Mobile Companies Start Offering 3G Services to their Employees


As per trial 3G license offered to all mobile phone phones in Pakistan, cellular mobile phone operators have started offering 3G services to their employees, our sources in various telecom companies have confirmed.

According to the information we have been receiving, 3G services are offered to employees of telecom companies in various cities, but with-in the proximity of their respective office buildings.

These trials are aimed at hardening the network and to configure the capacities of 3G network before commercial launch after the auction of 3G/4G licenses later this month.

Those have tested the wireless broadband over 3G confirmed ProPakistani that they have been receiving high-speed internet on their smartphones. They told us that speeds have been satisfactory with pretty good connectivity. Skype calling and internet browsing is said to be decent.

Mobile phone operators are aggressively testing the capacities of their network or 3G readiness across the country. Countless users have experienced high-speed 3G mobile internet at various location across the country.

Mobile phone companies told ProPakistani that they are offering 3G services to limited users as per trial license terms. They said that commercial usage of the service is not allowed till the auction of next-gen licenses.

Almost all mobile phone companies are going to compete in 3G/4G license auction that is planned for April 23rd, 2014.

There are total three 3G and two 4G licenses to be auctioned in Pakistan.

Share your experience in below comments if you are one of those have experienced 3G services on your smartphone.

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  • Kindly tell me Aamir if you have any information regarding Zong ?? if there is 3G testing of their network or anything ??

  • Zong is already offering their 3G network to their employees within the premise. I witnessed this in MSC near Millennium Mall Karachi.

  • I am sad, because there are only three 3G licence, how Warid will able to get 3G? or Does it possible that all the five operator get 3G licence?

    • Warid will eventually get the license after two years or so…right now, they are concentrating on Wateen’s network as Huawei is upgrading their infrastructure for 4g wimax

      • I don’t think so! They will get 3G soon otherwise their entire company will unable to maintain their customer level.

        • @alamdarraza:disqus: Ericsson got contract from Warid to upgrade 1000 sites on 4G in four major cities and already Lahore has 130 sites on LTE (4G). Telenor and Zong are most late to update it network.

          • It’s not like all 132 million mobile phone subscribers are gonna start using 3g as soon as the services are launched…there are are still people in Pakistan who don’t know and don’t even wanna know how to use a smartphone, village and tribal areas…so 3g is gonna take at least 2-3 years to mature and for awareness to spread, and warid has a chance to to improve their service quality in village areas…plus i read somewhere that the PTA said that if there are more than 3 telecoms bidding for 3g, then one or two blocks of 10mhz may be halved…so there would be 2 × 10 mhz and 2 × 5 mhz for 3g…plus i found this pic from some user on twitter

            • This is awesome speed better than our DSL but i dont know how much they will charge for 2-3MBPS connection, in BD telenor is charging 1000 taka for 1mbps.

            • Somewhat Agree! then why our government is expecting to earn 1$ billion dollars through 3G auction as well as through this auction will help to generate 10 millions jobs? Awarness about 3G is not a big problem.Our 50% population can read and to write, they will able to use 3G technology :)

              • The price of 5 mhz would be 147.5 million…if all licenses are sold, and at least 50 % of all every licence fee would be payed, government makes 800 million on the spot, the rest would be payed in installments…i think they rounded up 800 million to 1 billion, since nobody is exact in our country lol :D

                • According to your opinion what will be its reason that Warid is unable to get 3G? Warid has fewer customers as compared to other operator, then it means that it is poor company and will unable to pay even 147.5 million dollars for 3G bidding.Some people are saying that in Lahore, there are 100 sites on 4G, does it mean Warid will participate for 3G or 4G auction. I don’t understand what is going on :D

                  • Those 100 sites on 4G are Wateen and Qubee towers which Huawei are upgrading for 4G Wimax, they will have upgraded all sites all over 5 major cities by next month…reason for warid not getting 3G license ? Few licenses mean heavier bidding…if PTA decides to break 10 mhz and sell two 5 mhz, then companies will bid harder for their licenses. It is obvious Warid is having financial problems, they were selling themselves a couple of months ago, but if they be patient, they will get their license in a couple of years and they it is enough time to make a financial turnaround.

              • Lol…i belong to a village in the seraiki area, from which i come and go every week…wahan kay jo 40 years + log jo mazdori, khaytee bari kartay hain, unhain phir aap sikha dain smartphones istimal karna.

          • Does it mean Warid will participle for 3G bidding? It will be a big deal that 1000 sites on 4G in four major cities. Then why Warid did not test 4G or 3G just like other operator?

          • Where did u hear about this contract news…telenor was the first to complete its network upgatde process :s …it’s already testing on 3g and even on 4g as well.

    • There is a very fair chance Warid will get 3G licences being working in Warid I can assure you warid is participating in Auction as Warid is no more selling themselves they are considering a relaunch which can be boosted by 3G

        • Yeah! You are right! There is a reason, in my areas there is no fast internet available i.e., PTCL DSL, Wateen and even EVO etc. I am using 2G for many years. That is why I am
          Extremely waiting for 3G and 4G :)

          • Good same conditions are here I am using evo 3G but i get only 2 signals here and internet speed is too slow :)

    • How can we believe this picture is taken with 3G/4G in Pakistan.
      Don’t take me Negative.These pictures are available on internet in countless number.

    • 26mb Hahahahhahhhah Shakal dekhi hai aenay main apni ?? either it will be 2 mb or 6mb speed that we will receive not more !!

  • Slaam Friends How can we beleive on some pictures shared here that whether they are real or not because there are many similar pictures available on internet.

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