3G / 4G Auction to Begin Tomorrow at 10:00 AM


The final round of spectrum auction for 3G and 4G technologies is all set to commence tomorrow, April 23rd, 2014 at 10:00 AM, that’s just hours away from now.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is all prepared to conduct the auction after it exercised full-fledge mock auction yesterday. PTA officials told ProPakistani that all qualified cellular operators participated in the mock auction to understand the procedures and rules associated with the auction process.

Authority said that with mock-auction completed, all operators will now enter into the final round of auction where they will bid for their desired spectrum.

PTA hasn’t revealed any information regarding the type (3G or 4G) and amount of spectrum that operators will bid for. However, we know that a total of 30Mhz in 2100Mhz band while 20Mhz in 1800Mhz band will be auctioned in lots.

While all participating operators, namely Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor and Zong, will take part in bid from their head-offices through internet, an auction hall is being setup in Islamabad where PTA officials, members of auction committee and media will be present to witness the auction.

Bids are likely to start with the base price. Each bid will be expire after 45 minutes before which operators will be allowed to bid higher to become standard highest bidder.

At the end of auction, the standard higher bidder will be granted the spectrum and a license to offer next-generation licenses.

Auction may continue for several hours – if not days – till we get the final winners.

Yes, ProPakistani will bring you live minute-to-minute updates from the auction hall. Be here by 10:30 AM tomorrow.

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  • Yes, ProPakistani will bring you live minute-to-minute updates from the auction hall. Be here by 10:30 AM tomorrow. THATS THE BIG THING.

  • My Prediction:

    4G: Telenor / Zong

    3G: Ufone / Mobilink

    Fingers Crossed :)

    Hopefully all will be done before Lunch at Islamabad Marriott Hotel :)

    • Live stream would be there. But since bidders won’t be present in the hall that will become meaningless. Updates will be brought to you in any case.

      • Aamir bhai, kindly explain something… Does a country’s telecommunication board have to get a spectrum license from an organization, like a world frequency allocation board or something, to sell them to operators through an auction, or do they have just spare spectrum lying around which they can sell anytime?… Just curious, since the pta could have sold more spectrum in the 2100 mhz band.

        • Spectrum is the asset of the government. They don’t need permission from anybody. If they aren’t selling it now, then they are probably saving it for future time.

          • Then why not sell four bands of 3g spectrum? Everybody gets an equal piece, more competition, less prices… And most important of all, more revenue for the government.

            • Then there would be no point of auction, there are four most probable candidates right now, if they all now know they are gonna get spectrum, then no one is going to try bidding higher than other. Remaining operator can get license 18 month later, no issue. Let the gov make money man :-)

              • With 3 licenses or 2 licenses, they could make more money because there would still be 4 candidates who want 3G. Right now all the candidates have to bid the minimum to get what they want, it seems.

  • Thanks Propakistani
    I daily visit this web for 3G/4G updates and i will also visit in tomorrow for further news and updates.

  • Aamir Bhai – we will be here tomorrow – InshaAllah !

    Kindly increase the server CPU, RAM and BW as tomorrow we will suck all your resources :)

  • Remember Telcos will provide free of charge 3g services in auction hall, so Mr.Aamir will also get the taste if he’ll be present directly in that hall :D

  • “Yes, ProPakistani will bring you live minute-to-minute updates from the auction hall. Be here by 10:30 AM tomorrow.” Love you @propk I was scrolling hard to see this sentence and finally found at the end:D

  • As we all know auction is just few hours away I think Propakistani should start a poll until auction time. poll should ask for the final license winners ( I know this survey was already conducted but in that survey Warid and New entrants were included but if you conduct new survey there will be only 4 operators)

  • Hi everyone i am ine of the employee of Telenor 3G sector as u people talking about when u should able to get 3G in your Phones so listen me it will not take more than 1 month because as a member of 3G sector team in Lahore i m Using 3G on My smartphone from last 1 Month as PTA given us A trial License. I encountered The Maximum speed of 7.5 Mb/S(download) and 2.4 mb/s(Upload) in Main market Gulberg telenor Tried it best To provide high quality 3G in Commercial Areas like Liberty market, main market etc. Areas like canal bank road, Shajamal, Etc are going to get 3.5-3.0 Mb/S download speed. And remote areas like DHA phase 8 and Inner City lahore able to get 1-1.5 Mb/S spees bcz of some reasons. I also sends some speed test of main market to FB page of pro Pakistani. Inshallah You Guyz gonna get amazing service of 3G from telenor after Ufone.

    • Aisi Batye sab ko nai batatye chanda :) competition bi dekh raha hota hia Propakistani :)
      2ndly abhi jo speed k mazye app lay rahye hian, due to limited users jab Sari koom subscribe karye gi special like gulberg in Lahore Choke ho jaye gi speed yahi tu Rola ho jana hia when such sites will be choked due to maximum number of subscribers lets see how all license holders will deal with such issues. we have current example of PTC EVO in some areas u will get best speed and in some areas like gulberg you will get slow speeds.

      • In Izmir i checked the speed 3.3 mb download dont knw about bahria but From mall toad to till Izmir canal bank toad i checked it.

    • pya yehi poore pakistan mein launch kare na hum se ab intzar nahi our abhi be telenor sirf major city mein 3g de ge na?

  • I hope tomorrow will be a better day for the nation, the telecom sector and the subscribers. We were desperately waiting for this day and we hope that things gonna conclude smoothly.

    my prediction for 3G/4G:

    4G : Mobilink + Zong
    3G : Telenor + Ufone

    • It’s a great day coming in about half an hour wen we’ll having a jump of 1.8 GDP inatantly… Question arising in ma mind is that y news channels are silent on it while trying to make a point out of couple of bullets in a waste flesh… @khi few days back.

  • who shall give bandwidth to these 3/4 g providers? Is it going to be the same damned, eunuch, sheeet, skunk monopoly called PeeTCL?

  • So today is the day and i guess
    Mobilink & Zong will go for 3g and 4g
    Telenor and ufone for only 3g….

    Lets see……
    Waiting for auction……..

    • 19:52 Updated : 19:55 by ProPakistani

      We have confirmation that Zong and Mobilink have won 10Mhz, while Telenor and Ufone have won 5Mhz blocks for 3G spectrum.

      However, this isn’t official yet.

      As i already guess

  • can any body guide me about the band as 1800 Mhz is used in 2G technology then why it is being auctioning in 3G? Thanks.

  • A successful auction well done Pakistan Government and PTA and great contribution of telecos companies and congrats Pakistan government

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