Warid Becomes the Most Socially Dedicated Brand


Warid Telecom has been ranked as number one socially devoted brand on Facebook during October 2013, said a report published by Social Bakers.

With its around 635K fans and growing, Warid has retained its top slot for socially devoted brands on Facebook since July 2013.

Average response rate for queries posted on Warid’s Facebook page remained 83 percent during October, which once touched 91 percent mark in July 2013.

The average response rate is calculated by number of questions brands answered minus question that went unanswered on its Facebook wall.

Moreover, response time by Warid against queries posted by customers on its Facebook page stood incredibly well at 267 minutes during the month of October 2013.

Not surprisingly, telecom brands have scored better amongst all sectors.

Facebook, lately, has become a hub for customers to raise voice over general and individual issues. Brands, at the same time, are taking such platforms more seriously in order to make sure that customers are reached and satisfied in person.

Not to forget, Lars Christian Iuel, CEO of Telenor Pakistan recently interacted one-on-one with customers over Facebook and Twitter.

These new channels are allowing companies to interact with masses on personal level. And this is exactly where Warid has topped the charts in local brands.

Below is the month-wise ranking of socially devoted brands on Facebook:

October 2013

Most Devoted Brands

September 2013


August 2013


July 2013


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  • Is this a way of civilized government to create hurdles in way communication networks. It’s unbelievable that now it’s a continuous norm on every eve to get mobile signals blocked thoroughly. Without even thinking about problems faced by public especially in religious festive, government just employ what they want to throw out. Though, landline is the one and only consistent means to be connected now and then with no obstacles. Thanks to this incessant and steadfast means of communication!

  • It’s totally disgraced to see frequent suspensions of mobile networks caused by government’s outrageous tactic. At every religious or countrywide occasion, blockade of mobile signals, is a must have practice by our higher most authorities but apparently this practice doesn’t carry any link to terrorism. However, on other side, landline is creating a fervent ease for its customers to make them connected seamlessly without any panic of being blocked.

  • This trend tells another very important story and that is, Social Media has finally got the attention of corporate sector in Pakistan. We as a nation have begun to appreciate other positive attributes of social media instead of just using it for building never-ending friends lists.

    Full credit goes to the telecom sector that has paved the way and I am sure that this trend will immediately be picked up by other industries in Pakistan.

    Like every emerging technology the challenge is always to use it in a positive way. Power of social media lies in generating healthy activity and engagement among brands and consumers. Unfortunately, some brands are using it in not so positive way. They are more concerned about increasing number of likes through meaningless posts rather than improving their customer services through social channels.

    • We all use Warid as i am Airforce. I think i have very good experience as using it for past 6 years – my family and friends are also Warid uers. Its a little expensive but its with best network, connectivity and really clear voice. I was using U as second SIM but had very bad experience with their CS and their call center, really sad and bad service so i never got my no back because U issued it on franchise name which has closed its business. What was my fault ? i wanted to use U but they really dont care.

  • I receive quick replies from Telenor and PTCL.
    Moblink replies but Warid and Ufone never replied. Their twitter accounts are automated posting useless incomplete headlines from their facebook pages.

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