iPhone 5C, a Slightly Cheaper and Redesigned Version of iPhone Gets Unveiled


The iPhone 5C was undoubtedly the more anticipated version of the iPhone in today’s event. The cheaper model of the series replaces the iPhone 5 (4S will continue though) and features an all new design which waves goodbye to the usual design language.

Design and Display

The iPhone 5C features the first plastic design in an iPhone for years. While the front is still glass, of course, the back is a single piece of hard-coated polycarbonate plastic, made stronger by a reinforced steel structure. iPhone 5C will be available in White, Yellow, Green, Red and Blue.

The Retina display measures 4 inches diagonally, the same as the iPhone 5 and 5S, having resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels. The 5C is also made of compounds which are Arsenic-free, Mercury-free and “Android-free”.


The iPhone 5C is powered by an Apple A6 processor, the same breed in the line of processors which ran on the iPhone 5.


The phone will come with iOS 7 pre-installed which will definitely match the colorful identity of the device it’s running on.

Apple claimed that iPhone 5C will be vivid realization of hardware and software together in one device.

Apple’s own productivity-boosting software, i.e. iWork, iPhoto, iMovie, Keynote and Pages and Numbers will also be free for this device.


The camera on the iPhone 5C is also an 8 megapixel BSI sensor with 5-element lens. It does 1080p Full HD videos at 30fps too. The front-facing camera is also improved to perform better in low-lighting conditions.


The battery of the iPhone 5C is not-disclosed right now but can last 10 hours during 3G talk-time and 250 hours on standby. Bluetooth 4.0, Lightning Port, dual-band Wi-Fi, LTE and headset jack is used for connectivity.

Pricing and Availability

The price of the iPhone 5C is set at $99 and $199 on contract for 16 and 32 GB versions. At launch, it will cost around 70,000 PKR in Pakistan but that figure will settle down later. Optional cases will cost $29.

As you might’ve noticed, the iPhone 5C is a lot like the phone it’s replacing. It does bring a new design however and maybe that will be one of its key selling factors. Being an Apple product, it is priced highly and of course, you can buy a 4S or a used 5 for much cheaper but for those who are buying an iPhone and planning to keep it longer, the 5C is probably your safer bet.

  • Since it was targeted for not PAKISTAN but CHINA market!! its efficient enough to say that C stand for ChinA!! not Cheap….

      • as far as I know! it is launching in US & China simultaneously! as the Deal with China Mobile & Apple co. has gone through.. But! again! you never know with Chinese…. :D

  • nothing new or different just copying nokia lumia colorized back cover idea… and redesigning the i phone 5 . the display size is same . remember that in asia people like biger size of display . just an eze example of samsung galaxy although htc and some other brands also trying this but i must say iphone should bring a new change in the display size of their new phones.

    • this is not 2009 anymore when people used to say that because now android best selling/high end smartphones cost as much as iphone5/s/c or whatever so growup kid apple has lost its mojo

      • Best selling? you are talking about an OS which is opensource every vendor is using it. Why to compare sales of a single closed flagship (iOS) with entire world.? Apple has not lost its mojo but number of android vendors increased.. iPhone sales are growing year by year, not hurting apple at all.

          • Mind you language.. comment like a sensible person, I can use the rough language as well but that will leave no difference between a retard or normal. . And read again what you have shared is telling about market share .. not the number of devices sold. Go and search again how much iPhones are being sold every year.
            forbes com /sites/chuckjones/2013/09/10/even-with-a-higher-than-expected-price-iphone-sales-should-be-strong-in-the-december-quarter/

          • When the 4S was launched in early October 2011 the combined sales in the
            September and December quarters were 54.1 million. For the iPhone 5 its
            sales for the second half of 2012 were 74.7 million units, an increase
            of 38% year over year. Market share and sales are two different things. What im talking about is sale of iPhone which isn’t going down.

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