 2020 maH is nothing but a piece of crap will not work even a day. htc can not get higher marketing with these two main defects non removable battery and no sd storage. BTW i am a regular htc user and admire htc but this phone is not admirable with a price of 75,000 to 84,000 pkr. In comparison of this phone i will preffer u buying Lg optimus G with 3000 mah battery and amazing graphics and powerfull processor with lagless Performance

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