Candy Monster a Simple yet Addictive Game


It was inevitable, technology has made gaming a passion now regardless of any age and profession. Every other day, a new game is launched that actually differs from the previous ones. From such cluster of games; Candy Monster by Folio3 is one that stands out.

As evident by its name, Candy Monster is a whole bashing and a free platform survival game for Android Smartphones and tablets with eye-catching interface. It is a simple yet fun-filled game consisting of cute and loveable character Camo (the monster with a massive sweet tooth).

The game revolves around this monster in a vibrant world full of candies; the user has to guide Camo on his candy munching chase. During Camo’s jumps across platforms the user also has to avoid obstacles like greasy, thorny and vanishing surfaces throughout the game. Additionally, a power-up feature has been added in the form of magnet to help Camo out, allowing him to catch more candies and use rockets to burn across obstacles leading to boost the speed.

Quick glance at features under the game:

  • Stunning visuals and interface overall.
  • It allows player to buy upgrades for Camo( a candy monster) with candy along with extra lives, rocket fuel for additional flying time as well as candy multipliers and magnet time allocating longer magnet usage.
  • Players will not feel bored as it carries assorted levels every time.
  • Multiple power ups with magnet and rockets allowing speedy game.
  • Numerous un-lockable stages and presence of wider varieties of platforms make players energetic and attentive towards this game.
  • Along with GREE leader boards & achievements, players can compete with their friends’ circle and post their high scores on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Bonus Levels are also included in the game.

Some screenshots for Candy Monster:




So far, with its bright animated graphics, this game has successfully been able to invite android users to play and indulge in the colorful world of candies. So far the game has garnered in around 2500 reviews on Google Play store while downloads have reached an incredible one million mark.

The game can be downloaded by clicking here.

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