Retailer Involved in Bulk SIM Activation Busted

Retailer Involved in Bulk SIM Activation Busted

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) jointly conducted a successful raid in Shareef Abad Mardan, and arrested two persons involved in illegal activation of SIMs.

The SIMs were activated in bulk by a registered retailer of a Franchisee which belongs to one of the Cellular Mobile Companies. PTA didn’t name the cellular company.

During the raid on the premises, a statement said, SIM activators and voter lists were taken into custody by FIA team.

Two accused are in custody of FIA for further investigation. The action is expected to provide further lead to find such retailers/sale channels involved in illegal bulk SIM activation.

It is still unclear that how many bogus SIMs are being activated on daily basis by such retailers, just to meet the targets and to grab sales’ commissions.

It maybe recalled that cellular companies have started to verify customers through Biometric Verification System in Karachi. Similar kind of verifications will be implemented throughout Pakistan with-in a year.

However, till the time of deployment of Biometric Verification System at each sales point, bulk and bogus SIM activation is likely to remain the top business for retailers and franchises.

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    • Just for ur information, there are many implications involved with activations. Firstly, Rs. 250 activation tax that needs to be paid by all CMOs on activation of a new connection. Then there is a commission named Retention commission, that is paid for the life of the connection to the franchisee. Rs. 2 is only upfront commission which is paid once.

  • still these companies are racing with each other . even they break laws .they have no worry bcaz here law enforcement agency don’t take action upon such big companies

    • companies are forcing franchisees by giving unrealistic targets. franchisees are then forced to sell sims at very nominal price and these retailers take advantage of situation..

  • Why not bring system of saudia…for prepaid must write the NID number to recharge any amount…and sim should be on users name.

      • No it was before but now they have cancelled all illegal sims…moreover one cant recharge sim without adding the iqama (resident) number while recharging…its good so that we can save many problems or can reach the people who are using illegal sims.

  • I have earlier also aired my opinion, and will like to do the same again.

    The illegal activations of SIMS will continue to happen in Pakistan, till such time the sims are sold at every corner paan shop, general store, and road-side kiosks. My opinion is the SIM must be sold only at the business center and franchises of the company. The so-called “Authorized Retailers” is just a name given to a mobile shop or PCO. Such shops do not have anything at stake, and they are willing to sell a sim to anyone for their Rs 20/= or Rs 30/= profit.

    If PTA and government are really serious to eliminate illegal SIMs, then the ONLY and best way is to ensure that sims be sold at either Mobile Operator’s business center and Franchise ONLY. As soon as PTA allows these mobile operators to
    sell sim on retail shops, then things start getting out of hand.

    The balance / Load / scratch cards may be sold at any retail shop. But the
    sim, being a Consumer Durable Product, must only be sold at Franchises.

    Further after implementation of Biometric, then a reasonable time be
    given to all 5 operators for Re-Verification of existing operational
    sims in the market.

    Mobile Operators for their own benefit will try their best to sell
    sims at maximum outlets. But now its upto PTA and Government that they
    wish to watch our national interest or benefit of operators.

    I again reiterate my earlier suggestion, thats sims be sold ONLY at Franchises and NOT on retail shops.

    • I am 100% agreed with you.. our authorities and other stake holders are considering SIM’s as a product but actually it is not…. It SHOULD be considered as a CONNECTION and dealt seriously… only Franchises and Customer Service Centers should be allowed to sale out SIM after Bio-metric activation of user and checking CNIC of customers…
      I was a part of a this industry and know about unrealistic targets assigned by companies and franchises to get maximum revenue and they never think about the way SIM would be sold out.. the only concern is SALES and SALES… at which COST.. they never think about.. which made this country such a bad place…

      • Actually the SIM should only be activated by the companies..they should receive data by net and activation should be done onlt after verification of NID number and other information from Nadra…there should be some system..which we are lacking.

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