Nokia Announces Treasure Tags so You Don’t Forget Your Possessions at Home

Nokia Tags

Don’t make me tell you that the realization in the middle of the market that you’ve forgotten your keys at home is an unpleasant feeling. Because it is. If you’re one of those unlucky kind who are prone to misadventures like these, perhaps Nokia can help you.

It has announced a new accessory called Treasure Tag that attaches to your keys, or wallets, or whatever to remind that you’re forgetting something dear.

Nokia Treasure Tags connect to your phone via NFC or Bluetooth. It is powered by a replaceable coin cell. Nokia Treasure Tags will be available in a plethora of colours (since it is made by Nokia). Each phone can get paired with up to four tags.

In case you and your phone get too far from the Tag, both of them will emit a loud beep to remind you that luck is on your side.

Don’t own a Windows Phone? You don’t need to. The apps which pair with the accessory are available on iOS as well as Android so you can use it even if you don’t own a Windows Phone.

As for the Microsoft party, only Lumias with the Black update installed are welcome.



Price? $30 for a single tag. That’s what you call steep and not-so-sensible since this thing measures just 30 x 30 x 10mm in size. I can buy a large bundle of sticky notes for that money and use them for the rest of my life with ease.

But then again, which app pairs with sticky notes which, just as you are thinking, are prone to disbanding you at will?

The $30 digital, alerting sticky note-counterpart will be available in April.

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  • Nice idea, specially the part which says it can paired with ios and android. One concern here would be loss of battery of cell phone due to constant switched on state of bluetooth or NFC. Another thing is price, something like $5 to $8 would be more sensible. After all we get some fully functional phones under PKR 1000 to 1200.

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