Ufone Contracts Telestax to Increase its SMS Handling Capacity

Ufone-logo-lowUfone has acquired an advance texting solution from Telestax, a US based firm, to increase its SMS capacity to be able to handle over 260 million text messages per day.

SMS messaging in Pakistan is on the rise. Pakistani mobile phone users sent over 238 billion text messages in 2011, up from 176 billion text messages the previous year.

According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Ufone handled over 58 billion text messages in 2011 or 160 million text messages per day.

Telestax, in a statement, has said that it has deployed Telscale SMSC Gateway for Ufone, featuring the ability to handle 260 million text messages per day with high availability, load balancing and failover already built in.

Telestax claims that this new system will end up costing substantially less than other SMSC vendors, while allowing scalability in capacity to meet future demands.

Telestax project lead for the Telscale SMSC Gateway explained, “Our mission is to remove complexity from the traditional telecom infrastructure and in the process create a new market for innovative communications services built by mainstream developers at a cost and time comparable to building web services.”

Ufone has over 24 million customers in over 10,000 locations countrywide. Ufone says that it has over 300 roaming partners around the world to offer roaming services in 160 countries.

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