Warid Brings Intro Me Service

Warid Brings Intro Me Service

Yes, you are no more an “Unknown Caller”, as Warid brings this service for its customers that will allow you to introduce yourself to those receiving your call for the first time.

Normally people hesitate to answers calls from unknown numbers as they find attending these calls as waste of time. With this new service by Warid, caller will be able to send a quick introduction the receiver by making an introduction message and make a call to all people who do not have their number and the Intro message will appear on the screen so that the receiver can know who’s calling.

This service is available for Warid’s both Prepaid & Postpaid customers.

To initiate the call, the subscriber will dial the desired number with prefix 77 e.g. 7703212345678. Warid customer will send SUB in SMS to 7272 or can dial *272# to subscribe the service and can send UNSUB in SMS to 7272 to unsubscribe.

Commenting on this new offer, Warid Telecom’s Chief Commercial Office, Mr. Younas Iqbal Sheikh stated, “Warid’s always aim to facilitate its customers by introducing innovative and unique services. It has introduced many products, which are first in the industry. This service will be a great tool, especially for those people who are working as sales in Insurance, property or banking sector.”


  • To Subscribe:
    • To Subscribe: SMS “Sub” in SMS to 7272 or Dial *272#
    • To Un-Subscribe: SMS “Unsub” to 7272
  • To set General Intro Me (IM) message:
    • Set IM message: SMS “SET <MSG>” to 7272
    • View IM message: SMS “VIEW” to 7272
    • Del IM message: SMS “DEL” to 7272
  • To Set Caller Specific Message:
    • Set IM message: “CALLER <MSISDN> <MSG>” to 7272
    • View IM message: SMS “VIEW CALLER” to 7272
    • Del IM message: SMS “DEL <MSISDN>” to 7272
  • To initiate an Intro Me Call:
    • Dial the desired number with prefix 77 For Example: 7703211234567
  • Subscription Charges:
    • For Prepaid: Rental Rs 0.30+tax / day
    • For Postpaid: Rental Rs 10+tax / month
  • Call Charges:
    • For Prepaid , there will be flat charging for calls @ Rs 1.6 +tax / min
    • For Postpaid, the call charging will be as per Tariff Plan

*Specific Intro Messages for Groups of users can also be defined

*SMS to 7272 is FOC

  • isnt it better to drop a intro sms? It will be cheaper I think and will be useful for off networks.

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