PTCL Gets Hacked, Again! [Updated]

PTCL Hacked

Official website of Telecom Giant, PTCL, was hacked today by a group of Pakistani hackers, claimed an email sent to ProPakistani by the hacker group itself.

Instead of defacing homepage or tempering any other live page on PTCL website, CyberHax0rs just inserted a page in root directory on the PTCL server, which can be accessed by clicking this link:



The injected file was immediately removed from the server successfully.


This is not the first time that PTCL is being hacked by local hackers, who have always asked the the company to increase its security, however, it appears that company has failed to deploy any betterments in terms of server security.

CyberHax0rs also left a message for PTCL in following way:

No Offense But PTCL should take their website serious. We are Not Gonna leak any database from it.

CyberHax0rs Team: Sho0ter, Net_Spy,N3t.Cracker,khanisgr8,xenon,Xpired

Clearly, hackers don’t want to do any damage to the company’s data, however, their intents may change if the security situation of PTCL’s website remains unchanged.