Uth Pack Offers Amazing Discounts on Dozens of Brands

As the competition in Pakistani cellular is intensifying with each passing day, tariff, service quality, coverage and customer support is not going to remain the only indicators for customer acquisition and retention.

This is exactly what we had predicted back in January that cellular companies are going to get beyond voice, SMS and mobile internet offerings in 2013.

And here we already have a clear winner in the race: Uth Pack, the newly launched youth brand by Ufone, which is offering amazing discounts on countless brands for its customers.

Besides its amazing tariff for voice, SMS and mobile internet, Uth pack has partnered with dozens of brands to bring discounted deals for the customers.

Anyone with Uth Pack SIM can avail these discounts to save thousands of rupees per month – thanks to Uth Pack – to ultimately meet their communication needs almost free of cost.

Here are few of the brands with discount rates that Uth Pack customers can avail:

  • Mcdonalds: McChicken & 6 pc McNuggets medium meal at Rs. 250 (originally at Rs.410)
  • Crossroads: 20% discount
  • Cinnabon: 20% discount
  • Tutti Fruiti: 15% discount
  • Dunkin Donuts: 15% discount
  • Swatch: 10% discount on everything including service. (Accessories & Service)
  • Crocs: 10% discount’
  • Timberland: 10% discount
  • Accessorize: 10%Discount
  • Body Shop: 15% discount
  • Merl Norman: 15% Discount
  • Hush Puppies: 10% discount on everything
  • Adidas: 10% discount on everything

These discounts can be availed on any outlet of mentioned brands. And yes, this list of brands with discount is going to increase only with time.

How to Avail Discounts:

  • Visit your desired Uth Pack partner brand and dial *2300#
  • Select the Uth Pack on kar Partner from the menu
  • Confirm your presence at the outlet
  • Your discount coupon will be displayed on your mobile screen
  • Show this coupon on counter to avail the discount
  • If you face any troubles then dial 2313 from your Uth Pack SIM for assistance














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  • Great Discount offers for Cinnabon and Tutti Frutti … I love to avail that with my friends.

  • jin brands per discounts available hain, waha jo public jati hai, mostly wo discounts ki care nahi karti. What about benifits for ordinary public of Pakistan. oy ye sab brands sif big cities mai hi available hain. Small cities or town walo ke liye kya hai. Sab ke liye equal opportunity honi chahiye warna nahi. Ufone is creating discrimination.

    • Bilkul Theek khaha ap nay ya brands jo log istimal kartay hay un kayliya ya discount koi mani nahi rakhta. 5000 kay jutay agar 4000 may bhi mil jaya to Aam admi nahi khareed sakhta. Y sab Dhoka hay is say bachoooo. In may say ziada tar companies kay nam may nay aaj pachli martaba suna hay.

      • bhaijan hum ne bhi pehli dafa cheechu ki malyan ka naam suna hai, does it mean we should annihilate all the people there for not publicizing their town enough? by the way, agar ap ki logic follow karein, to tel me:
        why all restaurants are full and hard to get a table on weekdays?
        why roads full with brand new cars?
        why every 2nd guy having an iphone?

        • Pakistan ki population ke lehaaz se ration nikal lain to andaza ho jaiga ke kitne % log is tarah ki luxury afford kar sakte hain.

    • some people have a habit of criticizing everything. bari jalan ho rahi hai ap ko us “public” say jo in brands per jati hai (jahan doosri “public” k log kam kar ke apni rozi kamate hein) sad to see division and mental psychology in every single thing…….

    • I am a WARID customer myself. and have nothing to do with ufone, but still I appreciate this offer. Plus you are 100% wrong dear. Where were you when only mid night hourly packages were offered? those too were NOT for all the customers. if it is true than I must also say this:

      1. Ufone should offer same call rate in all of its packages, so that there is NO discrimination? Not everybody uses same package
      2. All hourly packages should be available 24 hours? so that people who don’t call at mid nights can also avail this. No discrimination?
      3. No Lahore package, sargodha package and faislabad package etc, No discriminatin !

      4. And then you’d say all companies should offer same rates, because different rates create discriminations.

      A couple weeks back Zong also offered a VIP waiting lounge for its customers at Karachi airport, ab main yeh bolun k yeh offer Lari adda and Railway station peh kiun nahi? Nops. this is company’s choice, they’re not bound to provide any such services anyway. Although behind all this are marketing and financial intentions, but still its an incentive for a good company’s customers and it should be appreciated.

      and so on…. Anything can NEVER be useful for ALL of the people on earth. there always would be choices or needs.
      “waha jo public jati hai, mostly wo discounts ki care nahi karti”
      this is also wrong. agar yeh sach hota tou ufone yeh package hi offer nah krta… I also go to these brands, and most of the customers hold their shoppings for such deals and Discounts from the companies. it happens everywhere in the world, kudos.

      • Yahan call rates ya packages ki baat hi nahi ho rahi. Brands and discounts ki baat ho rahi hai.

  • Ufone is rocking by introducing Uth package.. Really a cool attraction for youth.

  • Guys, Ufone is trying to enter into “Upper Class Youth” segment.

    Ufone itself is associated with “Middle Class” segment. That’s why it’s not using its own branding (no mention of “Ufone” or its logo with Uth pack”

    If you don’t pick or shop these brands, it’s not for you

  • Expect from Zong/Jazz/Warid to bring discounts from brands that cost lower than these ones. If Uth pack gets a good response, entering into Middle Class segment for discounts would be a good strategy for Zong and other competitors.

  • hahaha read ur awl c0mmentx bhaeee hum girls k0 sh0ppin karni h0ti hai jewellery jeans sh0es acces0ries humain kiya c0nnecti0n jaisa bhe hy disc0untx tw great hyn na sh0ppin k liy :D

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