SC Directs CCP to Hear and Conclude ICH Case in 30 Days

CCPSupreme Court of Pakistan has asked Competition Commission of Pakistan to hear the ICH and to drive a conclusion of its own with-in 30 days.

Supreme Court, while adjourning the hearing yesterday said that CCP should explain the jurisdiction of the matter and that CCP will take care of the case from here on and matter will not be heard in Supreme Court again.

It maybe recalled that Supreme Court had previously directed CCP to hear and resolve the case in 15 days, against which CCP had issued show cause notices to LDI operators, however, Sindh High Court had held CCP from carrying out its procedural investigations on the matter due to a petition filed by telecom operators.

Now Supreme Court has once again intervened and has said that ICH case will be decided by CCP only.

It is said that CCP will notify LDI operators again to respond to its earlier issued show cause notice.