Government Goes Brainsick, Asks Cellular Operators to Shut Down All Sales Channels

world-telecom-dayGovernment of Pakistan yesterday went to its limits to tell the world that they can do anything in any vector to show their incompetence.

They can not only nullify the corruption of hundreds of politicians and bureaucrats worth billions of dollars through NRO but they can also waste three years of this nation in just deciding if to write a letter to Swiss government or not.

As, Asad, the TV actor says, Pakistan is a place where a certified, convicted person can be president and those who build roads and bridges with taxpayers’ money reap the credit by publishing advertisements in newspapers – that again with public money. They use this tax money as their inheritance and act like dons of the worlds.

This is the same government that yesterday issued a directive to cellular operators to shut-down their sales channels, without thinking for a moment about millions of Pakistanis who will deprived of their food due to a mindless decision taken by a ruthless government.

Operators tell me that they were notified by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority yesterday to revoke all SIMs available in stock with franchisees and retailors and not to sell SIMs through these channels again after December 1st, 2012.

Operators tell me this decision, if implemented, will impact at least 500,000 retailors throughout the country that will go business-less and at least 10,000 employees at franchisees to go job-less. Major chunk of sales staff of cellular companies will remain on brink of losing jobs.

Accumulative total of at least 5 million Pakistanis will become food-less, if government’s this decision is implemented.

New customers’ acquisition will become absolute, and subscribers will have to wait for weeks to get new SIMs, as SIMs will be delivered to their CNIC addresses only. Those with difference current and CNIC addresses can expect further difficulty in obtaining new SIM.

Headquarters of cellular companies abroad (those who are real investors) are speechless at this aimless decision. They are clueless.

This decision, if implemented, will change the whole dynamics of cellular industry. The way it is supporting national economy, the investment, jobs, liaison, vendors, marketing and everything else will be impacted. This decision, if implemented, will kill the businesses.

Like Bibi said: Democracy is Best Revenge

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK