ICH Policy to be Reviewed by December 31st: Chairman PTA

ICH Policy to be Reviewed on December 31st: Chairman PTA

ICH Policy, under which all international traffic is terminated through PTCL and revenues are shared by 14 LDI operators based on their pre-ICH market share, is to be re-visited by IT Ministry by December 31st, 2013, said Dr. Ismail Shah, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

As per a directive from PTA that was based on ICH Policy, the authority had asked all LDI operators to not to terminate international incoming traffic on their networks. Instead, PTCL was authorized to bring Pakistan’s international incoming traffic on behalf of all operators.

Moreover, ASR and APC rates were also revised with the implementation of ICH.

The new international termination rate set by the PTA was $0.088 per minute, an increase of approximately four hundred percent over the competitive market rate of approximately $0.02 per minute that existed prior to the ICH agreement.

Rates were changed as following:

Before ICH After ICH
AAR 12.5 cents / minute 17.6 cents / minute
ASR 6.25 cents / minute 8.8 cents / minute
LDI’s Share 5.0 cents / minute 5.9 cents / minute
APC 1.25 cents / minute 2.9 cents / minute


To further understand AAR, ASR and other terms used in above table, read our this coverage.

Dr. Ismail Shah in a TV show on Dunya TV yesterday said that IT Ministry going to thoroughly analyse the ICH policy and ASR rates.

He said that after proper analysis, IT Ministry might revise ASR and APC or may reverse whole ICH as a policy altogether after December 31st, 2013.

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  • I have full faith in new PTA Chairman. He is an honest person. I just hope he stands up like Wahaj Bhai for justice and fair play among all operators.

    Chairman Mohammad Yaseen who ran away to his homeland Australia (he was always an Australian national) was sucked up to the big foreign telecoms.

    • I am currently working with Dr Yaseen. He is a good person. If he is in Australia that doesn’t make him a bad person.

      • He was a very very arrogant person. I knew him.
        There’s nothing wrong with being an Australian but Chairman of PTA cannot be a dual national.

      • Good person? Seriously. Oh please. Changaiz is right. He thought no end of himself. Sala.
        Lets see how he does in Australia which is more meritocratic than Pakistan.

  • PTA should Terminate ICH Effective Immediately and Launch new Policy.Current ICH policy only created Problems for Government and People.

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