Pak-China Optic Fiber Link to Get Completed in 2 years for $44 Million

Pak-China Fiber OpticMore details of Pakistan-China Optic Fiber project have surfaced with an unnamed source working at Huawei got in touch with APP, a state run Pakistani news agency.

According to the details that were revealed to the agency, the Optic-Fiber project is going to cost US 44 million dollars and is going to get completed in two years after commencement of work.

Huawei is going to lay-down this 820 kilometer long fiber optic to link Rawalpindi with Khunjarab and then onwards to China’s back-haul network.

The climatic conditions warrant initiation of project from Sust to Khunjrab section on top priority due to a very limited time-period left available in summer the year.

However, other than this section, the project will be executed simultaneously in different sections (cities/towns).

With this new link, Pakistan is going to enjoy the redundant internet voice and data connectivity through China. Country is currently severed with spurs through undersea cables namely SEA-ME-WE 3&4 and IMEWE.

This dependency is not only a risk but also entails security concerns, noted APP. The voice/data and internet traffic can be monitored and disturbed easily. To offset such a threat, through this project, a link will be created between Pakistan and Trans-Asia Europe (TAE) cable in China, which would enable both Pakistan and China to have alternative routes for their international telecom traffic,” said the report citing its source.


  • @Mehwish Khan

    Top Situation ,regardless of the Oppertunities is Ofcourse Security of Transmission

  • “Pakistan is going to enjoy the redundant internet voice and data connectivity through China.”

    Redundant? Or Abundant?

    • Redundancy is a concept/jargon here. It means, when one link fails or gets clogged, the other one shall take the place. Its more of a backup plan than a bandwidth enhancement measure.

  • Which means, Pakistan’s communication shall pass through the grand great firewall of China. Yet another indicator of policy shift by Pakistan. We are rapidly distancing ourselves from US of A. Too late to realize that long distance relationships do not work hahahah

    • lol but seriously I’d rather have the Americans spy on us than the Chinese communists.

      • you prefer to be spied by Americal Zionists as compared to Chinese communists??? is n’t funny???

        • No it isn’t. Those “Zionists” still have much better standards than the Chinese. Oh and I don’t support Israel but if they now leave that place, Palestine will become just another middle-eastern shithole with the shittiest news coming out of it and not contributing anything positive to the world.

            • Chinese Muslims living in China face harassment by Chinese government. There are many examples of this. For example, students under 18 in North West China are banned from fasting during Ramadan or taking part in religious activities. Yes, that means they cannot even go to mosque to pray. If a Muslim wants to advance in government, he or she has to join the Communist party. And of course, members of the Communist party, even if they are religious, are FORBIDDEN from going to mosques. Same with lots of other government employees.

              And you think Chinese are friends of Pakistan? Hah! As long as they can MANIPULATE and USE us, we’re their “allies”. When we need help, they don’t help.

              Whereas in the west at least they try to accomodate Muslims AND in many cases Muslims can fight back in courts and win cases. Even if they do not treat them as 100% same as their non-Muslim citizens.

              Put another way: would you rather move to Urumqi or Vienna???

              • you didn’t mention “war on terror” ??
                according to you both are bad but west is less bad. bad in a sense that they don’t treat muslims well.
                so we have to see the majority of incidents where they are “bad” and i guess west is far ahead in that case..
                but in this we need to see who is better with “Pakistanis”
                USA or China??

                • You asked Sajid about better standards, and there you have them. Not everything is War on Terror.

                  You can work for Western government or company and they can not legally prevent you from living a full Muslim life. Witness all the lawsuits and cases won by Muslims for things like not being able to wear hijab at work, not being able to take time off to pray, etc etc. That is a “standard” well above chinese.

                  And if you want to compare between China and U.S. as for who is worse for us, nobody can say U.S. All the “superpatriots” who blame U.S. know that if they stop selling us weapons and supplies, we are over 50% weakened defence. Is anyone seriously recommending replacing F-16 with untested in warfare JF-17? Even PAF is replacing other planes with JF-17, not F-16 squadrons.

                  The real answer of who is worst for us is OURSELVES because we do not develop ourselves.

  • This is to inform the public at large that , Transworld is Pakistan’s 1st privately owned internet gateway connecting Pakistan with the rest of the world through it cable network ( TW 1 ) . Pakistan is connected through SEA-ME-WE 3&4 and IMEWE and TW1 ( Transworld 1 ) .

  • Why Transworld undersea cable is not mentioned here? It is carrying major traffic.

  • The Fiber optic is going to be laid by Pakistan’s Special Communication Organization on Pakistan side and on the other side of china, Huawei will lay it.

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