Cellular Subscribers in Pakistan Reach 132.33 Million

Cellular subscribers in Pakistan reached 132,333,853 at the end of November 2013, as per stats made available by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

All five operators added 800,071 subscribers during the month of November 2013, while around 2 million subscribers were added during October 2013. Zong remained the major contributor for both the months, with over one million subscribers’ addition during October 2013 only, which is quite amazing but its astonishingly strange.

Teledensity for cellular subscribers reached all time high at 73.5 percent.

Mobilink still leads the market with 37.72 million subscribers, while Telenor remains at second slot with 33 million subscribers. Ufone came along on third position with its 25 million subscribers.

Zong is fast catching up with Ufone with 23.72 million subscribers.

Warid managed to end the month with 12.87 million subscribers.





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  • Zong can make 3rd slot by expanding network coverage. Per my personal experience, Zong becomes unavailable ahead of Jalalpur Jattan, Gujrat.

  • People are losing interest in Ufone and Warid since last few months. They should come up with new ideas and new marketing strategies.

  • Zong is showing good performance as for number of customers is concerned but very poor quality, warid is best quality network

  • how come after recent network quality degradation of Telenor we still see such strong numbers? either there is something behind these number which is not very clear, or public does not wants quality for money and is just interested in cheap service… which is actually not cheap in reality and a common person does not understands that…my take Warid has Best quality and simple rates…not the minimum but also not the maximum…

      • The most pathetic network of Pakistan is telenor. Still warid rocks we are now using Warid as our corporate operator before that we were at telenor and believe me that telenor is worst network and most expensive.

        • lol, how delusional of u, warid rocks to dekh lain zara, sab say less subscribers, sub say less revenue, no operating profit in any year since it started, looses money everyday, and customers like u keep “warid rocks” , saari dunya “corporate sector” nahi hai mulk dekh lain baaki bhee if u can open ur eyes

        • could you be more specific? Warid has the smallest footprint in terms of coverage & didn’t invest in market for quite some time (being up for sale)! Telenor on the other hand has the most modern network in local market & is expanding day be day!

          • Telenor is the best and let the warid have some rest..The poor people cann’t even afford license of next generation mobile. Test bhaiya “Warid rocks” per hi rehna agey na ana. u know warid’s slogan has changed from “Warid we care” to “Warid -we don’t care” lolz

  • many People are losing interest in Ufone and Warid since last few months. They should come up with new ideas and new marketing strategies.

  • Interesting to see ZonG is taking up the challenge. Hoping to see the leading network of Pakistan in a year or so!

  • sorry to say but zong is totally fail in my area, i have alots ufone tower if some one off others ready for signal. mobilink , telenor service is also reliable in area

  • I don’t believe this report.
    I mentioned several times that there is hardly 1 mobilink user out of 10 cell phone users
    1 Telenor user out of 5 cell phone user.
    So in this list, it is preposterous to mention Mobilink and Telenor at top.

  • Good to see that Mobilink is still leading the market, No doubt mobilink was also facing customer retention problem some months ago or about an year ago but they have realized the problem quickly and changed their strategies to remain competitive in the market. they have re-branded and introduced good voice and data offers. its offers are relatively cheap than others…. I am hoping that Mobilink will do good after introduction of 3G…

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