How Has Been Your 3G Experience During Trial Period?


Its been at least a week now since telecom operators started free 3G trials in various cities of Pakistan.

Currently three operators are offering 3G services in at least seven major cities of the Pakistan, while Zong is gearing up to commence its trial services with-in next few days.

As of today, mobile phone companies are offering Free 3G services in following cities:

  • Ufone: Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi
  • Telenor: Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi
  • Mobilink: Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Quetta, Peshawar
  • Zong: Yet to commence 3G Trials, it will start with Lahore

We know that you might not be much pleased with the 3G coverage of cellular companies since its just the beginning, however, we are interested to hear from you regarding the 3G service experience in 3G covered areas.

So just ahead and participate in below poll to help us determine your experience with 3G services.

Just to add, Your 3G experience is only going to get better with the commercial launch of 3G services but with charges for data that you will consume.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Ufone has offered 3G services on “Selective numbers”, and not all the customers. They are telling lies in their commercials.

    • Brother yeah technology humain bhi bata dain where operator can restrict services on basis of selective numbers?

    • Call 333. They will enable 3G on your handset from their system. I was having sort of same problem but now its working just totally fine.

      • This is WrOng yar :/ TelenOr ki Trah saB Users pe 3G KhOlna Chaie nA :( Call kar k Time or Pese DoNo waste Hote han :(

        • maf krdo yr, telenor jesa zalel koi ni he jsne karachi me srf cliftion me 3g open kia he. baqi area se kia tklef he, agr baqi area me open ni krskte tu apne kachra smet kr waps chale jaen !

          • yar Clifton se Teen Hatti tak Poori Line me 3G Dere han ye, me Allah wali Chorangi se Teen Hatti tak roz Net use karta ata hun

            • ye map shru ise itna hi area cover krha he cz telenor kl ye karachi itna sa hi he, only south karachi is coverd with some central. sahi fol bnarhe hen logo ko, again agr pora ya most of karachi cover ni krskte tu apna failure declare kren. ghatya carrier !

  • Ufone Ne Sab No.s pe 3G Avail Ni Kia hA, Call kar k 3G Khulwana Par ra ha, kOi Esa TareeKa ni Jisse BageR CalL k 3G KhuL jae ??

  • I’ve stopped using 3G since it drains my mobile’s battery much faster. Need to upgrade to a mobile with longer battery. Had been using telenor free 3G in E-11. Awesome download speed. Downloaded a 1.2 GB android game in less than an hour.

    • 3g on cell phones are not ideal for those who want continous browsing on their cell phones because device gets too warm and battery drains too fast as compare to wifi.
      so those persons who have already access to wifi should still stick to it.

  • I rated Ufone 3G in Islamabad ‘Excellent’ because I was getting 2+Mbps everywhere. But my biggest gripe is that the network kept switching between 3G and EDGE. It costed me around 100/- PKR.

      • I can’t. Since my Nexus 4 only shows option to choose between 2G or 3G. No WCDMA ONLY option for me.. And selecting 3G means it automatically jumps to 2G in case of no 3G network.

      • there are hidden menus in these phone,same happened with me on LG Optimus G Pro and i found a sceret hidden menu from where i selectred WCDMA only now when im not in 3G area i loose signals.but thats very rare.but still saves me Money!

      • there are hidden menus in these phone,same happened with me on LG Optimus G Pro and i found a sceret hidden menu from where i selectred WCDMA only now when im not in 3G area i loose signals.but thats very rare.but still saves me Money!

        • Secret Hidden Menu :D
          Mobile ko q Dosh Dete ho ? :D ye bOlo k Awaam itni Bechari ha k usey apne mobile k barey me b ni pta :D

  • Speed is around 1 MB which is nothing… as compare to others :) UFONE Shahrah-e-faisal…Karachi

  • i used telenor and ufone in various parts of the city.

    it was below average as compared to other countries where i have experienced it. Downloading speed was 150 average in clifton area for both but in pechs area it was 25/30 for ufone.
    Ufone has better coverage than Telenor.

    Overall, it just ok for me

  • So my experience with 3G …. “BAQWAS”.

    Never had any high expectations to begin with. 3G k name p DHABBA hay BC. Speed and Quality of Service check karo zara.

    Sad state is that people actually thought we would start getting international level speeds (and quality), completely ignoring that PTCL has been playing the same game since years.

    • internationaly? i use to get around 3Mbps on O2 UK and Three UK.n now im getting 2Mbps on ufone.bhaiya area ki baat he

      • I was basically hinting on the “quality of service” of 3G/4G, which could be attached to the fact that they are pretty early in this stage, hence the shitty speeds. So far, Ufone has disappointed me THE MOST, with their shady business deals (like saying 3G is free till official launch), and their sturdiest on earth quality on 3G service. Serves them right for not winning a 10Mhz license.

  • MOBILINK – strange

    I have not experienced Mobilink 3G due to their unique practice. They have allowed everyone to experience it free (chaprasi, chowkidar, masi, even bhangi) but did not allow to corporate customers who are ultimate users of this type of services.

    When i called their help line they were helpless…….

    any comments on

    • I’m a Mobilink corporate user & enjoying 3g. the only thing it is avalible in selected areas of selected cities. check ur coverage area at their website

    • I’m also a corporate user, using mobilink business series, pro user, and also enjoying 3G in my area, in Rawalpindi. Request for new sim or check your settings, hope this will help you.

    • Man, you have some nerves, just because you have been given a phone by a third rate corporation, you are abusing the working class people.

    • No offense to you Riz Bro but its been 20 days that i am using 4G on my Indigo Sim card. I live in North naziambad but my office is Near Passport office and still i am getting 4G coverage. I dont Know why its just me talkin abt 4G here i never heard here or anywhere Mobilink user who’s said that he/she used 4G .Strange:S

  • i think there should be a poll for which operator is providing good 3g services.. maybe during 3g trail period or maybe after they launch it commercially.. but in any case it should be interesting to look at

      • its ppl’s opinions actually.. they not promoting any cellular service its what ppl think from different cities so whatever result will be if they do it its of all the cities have 3g already.. its another way to look at how 3g is doing so far in all of pakistan

  • I m waeid user mager main nay ufone aur telenor try kea room main 3g signal mai atay

    • Billa Badmash Bhai , help line pay calls kr k 3G services active krwao pehly phir chaly ge 3G , agr ap coverage area men hoy to

      • Bhar open area main 3g signal atay hain aur use b hota hai mager ghar ya offixe main 3g signal he nai atay

  • Hi, I have bought Mobilink sim two days ago to enjoy 3G trial as I thought Mobilink’s 3G would be best to try.. but unfortunately , 3G is not working .. My friends are using in Blue Area Islamabad where as I cannot connect to 3G network and it just switches back to 2G :( really disappointing :(

    • Bhai abi companies ny officially 3G launch nhi ke , is liy paryshan hony ke zarort nhi , jesy he officially launch kren gy us k baad sub log easily use kr saken gy , so don’t worry , or Mobilink help line pay call kro gy , 3G services active krwao gy (jo k 48 hours say pehly active nhi hoti) to phir ap use kr pap gy , Good Luck

      • Hmm I have got a call from Mobilink after I tweeted them on twitter.. they said that my number is not registered in 3G service , they have sent the request and I will be able to use 3G service in 48 hours which I think is ridiculous :) which made me laugh LOL

  • Bhai ufone walo nay abhi tak Peshawar MGW may 3G equipments install he nahi kia. Service shuro karna toa bad ki bat hay….

  • Is the license awarding ceremony of 3G and 4G licenses still scheduled for the 10th of May? Hope the admin can have an answer.

  • I’m having good experience with Telenor 3G. Browsing and download speed has been great so far. I have used it in I-8 Markaz and G-9 Markaz, Islamabad.

      • this is true since Kashmir and GB are autonomous and under administrative control of Pakistan for example like Hongkong (China)

      • They are disputed areas, same like earlier you don’t have telecom licenses in these areas and i guess SCO is the only operator there.
        We can say that why the operator in your area is not in Pakistan ?
        The problem is that it may be a hurdle in Army communication system
        Dont think it as a discrimination. The license for disputed areas will be issued later on same as 2G networks.

        • no we have all the telecom companies operating here we have evo 3g aswell the edge service also works and all the sites here are 3g ready than why this

          • I know now you have all services, but not at the same time as they launch in whole Pakistan.
            It will take some time, as the license for these areas are not valid in any disputed territory.
            Wait for some time and after successful launch in Pakistan the telcos will granted permission after the approvals from concerning authorities.
            It happens same in Indian Kashmir, they gel 3G services a bit later because of these issues.
            Its not your fault but doesn’t mean its PTA or government fault.

  • On Ufone 3G experience was excellent till 200MB barrier wasn’t crossed after that the speeds came down to 0.16Mbps. But the speeds before 200MB was whooping and was really excited to use wireless hi-speed internet (3G) on smartphone.

    Hope that in future packages would be affordable and the whole technology trend would be changed.
    Cheers!! :)
    HAPPY 3G

    • Hspa+ is not considered as 4G. It was a mistake by operators. It must be an old photo. :)

  • Mobilink is better than telenor in Islamabad but the speeds are too low ! Late night around 3am it gets fast :-P

  • well i got charged ton coz of this 3G as when i got ou of 3G enabled area, Network getting eating money on 2G.
    wakai Suchi yari jaib pa bhari….
    and Ufone ppl get a life Cheaters.

  • those who voted ‘Excellent’ are lying. there is nothing excellent in Pakistan :G(

      • Agar aap ko kabhi ghar ka khana pasand na aye? to kya aap ghar bhi chor dete ho?

        Your stupid analogies.

        • bhai ghar ki baat nahi , jisse pura pakistan main kuch acha na lagay ussay Pakistan hi chor dena chaiya,
          Pehlay pure post parhain aur phir koi comment post karain.

          • Kya ghar ki baat nahi hay? Agar koi kisi bhi kism ka criticsm kare, to kya iss ka 1 he meaning hay, that “he hates the country”?

            I respect my Pakistan, and I LOVE IT however it is. But lets analyze what he said and try to THINK for once. Now, tell me … what “is” Excellent in Pakistan? Lets be practical and choose the practical items, and not ‘scenery in Gilgit’ or ‘freedom’ etc etc.

  • Amir bhai please aik pool dobara conduct kijiay ga jab Commercially ho jay gee 3g / 4g

  • karachi- i was having great experience while when i tap on data usage to check whether its working or not (thought was sure i had zero balance) it worked jst great just like my wifi connection & was shocked to see the playstore page loaded in sec but after 20m it dc then i realise free ka hai jab chaya ban karsakte hain

  • Pakistani people are the ones very ungrateful. They can’t appreciate a good thing, One way or another. I don’t know if it’s in our guts or something, But it’s a very typical “Pakistani” thing ;) Look at the ratings Most people voted “Useless” Nuff said.

    • I just do not understand why some people cannot digest truth. Accept is as a fact. Most of the users feel the service as Useless so they gave similar voting. I think you are from one of the Telco.

  • telenor
    3 Mbps down and 1 up constant and low ping times excelent using in gizri karachi

  • regarding UFONE 3G ..
    i have data bucket of 5 ka panda pkg – and i used 3G and all my gPRS bucket utilized and i also been charged ! chor Tum hi to ho @ufone .
    beside this theft matter . the signals of 3G are not persistent – one minute of 3G and then Edge . so i just give a USELESS vote above .
    m happy in my wifi :)

    • The same is my story.. I second you Nad.

      I am also a Ufone customer and they are deducting credit because the 3G is not persistent and turns to EDGE while using 3G

  • Well its is a free trial from Ufone in Islamabad, but often I can see edge connection is the same area which encore cost.

    Wonder to see that 3g trial is free but at the same time they are deducting amount for Edge.

  • Mobilink 3G.
    Lahore, Model town, getting 2Mbps speed at my office.

    Still no coverage where I live :(.

  • Salam my pakistani fellows. . I am trying to enable 3g service in my Iphone 4s (jail break) but I am unable to do that. . Kindly, any Iphone 4s user who are using this service in his Iphone then please tell me the whole procedure of setting .. My email address [email protected] your help will be highly appreciated. .. Thanks alot

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