Exposed: Ministry of Finance Involved in Selling Web Links

Yes, Pakistan is undergoing tough economic conditions, no doubt about that. But we didn’t know that Government of Pakistan, and Ministry of Finance in specific, will get this serious in raising funds that it will start selling (high page rank, .GOV domain, extremely valuable) links to webmasters so openly.

This might sound sarcastic to you, but this is happening in real, no jokes. has sold four outbound links already. Go and check its footer yourself. Even worse, these links include Po*n and Viagra products, a shame for a government website to even have such words on its homepage.


Only a person with SEO expertise will understand the (search engine ranking) juice a government website with such high page rank can bring to his/her website. These are usually very lucrative links but the problem is that these government (of Pakistan) domains are official properties and no one should be able to sell links on these domains.

We are assuming that these outbound links aren’t sold officially and the money isn’t sent to national exchequer.

It appears that the webmaster is making extra bucks through sale of links on these government websites. Technically speaking, this is a chargeable and heinous offense.

We have said this before and I will repeat it again: Its time for the government of Pakistan to get real professionals to manage its web presence. Its now or never situation for them. Allah save our country!

Thanks Salman Baig for tipping us on this. Salman was offered a link too, on which he chose to report it instead of buying such valuable link.

Update: October 20th, 2012 is down now and giving 403 error.

Update: October 23rd, 2012 is back live now and external links, mentioned above, have been removed.

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  • M.Aswad Mehtab

    Actually government of Pakistan needs some professionals in Gov. All those current illiterate idiots know flying MOnkey about this stuff .. so people are taking full benefit..

    • salmanbaig0312

      Actually a government-developer can do this. No one have access of this website,

  • Not only ministry of finance, there are a lot of others as well. I did some research on gov. sites backlinks and posted the results here:

    Again these are just a few of them, if you need the full list gov sites back linking to other websites, let me know ;-)

  • an other shameful act by Government

  • Asif

    Can be a hacker?

    • Muhammad Anas Zafar

      Nope! go through the post properly

  • Abdul Ghaffar

    Look at the extra space entered so no can really crawl that far below and the titsy bitsy small font effort makes it even smaller and harder to find but people with SEO eyes will easily track them.



    • fksysko

      What PTA???. This is all happening under the safest umbrella of PTA my dear.

  • :( I clicked promo but opened porn site:( shame on You Paki Govrment

  • Asim

    OMG, they are selling hot stuff lolzzz

  • Khalid Irfan

    I think its not directly from Govt, its probably from the web master of the website or hosting company who could have access to this site and know about selling links.

  • I don’t think so Links are sold …. Just check this post that how easily acquire backlinks from Pakistan’s GOV websites:

    It might be because of FREE template / module / plugin utilization by the developers and software house who doesn’t aware the GOV link cost!

  • Wireless Internet Services

    whoever did this, it is so shameful

  • Shahzad

    Looks like site designer copy the template from some other site and forgot to remove the copyrights statement from the index page. He did remove it from other pages though :-)
    baat ka ba-tan-ger banana koi Amir se seekhay :-)

    • aamir7

      We have screenshot with us of the email from webmaster offering Links on homepage of this website.

      He is sending same offer to other members of DP forum.

      I can confirm that we didn’t make this story out of nothing.

      • Shahzad

        ok if you say so :-)

        • Muhammad Anas Zafar

          kiyun ji sorry nahi bolo gay Aamir bahi ko?

          • shahzad

            nahi ji nahi boloon ga :-)
            jub amir mera comment publish na ker ke sorry nahi bolta to main qu boloon :-) aik bar main ne aik comment kia jis se show hota tha ke propakistani ki reporting reliable nahi hai , to mera comment publish nahi howa :-)
            anyway, I still think ke having screen shots do not prove any thing :-)

            • fksysko

              I second you Anas. Propakistani should have been unbiased for negative comments as well. Things get more polished after having criticized.

  • Abdul Mannan

    I don’t think so links are sold there are a lot of GOV websites having loopholes due to utilization of FREE templates / CMS by the software houses and developers.

  • Aitazaz Ahsan

    Its Not…………
    YouTube Is Also Working In Pakistan For NEWS CHANNELS To Upload Their Videos.
    It Can Be Acessable With Direct YoutTube Link:

    Copy This Link And Try To See…

    Don’t Forget To Place ” HTTPS:// ” Before Link.

    • fksysko

      It can only be accessed via “HTTPS” my dear, videos wont play, at least that’s what I’ve experienced so far on most of the ISPs. Concerning News Channels, they usually use VPN tunnels to access blocked content.

      • Muhammed Ovais Alam

        and it’s a shame that those news channels are doing that when it was blocked officially.

  • salmanbaig0312

    Thanks alot sir for posting this.
    This is a extremely shameful act for us that a out-sider is selling a link on our “Government” Website. Pakistani government have to be serious about his issue.

    • Salman :) ROCKPAKI Ka link nahi nazar aarha ider :) ?

      • salmanbaig0312

        @facebook-100000039870255:disqus : Bro ye serious news thi to mene uska nae kaha :p next time zarur :)

  • idiots

  • موسوی

    جب انسان کو ہاتھ پلانے کی عادت ہوجائے نا تو پھر ایسا ہی ہوتا پاکستانی سیاست دانوں نے قوم کی عزت تک بیچ ڈالی ہے یہ حرام خور فضلہ خوری کے عادی ہوچکے ہیں ان کے جنتے بڑے جرائم ہیں ان کے سامنے تو یہ جرم نہایت معمولی سا ہے

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      بھائی یہ حرام خوری تو سنا تھا لیکن یہ فضلہ خوری کیا بلا ہے؟

  • kamran

    can’t belive. shame

  • Muhammad Anas Zafar

    The least that you can expect!!!!

  • Syed Danial Munsif

    CAN’T say anything Hackers do such things hacks a site include his/her links and go away

  • There are still sleeping no action has been taken as of yet. I think they damn care what people talk about them.

  • OO khairrrrrrrr :o

    aisi behoda websites ko dala howa hy
    propakistani py aany ky badd to ab tk hat jana chaye thaaa

  • Propak

    side pe dek lo web site k likha hai UKAID ,ab samajh jao jo pesay dey rahay hain ye un ki demand bhi ho sakti hai.UK aur USA AIDs ka asal maksad hi yahi hai pakistan main.

  • Abdullah

    what else you can expect from this so called ”’GOVERNMENT”’ ????

  • Anwer Baloch

    It was hard to believe news… But when I opened the site and then clicked the p**n link, I was almost dead with shame to call myself a Pakistani. What a shame earned for the people of Pakistan by this this ba****d bar**g D*g A**f Z**ri and his Re**n Ma**k. Shame Shame Shame.

  • Baghi

    What a hell!. Sb Nalaiq, Safarshi, Kam Choor, Nikhatoo, Haram Khor Log Bethy Hn Govt K Idaron Mn …….. Zardari-Ism and Mafia-Ism every where……… Wazeefy Khor Hain Sb…… Qabil aadmi ko koi nahi poochta…….. Worse than a hell……