ECP Website Gets 25,000 Hits Per Day, Which They Are Unable to Manage

Other day we wrote about horrible things happening with Election Commission of Pakistan’s Website and the way ECP has managed it so far.

Things haven’t got any better till now. In fact ECP website is still down and showing a default page powered by Comsats Hosting.

Default Page

According to stats that we have got from reliable sources – who have direct access to ECP website analytics – the average number of visitors to ECP website are 25,000 per day. We have logs available with us.

For those who aren’t familiar, this is a small tiny traffic for a website of ECP’s scale. Managing this traffic is like a piece of cake for webmasters. In such situations, its pity that ECP is still struggling with the data and website.

Just to clarify, we aren’t doubting the intentions of ECP, however, their abilities are surely questionable.

An expert on hosting matters told ProPakistani that ECP has large amount of files available for all the candidates. Now anyone who wants to check a single candidate’s data must download all the files. It maybe recalled that Election Commission of Pakistan was to put online the list of nominated candidates for next general elections on their website.

Experts say that these huge files aren’t optimized for web viewing and hence the data load on server is more than what it should be. They anticipate that servers are probably not optimized due to which server memory usage boosts up and services go down.

Resultantly, ECP (or their website managers) shut down the website claiming that they are still receiving huge traffic, which is not the case.

Those who are eying ECP’s website closely agreed that website was getting DDoS attacks earlier, which were again not mitigated well. However, DDoS attacks are now gone and its legitimate traffic that is being not managed well by the commission.

Analysts say that it is crucial for ECP to get its website up and running at earliest. They said that ECP should make sure that all the files and candidates’ data is made available to media houses and citizens, who can help ECP in investigating into candidates background to get the best out of the before election scrutiny process.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK