Wateen Telecom Participates in Pakistan CIO Summit 2014


Wateen Telecom participated in the recently concluded CIO SUMMIT 2014. The aim of the summit was to bring together top influencers and leaders from the IT industry to discuss solutions for Pakistan’s IT needs and companies to showcase their products and services. The theme for the summit was ‘Solutions for Tomorrow’, which integrated with various sessions and panel discussions on Big Data Analytics for Better Decision Making, Information Security: a Continues Challenge, Enterprise Mobility Management, and Cloud Migration for Cost Savings.

Wateen Telecom was a co-sponsor of this summit.

The CIO SUMMIT was attended by international and local dignitaries, CIOs, IT Heads, decision makers, and influencers from banking, finance, telecom, energy and manufacturing.

Mr. Mohammad Azeem, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Wateen Telecom with other dignitaries from public and private sector including Mohammad Zubair, Minister of State for Privatisation and  Chairman, Privatisation Commission, Government of Pakistan, Prof. Atta-Ur-Rahman, FRS Former Federal Minister of Science & Technology, Dr Frank Harper Principal and Chief Innovation Officer, Intelligent Systems, USA, Nadeem A. Malik Director – Enterprise Business Group, Huawei Technologies and Adnan Qazi Chief Information Officer (CIO)Toyota were also part of this summit.

Mr. Mohammad Azeem, CTO Wateen Telecom expressed his thoughts about the Security of data, highlighting Wateen’s largest fiber network presence in the country. He emphasized on much needed 3G technology, which will create so many opportunities for all, and also discussed the challenges we have to deal with after the arrival of 3G technology.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Mohammad Azeem said, “The CIO SUMMIT is an excellent opportunity to build prospect relationships with top influencers and business heads from multiple industries of Pakistan to achieve remarkable success by maintaining mutually beneficial connections across the country. With the amalgamation of Technology, this event is a step towards strengthen relations with all those who are willing to work for betterment of the country  and we at Wateen Telecom are delighted to be part of such initiative.”

The two day summit was attended by over 5,000 delegates, providing them with a framework to adapt to the upcoming technologies and available solutions.

A few images from the event can be viewed below.

Panel Discussion on Enterprise Mobility Management.
Left to Right: Muhammad Azeem –CTO Wateen, Mohsin Termezy , Saad Muzaffar Waraich and Imran Daudi
Saad Muzaffar Waraich – CIO UFone Presenting a memento to Mohammad Azeem – CTO


  • It is amazing state of affairs that Wateen is showing & playing leading roles in the development of the country but its own domestic projects are sinking day by day are being ignored by the management and company KPI have negative trend since last more than one and half year specially after the catastrophic FIRE CASE of the company headquarter at Lahore during the Febuary-2012. Cited below are the burning ground realities to understand the company’s real time values.

    A-Share price of any company is the key indicater of its face value and Wateen ten rupee share price has dropped to @ 4.5 rupee.

    B-Wateen share has been dropped from the Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad stock market.

    C-Wateen WIMAX business is facing down fall day by day.

    D-Commercial cities like Mulatan, Raheemyar Khan,
    Bahawalpur, Gujeranwala and Jehlem are going to shutdown from the end of
    April-2014 but sale has been stopped from 1st March-2014. However, Faisalabad city had already been shutdown during 2012.

    E-It is worth to mention that major reasons of Wateen WIMAX business shutdown is un-availability of new devices and company financial condition cannot afford to keep the WIMAX operation continue.

    F-Major three commercial cities Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad running business is being thrown in the lap of Qubee.

    G-Nine USF cities are also taking last breath due to unavailability of WIMAX devices stock with the company.

    But it is miracles that instead of furnishing own house Wateen management
    is decorating the stage of others. The money that is being spent on decoration
    could be utilized for the betterment of the sinking projects or resources could
    be used to boost the value of its share price so that share holders can get
    their minimal real investment back.

  • I visited the stall during the networking breaks on both days. While the other stalls had something to offer e.g AMFCO, C-Square, VDI, Rapidcompute etc, the Wateen stall was empty and the people standing there had nothing to discuss. They had a boring presentation running on the tv and that’s it. It was sad to see Wateen sink to such a level.

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