Evolution of Gmail [Infographic]

Gmail turned nine this month, which was initially thought to be a perfect April fool from Google. It looked so unreal to users that they were offered 1GB of email inbox – when competition services were offering just a few MBs of inbox space.

Supernatural Gmail – by all standards in 2004 – got only better in previous nine years. Google has prepared following infographic to showcase the evolving years of Gmail. Have a look

Gmail Infographic

    • And I reply: can you even READ??? The mashable article says this: “The company posted on Wednesday an infographic outlining how it’s changed in time.”

      original image is at the official gmailblog on blogspot.

  • I remember Google introduced freeunlimited storage space at a time Microsoft & Yahoo were trying to limit e-mail storage space and introduce charges on extra storage. Thanks to Google their greedy intenions were foiled. Google the great. Just think about it if Google was not there we must be paying dollars to keep our inboxes open for new mails.

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