Beware of Frauds on OLX and Other Classified Websites


While technology and e-commerce brings numerous benefits to the masses, technology too can be twisted, moulded and put to use to harm others. This is exactly what has been happening with some buyers looking to purchase products online on OLX.

Individuals posing as credible sellers of various products have been posting pictures of items and are luring in buyers by posting very low and tempting prices for these goods.

When these buyers are contacted they state that they are out of town and ask for money to be transferred to their bank account or sent through easypaisa, mobicash, and other such services.

These individuals then promise to deliver the goods once the payment is received; however, they disappear once the payment is made.

One such story of an individual being ripped of in such a way is on OLX right now. According to this individual, he sent a laptop seller money but never received the product. To warn other potential buyers  of this fraud he has shared the CNIC and mobile number of the person allegedly carrying out these activities.

This information as presented by this individual is given below for your benefit.

CNIC: 35202-4658257-5

Cell # 0322-2208878

Cell # 0332-4220868

Cell # 0320-3390973

With the recently drafted cyber crime bill we might be able to see a drop in such instances. On your part you can ensure that you do not send money to anyone without first receiving the item you are looking to buy.

OLX and all other such websites are accessible to everyone out there as they are just platforms to enable buyers and sellers to meet. Such websites and blogs do not ensure that advertisements being placed on their websites are from an authentic seller.

Be extra careful when a product is being sold at a considerably lower price as compared to its market value, for instance don’t expect an i5 Laptop for Rs. 19,000 only. It is your responsibility to carefully vet both the individual selling the product and the product being sold before paying anything.

  • Azi

    Good…. thanks for information

    • BadReviewer

      at last, propakistani tried to be true. :-)

  • Zahid Butt

    In Pakistan you are not suppose to Pay before you get.

  • SA

    Very True

  • Omair Ahmed

    And..beware from people who put others mobile number just to tease him/her. I called to X number and literately she abused the one who had put the number on the web-site.

  • mohsinraja

    i buy two internet products successes fully through olx, but one think is clear not every one same so buy any thing with fresh mind

  • Salman Qureshi

    Why would you send ANYONE money before getting a product. Its OLX not EBAY.. Its Pakistan… not USA

  • shujaswati

    you forgot to mention TIEN’s fake job hiring advertisements.

    • Najam

      You seem to have some experience with them…. :D

      • talha92

        glad you can laugh at someone elses misery.

        • Najam

          Allah nay aankhen di han to istamal bhi karo na, avi kon cheezen khareed leta h :p

  • Muhammad Umer

    well the one wo got mugged he was so dumb its so natural that he got mugged who n the world will give u macbook in 20000 that price itself is shrieking its a fraud, whats more he even paid without getting the goods. i dnt feel sorry for him at all

    • talha92

      yep bro dont feel sorry kal ko ap k sath agar koi doctor fake injection laga de to phir ap ko b yehi kahein? amreeka se ja k ilaj karwata yahaan kyun karwaya. very amazing logic bravo to you.
      this man after fraud is trying to warn people. theek hai what he did, now he istrying to make it right by warning others. or ap ulta kaam kar rahe ho. shabash. no wonder this nation is where it is with so called “educated” people.

  • Detective

    CNIC number can easily be verified through any mobile number by just Rs.10+ tax service by NADRA. Secondly, 3 mobile numbers are sufficient to trace the culprits. Affectee should immediately contact police.

  • Najam

    Dude he might have forgot put an extra zero on right…. :/

  • bhai simple say formula hai jis city main ap ho wahen say buy karo aur agar cheez bht zada sassti offer ho rahi ho tou us ki taraf dekho bhi na QK ap say bary bary log market main mojod hain jo us cheez ko us ki demand say zada pay buy kar laen gay… lallach buri bala hai …..

    • talha92

      most sensible post of this topic. and strange author didnt include this point.

  • its 100% true, lakin afsos yeh hai k hamari police bekar hai, warna id card number hone k bawjood asa ho raha hai… shame on Pk Police !!!

  • Madiha Naqvi

    hahhaha aisa bhe hota h kya ky koe product milnay sy pehlay pay kr dy???? its fake story.. aaj kal koe itna bewaqoof nhn ho sakta

    • Hassam

      Je esa hota ha.

  • Hassam

    But you shouldn’t encourage the idea of sending the good in the first place, people can be mugged in that way. There should be some kind of rules which can be applied on both parties, now again that question who will make the rules and who will enforce them well our government and our industry are not capable or i say interested enough in doing such things right now.

    My recent experience.

    I have Posted an AD on olx for selling my phone, so i get a call from a girls she was interested in buying my cell so she said and i quote “I can send you the money via easypaisa after that you can send me the product or maybe we can do this the other way around”. I’m not saying she was trying to mug me. Oh wait, she might be we cannot rule out any possibility, as in general not in this case, she was sincerely interested she also said i should come to her city but with a little push i can convince her to send me the money first but i didn’t but some guys are looking for that opportunity like above article said or i can send her the Phone but i didn’t do that also instead that i tried to explain what i’m doing here.

    Kindly don’t take chances on yours or your Parents money, Always deal Hand to Hand especially on OLX or try to deal on a reputed site which fallow some sets of rules to protect you

    For those who says ye Pakistan ha i know in what scene you said that, That kind should look at there self before judging anyone especially there country.

    • talha92

      yes agree, and some cases by ofering low price, people called to desolate or less populate area then…..

  • Samad

    Moral of this story is to protect yourself. Don’t be foolish with your money or with your items, use your head and deal with the seller or buyer face to face. OLX is an Indian site and they will not care at all if you loose your money or anything. They don’t exist physically in Pakistan so they are protected, besides it is not their responsibility to protect you in any case. Also, Olx does not check any ads that are posted on the site, so there are many fraudulant ads posted all the time. Sites like and both check all ads that are posted on their site and are local Pakistani sites, we should support our local brands as much as possible and encourage them in their works.

    • farrukh

      olx is not an indian site , its a world wide classified site ,

      • Samad

        The Pakistani OLX site is run by the Indian olx group, so basically it is Indian.

        • shaziarizwan

          Yes, we should only promote Pakistani classified ads site, I google it and found few more sites
 (this site has indian version as well, so not sure Pakistani, Indian or global)

          But dekho and adverts seems to be Pakistani sites. But I will say olx is really easy to browse.

          • talha92

   also local and their forums support all deals problems means if u want to return, or u have bad or damaged item they will make the seller return it they have good system

        • talha92

          as is jew tv.

  • Noaman Ahmed

    how can you be sure key bhai cnic us hi ki hai

    • Samad

      That is true, can be wrong cnic. I think pakwheels verifies cnic.

  • farrukh

    i bought and sold dozen phones , lcd , console games , and even bought 1 and sold 2 cars via olx , when using OLX keep 1 simple rule in mind if its tooo good to be true , then its surely a fake , just ask your self how any 1 can sell apple mac book in 19K ? :P

    • talha92

      sometime greed blind u. u wont believe but educated graduates are sending money for promise of job that came in sms.

  • mohsinraja

    farrukhi totally agree with you. choose right option when you buy any thing.

  • Samad

    Dekho is from swedish company.
    Adverts is Pakistani but difficult to browse
    Locanto is also not Pakistani but foreign run
    Pakwheels is pakistani and easy to browse
    Bolee is pakistani and easy to browse

    So we have many Pakistani options, lets stick to Pakistani and stay away from Indian like olx and swedish like dekho

    • talha92

      add one more. pakgamers

  • Yasir Mahmood

    Nice Article AfterAll

  • Uzair

    Happened with me too, love st 26k :(

  • Abdul Hannan

    I have been victim of fraud. I contacted the person selling jazz wingle. he taken money into his jazz cash account number 03022547899 Rupees 2800, but never sent the product. kindly take strict action against him. his mobile number is 03023663247.