A Staggering 80% Smartphones Sold Last Quarter were Android

And it surely won’t be stopping here. According to Strategy Analytics, out of 230 million smartphones sold in the second quarter of 2013, almost 80% or 182.6 million were running on Android.

Apple’s iOS was a distant second with share of 13.6% while Microsoft’s Windows Phone was even further back at 3.9%. The second and third-positioned operating systems recorded sales of 31.2 million and 8.9 million units respectively.

Meanwhile, the marketshare of the remaining operating systems contracted even further, to 3%. These “other” operating systems include the ill-fated Symbian, the abandoned Bada and the new BB10. They together achieved sales of just 6.9 million.

Android’s marketshare is probably the highest of any operating system to date and without a doubt its personal best. Apple on the other hand, although saw increasing sales, is at its lowest marketshare for years.

Microsoft grew but not monumentally, of course, so its marketshare was more or less the same. Its sales are 1/4 those of its closest competitor which is not really bad but it must continue its momentum and roll out the next major update soon in order to keep moving forward.


  • only 1 question; IOS got increase in shipments from 26m to 31.2m units but how is it possible that other hand decrease in market share from 16.6% to 13.6% ?
    is it mean there is low demand for IOS; units not sold yet.

    • =/
      market share depends upon the total unit of cellphones sold.
      26/156.5 * 100= 16.6%
      31.2/229.6 * 100= 13.6%

  • With so many companies making Android phones. Samsung introducing a new android phone every next week. It is obvious that Android is #1.

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