Salman Wassay Explains the Philosophy of Uth Pack “On Kar”

Ufone yesterday launched the “Uth Pack”, operator’s first true brand for the youth, with which it aims to bring comfort and style in lives by offering more than just calls and SMS.

Salman Wassay, Chief Commercial Officer, Ufone is here himself explaining us the philosophy of Uth Pack and how it is going to make a difference for the youth of the country.

Here goes the video itself:

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  • LOL..I got the message, but is “life is on” only if we are all spending on “brands” and in known restaurants? Is this only real “halla gulla” left? What about poor middle class youth which can’t afford all this, do you know what kind of crimes our even university going youth is doing just for money? because they feel they aren’t living life at fullest if not wearing good brands and not going to such restaurants.

    Please keep your advertisement only to calling/messaging/data usage of subscriber, don’t sell it at the cost of youths’ lives. I know I might sound strange to teenagers but this is only for those who think.

    • Awaam s0lid kharab 0ing bhai l0g .. pr in herkat0n se businessmen k0 kya lena dena k0i ghut ghut k jiye ya marey .. pata nahi kya likhna hy mujhay .. pr mid-class n lwr mid-class Society ki solid band bj rae hy in herkat0n se..

      • Yes I do wish to say something after listening what CCO said
        on youth. Yes its an idea and the idea to let life live in 4th gear
        shall not make the youngs think that they were not able to achieve the max out
        of what they wanted to do in life.

        It’s a great message I must say and I being in 32, always
        think the same.

        Big thanks to Ufone for this idea which is big and helps one
        live life at its max, everyday.

        Great Brand really.

    • i think we are misinterpreting the message of CCO as he is simply talking about the youth and asking them to have positive approach towards life.

    • 100% agreed! But that’s how businesses are. They see a market, they need to milk it dry, before anyone else does. That’s business, consumerism and capitalism… No ethics, no morals

  • waah! life on kernay kay yeh hamaray jawanoon ko sahi dagar per daal rahein hain. Quran na paRhien, deegar kitabien na paRhien…… serious disciplened qoum na banien………. balkay… life on kerien… in kay partner brands ko use ker kay!

    • dear mehboob ufone ka kise ke packages ka bhee ise baat se kaya lena dena hai … reading quran and saying prayer is someone’s personal dead and reading can be done online as well not necessarily read it of the physical papers …

    • its not just ufone everyone is doing it … its for betterment of quality of services

  • Uth package mai jin brands per discounts avialable hain, wahan jo puclic jati hai unko wo normally discounts ki parwah nahi karti.

  • Uth package mai jin brands per discounts avialable hain, wahan jo public jati hai wo normally discounts ki parwah nahi karti.

    • i disagree with u on this asif … discount kise ko bura lagta hai aajkal ke door main …

    • All the brands are not very high brands Cross Roads, MacDonald, Tutti Frutti etc are brands that everyone can go its nit for high executive class …

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