Telenor Pakistan Gets Hacked


Official website of Telenor Pakistan is reportedly hacked and defaced by a Xpired, a member of hackers’ group called “Cyberhax0rs”.

“You are owned by Xpired”, a pop up message appears on a page that has been inserted into the webserver of Telenor Pakistan. There is no other message displayed on the page, except for a security warning, which says: “Where is Security?”

You can access this page by clicking this link:

We assume that this page is going to get deleted shortly. [Yes, its removed now]

Xpired said that he hasn’t damaged any files or databases on Telenor’s server, instead he just wanted to warn Telenor Pakistan about the security flaws in their website. Moreover, he said that homepage or any other pages of website weren’t defaced or infected on purpose.

It maybe recalled that Cyberhax0rs — the same hackers’ group — had defaced PTCL’s official website, just recently, in similar manner.

In a related news, Telenor Pakistan is long struggling to bring back its Weblounge, an online facility for prepaid and postpaid customers to check their call activity, changing profile and other similar functions for their Telenor numbers. When we last checked, about two  month ago, Teleor had said that the portal is down for maintenance and will be back soon.

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  • Oh shoot!

    Now here we are talking about the Web Security Infrastructure of our big organizations like PTCL and Telenor who intend to have very good reputation in terms of following procedures and standards (or at least Telenor). Still it’s a fact that there is a lack of awareness probably about Organizational IT Infrastructure Security to Web security. Name any organization for that matter…

    I see it as lack of awareness rather than lack of knowledge.

  • I have started to like these hackers, I assume they will be the one in making Better Pakistan :) … correcting the companies to improve there strategies without any damage to there pages…nice…

  • Web Lounge has been down since October, whereas, the answer you get always is “under maintenance and will be up soon or shortly”. Where is consumer rights????

    At least google etc. is offering/providing a free of cost service round the clock and which is extravagantly used. Wanting to get even or with vengeance is another story! Where is the service which T’nor subscribers are paying for??

    • Strange that you say that. Google is famous for providing next to no customer service at all, even for their paid products. Search online (on google ha ha) and you will find lots of horror stories.

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