Pakistan’s First SIM and Smart Card Manufacturing Facility Inaugurated

Left to Right: Mr. Feng Tuixian from China Mobile Pakistan, Dr. Cyrill Nunn Ambassador of Germany in Pakistan, Dr. Zafar Iqbal Secretary of IT, MOIT Pakistan

KWICK High Tech & Solutions is the Pakistan’s first SIM and Smart Card manufacturer. The state of the art manufacturing facility was inaugurated by the German Ambassador in Pakistan Dr. Cyrill Nunn along with Dr. Zafar Iqbal, Secretary of Ministry of Information Technology Pakistan on May 07, 2013 in Islamabad,


The inauguration session was also attended by high officials from all major Telecom & Banking sectors.

The German Ambassador in Pakistan said that the inauguration for this manufacturing unit proves the business coordination between Pakistan and Germany, which is very good for the economical growth in Pakistan.

The Secretary of IT said that it is a moment of great achievement to have such a marvelous setup in Pakistan which will open new era of technology in the country.

Mr. Waseem Rafi, CEO of KWICH High Tech & Solutions said that we are providing turnkey solutions to telecom, banking and government sector by using the state of the art hardware and software tools. This is a big achievement in the technology sector of Pakistan in terms of foreign investment and joint collaboration between Pakistan and Germany which will enable us to further strengthen our relationship in the international business forums.

This joint venture will also help other international solution providers to invest in Pakistani market. The major investment in this industry in Pakistan shows the commitment of our company for the growth of business in Pakistan.


  • Kwick solutions was established back in 2008-2009..This is a very old news..!! Sorry to say this..Please provide us with updated news…

    I saw the kwick’s advertisement printed on the electricity bill a long time ago.!

  • I honestly do not understand why this was not done eight or 10 years ago already.

  • Great initiative…it will help not only in saving to the companies but also on the foreign exchange side to the country as well…Now I think all cellular companies should maximize this ponetial…

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