PKNIC is Allegedly Hacked Again: Jang, The News, Express, ProPakistani Are Down

PakBugs, a hacker group from Pakistan, claims to have penetrated into PKNIC servers – the entity that manages country level domains (such as, .pk, and others) for Pakistan – and has taken control of several domains including Jang, The News, Express and ProPakistani.

Hackers claims to have account information of 23,000 PKNIC users and their domains. They claim to have complete control over whatever is being managed by PKNIC.

PakBugs is currently in the process of redirecting major domains to their own web URLs by poisoning PKNIC DNS servers. This way — a tick that is called DNS spoofing or DNS Cache Poising — the URLs such as ProPakistani.PK are redirected to hackers’ owned page and user think the website is hacked or defaced.

This is the second time that PKNIC has been hijacked at this massive level in just few months. Earlier a Turkish hacker had redirected 284 .PK domains by penetrating into PKNIC servers and poisoning its DNS servers.

PKNIC hasn’t reacted so far. An email sent out to them is still awaiting response. Earlier they had confessed that PKNIC was hacked and had assured that all measures were taken to secure its web server.

Please note: ProPakistani may not be available to our readers today due to this PKNIC hack. Our NS (Name Servers) were changed as well, but we were able to revert our original NS back. We are taking all measures to make sure that this down time is minimized for everyone.

Following is the screen that is appearing on impacted domains:

Hacked by PakBugs

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  • How are you Back , instead of Jang and The news they are still down… and you are UP.. What is basic reason that you can also be down by that type shits,,,

  • This is unfortunate. This hacking to me seems an illegal activity – not sure if law enforcement is pursuing the perpetrators. Systems like PKNIC have always to struggle with keeping them open enough that people can be served better through self service and other tools – changing DNS, looking up domain records etc. The system could be made bullet proof but making everything paper based and ‘have to visit an office every time’ is not feasible. Aamir Attaa that is exactly what would have happened in a sarkari organization – just don’t provide a service and nothing wrong will happen. PKNIC surely should have been done a better job but a) the hackers did an illegal activity and should be punished for that. b) open systems do have their downfalls exactly because they are open. Even Google with all its might is prone to hacking. In fact it paid $460,000 to 200 individuals who reported Google on-line vulnerabilities. PKNIC is much much smaller but perhaps it can also take initiatives like that. Again balancing keeping systems open and providing high level of service makes you vulnerable to hackers also. This is a double edge sword and the law enforcement needs to play its part in ensuring hackers don’t do what they did.

    • Yes, Give initiatives to hackers who report Flaws. You will daily get to know bugs about you site. This is the best way to secure your server. Well regarding illegal activity ant stuff. What is Legal in this country? Why don’t fucking admin respond when we report bugs?

      • Lets organize Hacker expo? ;)

        Offer companies to replicate their servers and place them on expo. Hackers are invited to join the largest server farm and try to bug in. if they succeed, grab xxxxPKR for every successful attempt

  • Yaar I don’t know what such Bloody F***ing hackers get by hacking sites of Poor pakistanis. Shame on those guys ye Pakistani nahi lanati hen. Kabhi bhi aik Pakistani kisi masoom Pakistanis ko tang nahi kartay

    • Saeed generalblog01 • 11 hours ago

      to secure your database and also secure .pk domains.
      if this defacement took by Indian then shame for us so thats the actual reason.

  • On recent incident, PKNIC says “it looks like that this is the same person who breached in November, and is
    using the users passwords stolen at that time. All passwords were reset
    as a precaution after November breach, but some users may have reverted
    to old passwords again”.

    PKNIC also says “The defaced page on
    mentioned something about 23000 PKNIC users (which is about the total
    number of users in November last year). But this was mistakenly reported
    by the newspaper as 23000 websites hacked”.

    Our communication with PKNIC indicates that less than a handful DNS
    changes, and everything was reverted back by Monday morning. However some
    of these websites DNS are cached by local ISPs longer than necessary,
    which delays the refresh back to normal.

    • Another lie, for your kind information first 2268 ROWS are empty, total users in pknic db are : 25700+, they were turkish and if PKNIC want us to prove, we have no issue leaking information on net, btw whats your source? i don’t see any statement on

  • To be honest I support PakBugs activities. I think what they are doing is basically letting the sites know that they have vulnerabilities in their systems. Hacking is an art, a knowledge even Facebook arranges Hackathons (Publicly) and different hacking groups within it’s network to check their reliability of their servers & data. I know that one whole floor of AliBaba Group of Industries in Beijing, China was full of Red Hat Hackers, all they do the whole day was drink redbull’s, beers, play table tennis play games and do brute force testing of their Payment Gateway. See hackers are useful part of the society which helps organizations to have a better product at the end of the day. On the other hand there are hackers who are bad who use that information for their own personal favors well those are the hackers who needs to learn a lesson and act well.

    Long Live Hackers
    Long Live The Pirate Bay
    Long Live Anonymous
    Long Live Maga Upload


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