Overseas Pakistanis to Wait For Another Month to Get Relief On Call Charges

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

cellphoneOverseas Pakistanis, who are following Lahore High Court proceedings on ICH case, will have to wait for another month to possibly get relief on calls they make to their friends and family members in Pakistan.

In its latest hearing yesterday, Lahore High Court judge adjourned case till January 14th, 2013 when PTA counsel contended that federal government needs time to submit notification for withdrawal of International Clearing House a.k.a. ICH.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority was earlier (during last hearing) asked to produce the official document for withdrawal of ICH.

PTA counsel, in yesterday’s hearing, explained that the tax on international incoming calls was imposed on direction of federal government (or Ministry of Information and Technology). He said the tax had been withdrawn, however, he did not produce the notification.

LHC judge adjourned further hearing till January 14th, 2013 and asked the counsel to produce the notification along with a compliance report.

Overseas Pakistanis are waiting for the relief after they were burdened with three to four fold extra charges for making calls to Pakistan.

Interestingly, PTA had withdrawn ICH through a directive issued on December 4th, 2012, however, charges on international incoming calls were not reversed.

It merits mentioning here that additional charges on international incoming calls will be reversed only after the withdrawal of PTA’s directive that had increased call charges.

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    :( :(

  • ch.amir

    ppp ke jany ka wait hy jab tak ye log hain koi umeed nhi hy

  • Online Dress

    GReat work admin.

  • Sameer Ali

    Rates will not down after 14 January also. :)

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    I hate PPP and its supporters

  • Sameer Ali

    Ab dekho kon shaheed hota hay to ham sab log PPP ko vote dain or phirse upar bitha lain :)

  • RD

    I just hope rates come down. I can wait for one more month by talking for a few minutes with my loved ones.

  • Pakistani

    O Allah forgive us, uplift some one who can crush the corrupt peoples….

  • Mohammad Wisal

    Thank u Pro Pakistani for the up dating , one cant understand that the supreem court
    is saying easy and Fast Listening for the case but a lot of Over seas now think that Y in this case the court is not giving the decison and ask the PTA to produce the notice on the same hearing when they have increased the rates they may not need the for waiting or give time to the peoples that rates will be high from tomorow etc , but y Now every one understand that Courts are just wasting Time for saying Hello .

    • Sameer Ali

      Actually it is not Supreme Court who are hearing the case. It is Lahore High Court. Problem is PTA have played very well with legal team support. This game took around one year to plan. It is your good luck that Court is trying to solve this in months. Otherwise there was no chance.

      • Younus Ali

        14 Jan is passed and International call rates are same, please update Admin, tnx

        • Younus Ali

          before we are used to called for 50 AED UAE (12 hours) now just 1 hour and 50 minutes..

  • Mohammad Wisal

    The PTA chairman has a Fake degree holder and he needs to collect funds for his post too , also for Next election , May God Destroy and demolished the dreams and wishes for all those who make so much Hurdles and difficluties for any one who is against this Ilegal High Tax IMPOSED on the Incoming calls to Pakistan …… Ameen

  • guest

    The LDIs are still not going to start incoming calls and continue with ICH unofficialy because of the money and GOP pressure so that the GOP can listel to every phone call to outside pakistan. We are a police state with no privacy.

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    inshahllah rate will be down 14 jan

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    May God Destroy and demolished the dreams and wishes for all those who make so much Hurdles and difficulties for any one who is against this Legal High Tax IMPOSED on the Incoming calls to Pakistan……….

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    pahly $10 main 800 minute milty thy
    ab 60 minutes :(

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    all ppp leaders r phan chood bondo harmday doge apni bhan k yaay ha sallay

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