PTCL Gets Hacked, Again! [Updated]

PTCL Hacked

Official website of Telecom Giant, PTCL, was hacked today by a group of Pakistani hackers, claimed an email sent to ProPakistani by the hacker group itself.

Instead of defacing homepage or tempering any other live page on PTCL website, CyberHax0rs just inserted a page in root directory on the PTCL server, which can be accessed by clicking this link:



The injected file was immediately removed from the server successfully.


This is not the first time that PTCL is being hacked by local hackers, who have always asked the the company to increase its security, however, it appears that company has failed to deploy any betterments in terms of server security.

CyberHax0rs also left a message for PTCL in following way:

No Offense But PTCL should take their website serious. We are Not Gonna leak any database from it.

CyberHax0rs Team: Sho0ter, Net_Spy,N3t.Cracker,khanisgr8,xenon,Xpired

Clearly, hackers don’t want to do any damage to the company’s data, however, their intents may change if the security situation of PTCL’s website remains unchanged.

    • But the screen shot isnt the actual screen shot which it should be, i think the hacker just playing BLUFF or kind of blackmailing

  • Check and Balance..,, is the biggest need for our country..! not only in WWW but.. … in every thing..

    • * CUSTOMER’S * ( like us ) :D .

      i dont know what’s your problem with PTCL customer service/service. PTCL is the Best Broadband Provider (in my opinion). Use other services and then compare with PTCL. you’ll see the difference. BTW I”M NOT A PTCL EMPLOYEE .

      • Bro, don’t take it personally. Their service is absolute pathetic, and trust me I am their customer and previously I used MBL, Nayate in Islamabd. Unfortunately, I don’t have the option but PTCL right now in my area.

    • PTCL website is more secured than, PTCL team defended the website immediately, but google was hacked and it took more than 3 days to recover back. Pakistan is the best.

  • Old news. Even their databases are vulnerable. Why don’t they start a security department inside PTCL. Or they just have a setup to rob innicent people inPakistan with their lame products of internet with no speed at all.

    • was hacked and took two days to fix, PTCL fixed it in few minutes and didnt let the main site hacked, i think its big thing it shows that its more secure than the google lol. by the way PTCL have 95% broadband market share, i think all are fools except you LOL.

      • Do not embarrass yourself.’s servers were not hacked. DNS poisoning occurred due to PKNIC’s issues. Whereas in PTCL’s case, their web stack is vulnerable to attacks.

      • Well, I don’t know your parents taught you to use the slang language or it’s your own company. But we are talking about some serious issues here.

        I can still access there database LOL this is the level of security they have. Look n the screenshot below.

        Whereas, you are the victim of great lack of knowledge, coz in near past, it was not, which got hacked, it was PIKNIC which provides .pk domain, a Tier 2 ISP Network DNS Providor which got hacked an hacker created strange domains like etc to show he has hacked the sties, which never existed. It was not a fault at the end of Google, PIKNIC is Pakistani, company, it was their fault, and it took two days to them to fix it.

        PTCL is shit, you are supporting it, seems like you work for them, and unabel to speak the truth. They promise 3.1 Mbps bandwidth over single EVO device and, through Packet switching about 20 people share 3.1Mbps.You are messing with a wrong person. I am an Electrical Engineer with specialization in IT, Automation & Networks. A friend of mine is in PTCL, he also told me PTCL has no security branch inside them :P

  • The Link is false. PTCL Website never got hacked.

    I think its a way of blackmailing the company through Media.

  • It was hacked.. I checked it earlier , and the page was intheri root directory.. AND LOL on all the comments saying that it was fake.. they just didnt do anything to the original website.. and offcourse PTCL will not let a page JUST be there. as soon as they found out , they would have deleted it.

  • come on ptcl grow up !!!spend some money and hire some IT specialists to secure your website…. jiska dil krta hai ungli kr k chala jata hai aur tum dekhty reh jaty ho :P :P

  • Still website is not running after clicking on “Enter” button on home page it gives some Database Error .. lolz PTCL deserve such things.. Great Job Hackers.. Customers ki baduaen loo gay tu aesa hi hoga.. My advise to PTCL.. Plz spend on Customer Services and your infrastructural

  • lol they should offer a bug bounty program.

    Skidies: First take your studies seriously and improve your newbish grammar, then tell others to be serious about something.

  • Great PTCL Team is the best, i remember fews days back the was hacked and was recovered in about 5 days, PTCL team defended the attack and recovered in few hours, Hats off Pakistan.

  • You guys are motivating these kids to make fun of ourselves by making news about them..That’s all what they want! @M Ali Raza plz think about it!

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