Pakistani Hackers Deface Over 1,000 Indian Election Commission Websites

In response to hacking incidents of Election Commission of Pakistan by Indian hackers, a hacker group from Pakistan has hacked over 1,000 Indian Election Commission websites.

“This targeted hacking incident is in response to Indian hackers’ attempt of damaging Election Commission of Pakistan website”, said an email which was sent to ProPakistani from a hacker group identifying itself as “True Cyber Army

“We have not damaged any data, instead just replaced the banners of few websites — saying Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) — to leave the mark. However, we may change our mind and deface all the websites or even delete the data since we have complete control over all Indian Election commission websites”, warned True Cyber Army.

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True Cyber Army has shared the admin and password details of 1,059 Indian Election Commission websites with ProPakistani and said that fate of these websites rest in the hands of Indian Hackers and their behaviour in future.

“If Indian Hackers don’t stop attacking Pakistani websites, we reserve the right to fight for the integrity of our homeland”

It maybe recalled that website of Election Commission of Pakistan was shut down last Friday after an attack by Indian hacker who identified himself as NIGh7 F0x. The hacker defaced the homepage of ECP website and later compromised its availability. ECP is since struggling with the availability of website due to increased traffic.

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