PTCL Starts Blocking the Torrents

13246304PTCL is said to be blocking torrent trackers or throttling the torrent speeds in Pakistan for last 3 days, which has resulted into a blackout of torrent downloads/uploads in the country for customers who are using PTCL DSL and wireless broadband services.

According to several reports that ProPakistani received from readers, all users are unable to keep track of torrent files and hence downloading torrent isn’t possible for them any further.

PTCL has not announced anything officially on this.

For those who don’t know, torrents are a way of exchanging files (of any type) between computers and devices using internet.

Torrents are largely known for piracy violations as torrent users transfer and exchange copyrighted software/media/movies without paying anything.

It merits mentioning here that PTCL had recently blocked Skype out calls (skype to phone calls) without announcing anything. It appears that the telecom giant is on the spree of blocking all those things which were hurting its revenues. However, customers are likely to get furious with the decision and may change their service provider.

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  • I don’t know what the heck you mean by ‘users are unable to keep track of torrent files’. wat i wud like to report is torrent download speeds ranging from 0.1kb/s (yes, this slow) to 52kb/s on a 4mb connection, and i’m of coruse talking about torrents with thousands of seeders. somebody plz tell ptcl to stop acting like a financially destroyed company and stop blocking torrent speeds

    • bro cool down. i suggest you to check if your system have any heavy softwares or antivirus, remove them and then check the speed, if the problem persist then simply call the helpline. Keep it simple ;)

      • lol…”heavy softwares” What exactly does that piece of no-sense mean? Jao bahi ja kar kisi net cafe mein surfing karo. Tech discussion tumharay bas ki baat nahi.

    • two options: Go into your preferences, and make it use encrypted connections (force).
      Second option: use a private tracker (which they probably don’t know about)

    • Torrents are service of many users, so why it would be blocked in the way?It is the cable fault that occurred and creating a problem to run torrents.Hope that it will restore soon.

      • Well ptcl is told by people and courts to block porn right?

        And people download porn using torrents right?

        So ptcl has an incentive to blocks torrents.

        Simple logic. If you don’t like it, don’t give them power to block.

  • FYI.
    if u Call on 1218 there is a recorded line says ” International Submarine Cable Issue / Maintenance is going on “. And same agent confirms you with no time limit.

    • Not here in Kamra. Still Zero bytes per second, per hour, per day for last 24 or so hours.

  • undersea fiber optic cable has been disturbed. and their parent server is now down. thats why PTCL is lowering down every thing which needs high bandwidth download.

    • Thats so ‘informative’. What exactly do you know about “their parent server”? do you mind sharing so ‘valuable’ knowledge?

  • yaar ptcl hi nahi, mene wateen , witribe, pe bhi check kia. No one is working, what is going on :(

  • Why is this even unexpected? Other than copyrighted files, the other thing people download with torrents is porn.

    If you are in favour of blocking porn sites and blas[hemy sites like Youtube, then why would you have a problem with blocking torrents?

  • That is not PTCL who is blocking torrents, it is the issue of cable cut that is resulting in problem.

  • Please don’t spread misinformation. Torrents working fine most of the time. I cant tell you for the fact that ’45 Gbps’ international Bandwidth is missing due to fault in IMEWE Seg-1A (Mumbai-Jeddah) 174 KM from Mumbai. Tentative ETR is at least 1 week. Since this much international bandwidth is missing, so PTCL has been trying to cope it in best manner it can

    • Insider dude torrents and downloads are not working. In which world do you live in? Yea best way to cope is to block torrents and downloads. Way to go PTCL!

      • As torrents have not been blocked, so why any official notice or announcement can come onscreen.It is a timely issue because of cable damage and I think it will work again.

  • There is not any specific reason to block torrents.have heard that this issue is due to cable damaged under water.

  • i think there is not fault in cable my downloading also not working with ptcl but
    i have a trick which give me full speed of my 2mb bandwidth
    in my thought ptcl trying to block trackers or etc

    • Please do away with all that attention whoring. A cobbler cant circumvent ISP restrictions. I will be surprised if you know how to config PTCL modem.

  • This is only due to Cable maintenance. The admin doesn’t know the complete information on the issue.

    • yes, indeed its true.We have to first confirm by authorities instead of calling names to organization.I think torrents are going to restore as i have heard.

    • Then why is normal browsing not slowed down? Has anyone noticed problem? I know I have not.

      So just torrents are affected by the cable? How is that? Was PTCL sending all torrents through one cable?

      Think, man think. THEY WANT TO BLOCK TORRENTS.

  • The comments, made by various people, gives a glimpse of the retarded mentality of customer base of PTCL. Absolute nonsense, i must say. No one (a few exceptions) knows squat about p2p yet talking like spokesmen of Akamai. No wonder we shall never get quality broadband services. PeeTeeCeeEll, Wishit, Yateem and what not – shall survive because we have an illiterate breed of morons claiming to be internet users.
    Dumboos! PTCL did block p2p traffic just like they blocked Skype-out. Today, the excuse is the cut in umbilical cord of PeeTCL. Tomorrow, it shall be govt. ordered. Welcome to the world of Chinese internet.

    • Yaar ap tou bilkul hi frustrate lagte ho. Kher why are you blaming the loyal customers of the companies. Torrent blockade is due the cut in the submarine cable. Why are you so abusive. If you have learnt something in your life try to implement that in good manner. Your lines are clearly showing that who is really mentally retarded. Be positive and a true Pakistani.

      • Why should a “true Pakistani” not be upset at a torrent block by a company that took action WITHOUT ANNOUNCEMENT? Why is there still no official statement on this?

        That’s because they think they can get away with it. And thanks to “loyal” customers like you, they will.

        • What other options do we have other than PTCL. PTCL has already swallowed wateen. First we should be given an alternative and then your comments of “loyal” will be justifed bro.

        • its not company, its ‘companies’ dear. All ISPs are facing such problem in torrents. In news, it revealed that a cable has been cut in somewhere near bombay. Thats why we all are facing this problem. But we all have to show patience. No technology in the world is perfect. There always remain chance of technological errors. So i am with my Pakistan.

          • Where do all the ISP traffic goes outside Pakistan? Two places: PTCL and TW1. THAT’S IT.

            Many other isps use ptcl as their main backbone out of the country.

            Does that clearify it for you???

      • Yes PTCL is mentally retarted too. They are getting paid by us for the services which they are not providing. They should refund.

        • Not true, you can see services spread across the nation that are working perfectly for a long time by PTCL.

          • I am talking about the last 4 days. They are not providing the services and still charge the customers for these 4 days. We still don’t know when will the woking perfectly services be back …. Working perfectly ROFL.

    • It would be just totally unfair to conclude on the basis of an unexpected incident because there have been several services that runs perfectly.Torrents blockage is due to a cable fault which is being confirmed to restore within short time.As for skype,it has not been blocked any time as it was running fine like always without any interruption.So, think again about it!

      • Boy are you dumb. Amazingly dumb.

        They blocked skype to phone conversations. It was reported on this site last week or two weeks ago.

        The situation is STILL BLOCKED with skype. If skype works for you it is because you are doing skype to skype calls.

        • What i said, I mind it coz i made skype to phone as well as skype to skype without a trouble.So look into your problematic issue instead of calling dumb anybody.Hope you got it better.

        • Please stop acting like a know-it-all when you don’t really know that much :)

          Have you ever used Skype to call phones?
          Do you really know what P2P is and how torrents work?
          Do you really know what that tear in the undersea cable means?

      • Tell me one thing: do torrent traffic all go through broken cable and other traffic through normal cable?

        Don’t all traffic go through all cables? If so, why is no other traffic affected by the break other than torrents?

        • SS..Why the hell don’t you understand that you are pissing a lot of people off here? It would be nice if you could contribute to the cause rather than do nothing but rant here about your knowledge because that is all your ignorant ass is capable of doing. Now that Mr. Kashif has proved your Know-It-All Ass wrong don’t you think it’s time to give up??

    • For all those who are saying that blockage is due to cable damage, please use a VPN and attempt to download a torrent. I did and torrents are working perfectly fine. However, switching off the VPN causes the download speed to die in no time. It is therefore safe to assume that torrents are being blocked at PTCL end.

      • Do you even know what a sea cable breakage means? Yes, you can download the torrents through VPN and the speeds will be fine. But there are thousands of people who will not do that. Hence saving PTCL bandwidth due to the breakage of the sea cable. Once it is fixed, we should expect the torrents to come back.

        I am very sad about the skype decision though, but it might be related to torrents too, as skype uses p2p as well.

      • VPNs allow you to download these torrents through tunneling. They simply route your download through HTTP/HTTPS protocols and related ports o_O

    • Seriously dude, you should watch your language. If you are the know all and be all of p2p and streaming technology then simply enlighten others, otherwise avoid this abusive language.
      Since you opted not to explain in spite of knowing the inside details and PTCL/Government’s conspiracies, let me explain…
      PTCL is not blocking torrents, it is blocking torrent trackers. Torrent protocol is based on little devils called torrent trackers which are in fact some software agents. These trackers actively keep looking for seeders, peers, leechers and the like and keep your torrent client connected to others. So if one goes down, they search for an alternative and hook you up with that. This means that if you have a running torrent whose trackers are valid, your torrent will keep downloading. Thats why some people say that their torrents are downloading fine. However, if you try to add a new torrent, it won’t simply work.
      Why PTCL is doing this? Well, the reason is very simple. The undersea cable is broke and it is being mended right now. So, in order to conserve the bandwidth for some better usage and not waste everything on downloading, PTCL has blocked torrent trackers. I am personally perfectly fine with this till the time the cable is mended and normal service restores. However, if this blocking continues after the issue is fixed, then I will have a genuine problem with PTCL.

      Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with PTCL

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself. You guys need to chill up. Don’t go ballistics on PTCL’s ass. You’ll get your fix soon :p

        • well thats because there are different types of trackers , udp , https etc , so maybe you’re getting a bit speed cuz of difference in trackers. i use torrent Caching , so i download torrents through internet download manager , its really easy. Here ,

    • Amen to that Brother…. Repeat after Me…. WE ARE FREE… THE HELL WE ARE… so much for freedom of Speech… soon they will re-tune all news channels to PTV…and Facebook to stfu. gov…!

    • Yo dude, this isn’t the first time PTCL is blocking Peer to Peer traffic. We are addicted to this attitude. Obviously when the water is in short supply, You will be given plent to drink but not to waste on a car watsh.

      Secondly use VPN to circumvent this puny blockade.

  • In my opinion is article is very much below the reporting & writing standard that we have come to expect from ProPakistani. The issue of the submarine cable fault is not even mentioned!

  • “remove antivirus to get torrents downloaded..” Pls show some mercy to the poor humanity. oNE JUst SimPLY Can’t RemoVe ANtiVirus FOR ANY TORRENTS
    And I think, we’re a little too lost now since the article is pinpointing at PTCL and the comments are talking about some God forsaken cables. is anyone out there who can clear this confusion by any ideal mean? Pls
    Now on a relevant to the article note, I too noticed that my torrents ‘about to finished’ last night were again reading the story of 500 weeks this morning & when I peeked into the matter, it turned out that all of the torrents; exciting + new one’s have refused to pace forwad anymore for some unknown reasons so I called in Ptcl, asking the matter and they were like, there’s nothing wrong from our side and I needed to check out other thingys. But I’m more than sure It’s PTCL again who’s trying to act ‘smart’ & want us to say ‘hello to the future’ after getting our each and every single source of entertainment of the present time blocked right away.

    • The reason behind not working of torrents is a fault that has occurred due to international submarine cable damage 140 km off coast Mumbai.It has been confirmed.So don’t need to be worry coz torrents will soon restored i guess.Be happy!

  • its not good ap har chez ko block kr rahe ho to phr pakistan se net ko hi nikaal do phr thk rahe ga torrent ko bahaal karo

    • Yar..that’s not the way.There is an overall problem facing by wider area due to underwater cable damage.Otherwise its nothing else blocked.

  • I have tried other broadband like qubee, wateen and it not working perfectly.So, I think reason of cable cut underwater is true that is why we are facing torrents blocking.Lets wait until it gets restored completely.

  • Torrents meray pass work kar rahay hain magar pehlay sa speed bahut down ho gai hai.

    Ptcl ko yeh nai karna chahye.

    • yes,torrents are going to restore now and it started running that’s why you have slow speed.

  • if blocking the torrenting like this is possible then USA block it long ago they can’t block it like this they can block sites but you can bypass it throough VPN server like most of user of other countries do they use VPN server and seedbox for anonymous torrenting. if they not use VPN or seedbox then there isp caught them with downloaded file and fine them but they can’t limit the downloading speed of torrents. i am still seeding my torrents and sometime get full speed on downloading torrents

  • We should boycott the ptcl it is extremely lame, even all video hosting sites does not works on it including daily motion to :( and now torrent :| what a bull shit ptcl is….

  • Fuck this I was cursing my router lol.. using my seedbox to download pornos now

    • First of all don’t abuse.
      secondly propakistani you should add some filter in order to kick these abusive people out.

  • yaar its almost 2 weeks torrents and video streamingis not working properly torrent sped is around 2 to 5 kbps all other browsing and idm downloading is ok what is going on with ptcl

    • This ‘maybe’ related, SeaMeWe: “On 10 January 2013, the cable was again severed, this time 1,126 kilometres from the Tuas cable station in Singapore, between repeaters 345 and 346.[10] Singtel have sent a repair ship to the site, expected to arrive in early February. A permit is required from the Indonesian Authorities to effect repairs, as at 3 March 2013 it was reported that “The cable ship operator has advised that the required permit to undertake works has not been granted. A tentative repair date is still unavailable.””

  • agreed with wajahat, pakistan’s internet usage is limited to stalking girls on facebook and “TWITTAR updates” lol comeon man dont be sarcastic….we are the same nation who protest against americans wearing landa clothes, the same nation in which mentally retarded people like Qadri get to be national heroes, we enjoy mullaism , and whoever tries to correct these losers is either “murtad” or “yahoodi agent” ……..ay v amreeka kara reya ay!

  • yes true. torrent speed has very much reduced . some torrents wont start at all

  • 100% true. I have 4MBps Connection. I used to have download speed near 400-500 kbps. Now, I have nothing. I removed my antivirus. I configured everything. I forwarded the ports. The problem is still there. It happened three days ago.
    Any suggestions.

  • You know whats the problem of Pakistani companies. You know when prices or even services go down for any reason then they cant back to its original Position.

  • It is not blocked, There is an international issure with the submarine cables which is causing torrents to not work. Just talked to a PTCL representative today.

  • Yo nigga life is borin’ out here man without torrent…. without downloading stuff, u know…

  • evo Ptcl has stop downloading torrent files….and this shit is going on since one month. the cable report from the ptcl is just an axcuse for save their shit. it will take several weeks to fix this thing. and lots of people are sueing ptcl becase of this.i hope they should finish it soon otherwise people will change their connection…….

  • I have heard that news as well but i am not using torrents much so dont know much about it.1 Thing PTCL is time to time restricting viewers and after some years we will be completely restricted.factsnmyths

  • PTCL is the WORST telecom company on the face of the Earth, period. The top managers NEED To be burned in hell.

  • Torrents are working torrents are working… all praise the broken sea cable…!

  • Guys chill down, we are facing the same issue over here in Bahrain, I work in an ISP in Bahrain and it has been confirmed that the slowness is due to a submarine cable damage, torrents are working fine over here but facing dramatic slowness, some websites like yahoo, msn and nasdaq not even functioning due to this issue, I have no confirmation however whether the slowness in torrents is caused due to deliberate throttling or not. It is easy to blame your ISP for issues like that, but issues happen and we really cant do much about it until this outage is fixed. Regards

  • what the hell are you talking about? I made a 1 hour skype out call just this Friday. Seemed to be working fine for me…

  • @wajahat bro please dont be so proud on yuor knowledge. Apko tech info hai ap ko kisi insult krnai ka haq nahi.

  • Use VPN to mask Your traffic, mine wasn’t working (downloading) too. Now I am using VPN, speed isn’t that great but it’s better than Zero Kbps. Currently receiving 50 to 70 KBps because of Hotspot Shield free VPN. which means around 4-6 hours for 1 GB file download.

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